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Monday, 04 September 2023 20:40

Autumn 2023 Workshop is a go! Featured

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It’s September, and summer is over.

Whether you are a normal student, teacher, or someone hiding a secret, it’s time to…

Go Back to School!

This workshop is for stories involving a (high-)school or college setting where a superpowered girl/woman is involved. Maybe one of the teachers are secretly the local savior of the city? Perhaps one of the students are more than just a regular exchange student that has come to learn? Or maybe someone ends up gaining superpowers!

In any case, here are the usual rules:

  1. All characters involved are 18 or above (especially of things get spicy).
  2. You can submit more than one story for this workshop. All stories should be originally written for this workshop, or not having been posted anywhere else before the start of this workshop.
  3. There is no hard word limit, but we encourage for all stories to be at least 1.000 words long.
  4. The Admin team have full discretion to veto a story for any reason (though mostly if a story doesn’t fit the theme of the workshop).

The final assignments are due for October 13th 2023, don't be late.

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