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On the Run

Written by marknew742 :: [Wednesday, 19 October 2005 15:49] Last updated by :: [Monday, 06 August 2012 11:21]

Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad guy.  It wasn't an ambition.  Like the lady "Counselor" they gave me in the joint said, I'm a nice-looking guy with "poor impulse control."

I didn't think Melinda'd make such a big deal about me swiping her ring.

It was bright, shiny and looked worth a bundle.  Melinda's so fucking loaded.  I took it and split.

Did I blow something bigger?  Should I have stuck around thinking she and I would hitch up?

Naaah!  Girl like her woulda found me out soon enough.  I guessed she already had. I'd be thrown out with nothing.  Except a month of good lays.

But why's she going so nutso over it?  She's got loads more than this rock.  What's with following me everywhere?  Breaking up my car.  Busting up my place.  Burning up my clothes.  Who's working for her?  An army?  They sure got me on the run.

So I'm off the grid, in a shack in the backwoods of Nowheresville, Arkansas.  Until things quiet.

Nobody'll find me here.

Fuck!  What now?  Melinda and another girl out there, bounding down my trail.  That other girl's a looker like Melinda, smaller and skinnier than Melinda, but with even bigger tits, bouncing like crazy with every step.

How'd they get way out here?  Who do they got tracking me?  Fuck!

They're sure not dressed for the woods.  Two girls in silky tops and shorts with their glittery "steal me" gems around their necks, wrists and fingers.

Are they fish or bait?  Bait!  Some big guns gotta be behind them.  I'm a sitting duck ... IF they find me.  Bar the door. Get into the cellar.  Then quiet.  Fucking quiet.




They're inside!  What'd they break the door with, TNT?  Her army's blowing the place to bits!  Not that anything here is mine -- just me and Melinda's ring in my pocket.  They'd hear my heart pounding if not for all the noise.  My only hope is ....

Fuck! They smashed the cellar door into fucking sawdust. Somebody's yanking me upstairs.  Can't see with all the crap in my eyes.  Can't breathe.

"Richard," she purrs.  "Oooh, you're bad.  Very bad."

"Melinda," I sputter, gasping, coughing, my eyes burning and tearing.  "Tell your goons to --

"No goons, Richard.  Just Abby and me."

I grab blindly at whoever's holding me two feet up in the air.  Small hand, tiny wrist, smooth, hairless arm, soft, rounded chest ....  What?!! My eyes open and focus slowly on Melinda's friend, whose tits make cleavage that could swallow my hands, and on Melinda, by her side, cocky as can be.

Before I can react, "Abby" slams her fist into my gut and I'm flying ten feet and roll more on the ground.  When I come to they're standing over me.

"Abby's real strong, isn't she, honey?" Melinda says, all smiley and proud, her hand on Abby's shoulder.  I stumble to my feet and look around. Just them? Two girls and me?  Can't be!  Must be some weird ju-
jitsu.  Still, one punch from me will knock Abby out. Then it's Melinda's turn.

Except, when my fist hits Abby's cheek it's my fist that's crushed. She don't flinch, or even move, until she grabs me again and before I can blink she's thrown me into the air and I'm above the trees and soaring higher. I see the whole woods, the highways, a city far off, the Ozarks. And I'm still going up, ears popping, shivering from cold.  Or is it fear?

I'm fucked.

And now Abby, floating up next to me, just beyond my reach, laughing, those big boobs shaking in her little silk top. The bouncing almost distracts me from my doom as she casually loops around me, flashing her melons whenever her top flops open.  “Nice day for flying, Richard,” she says as I slow, peak and then fall.  She waves "bye-bye". I'm dropping faster, a goner, when something -- Abby! -- catches me and we streak away, rollercoastering round the sky until she gets bored and circles back to Melinda.  She drops me to Earth from high enough to shake me up and settles down next to Melinda, who's pointing at me, mocking my green-faced nausea, my helplessness, and the mix of fright -- and relief -- painted on my face.  I can hardly stand.  A tiny gust of wind could knock me over, but I'll be damned if I let it.

"My ring," Melinda says.  I glare, take it out and throw it at her.  She catches it nimbly.

"I'll be going now," I say.  Abby flies over to block me.  "Call off your goonette.  You got what you wanted."  With a nod from Melinda, Abby backs off and Melinda steps into her place.  "Don't tempt me," I warn, staring down at my slender, tender "ex".

"Abby's strong.  She's super," Melinda says, big eyes gazing up at me.  I stare her down.  She holds up the ring between two dainty fingers and crushes the diamond to dust.  "I'm stronger."  She rises slowly off the ground and floats toward me.  We're eye to eye.  "And I'm super-DUPER."  She takes my wrist with her thumb and forefinger, turns me around, nearly twisting my arm off, and hoists me over her head.  With a puff of breath that smells sexier than the instant before sex I'm flying again.  Melinda's right there with me.  A squint of her eyes turns my clothes to glowing ashes that blow away in the blistering wind.  Another puff lofts me far higher, until I'm shaking in the frigid cold, gasping for air.  There she is, hands on hips, smiley and proud, beautiful, confident, comfortable as can be.

"Why?" I ask, begging.  "You got your ring back."

Her chest expands.  Her lungs suck in all the thin air around us, poised to blow me into orbit.  "I'm so VERY hot!" she replies. Her little top tightens.  Her nipples burst through.  And she laughs, "You're bad, Richard, very bad.  And I'm way, way badder."

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