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Ultrafemme: Gemini

Written by lfan :: [Thursday, 02 March 2006 14:36] Last updated by :: [Friday, 05 April 2013 16:00]

Ultrafemme: Gemini


by LFan / Stoneyman / Ultragirl






Authors’ Note: The following story was originally submitted to the XtSt ‘Ultrafemme’ story contest, but the underlying story characters also seemed to aptly fit the ‘Sibling Rivalry’ Topic for the SWM 1.7 Contest as well. For anyone not familiar with Dr Julia Brooks and the Ultrafemme storyline, you can check Anterion’s story where all started



Nicole had just gotten out of school and returned to her dorm. She walked in and shut the door behind her. She let out a deep breath as if leaving a bad memory behind. Spring Break started today and couldn’t have some at a better time. It had been a few years since Nicole had seen her Aunt Julia. Julia had pretty much disappeared after the lab she was working at was destroyed. The weirdest thing about the whole incident was that only 3 meter ball of metal and cement had been left in the large room. No one would ever be able to explain and the cops were fine with that. It came as a surprise that Nicole would get a call from her so many months after. She began cleaning up the mess of a room she lived in and let her thoughts wander. She was curious if Julia had invited her twin sister Deanna. Nicole and Deanna, although sister, rarely ever saw eye to eye on anything. Deanna was always going out and causing some mischief somewhere. Nicole was surprised that she even managed to stay in school. Nicole stopped in front of the full length mirror on her closet door. She was modest about it, but knew she was beautiful. She slipped her jeans off and admired her 36-24-36 frame. Luckily she never had to really work out. Her and her sister had been blessed with good genes. Her, however, was more apt to flaunt it. Skin was the thing for her. Nicole lifted her tank top over her head and her long golden spilled about her shoulders. She turned and twisted looking her smooth curves and pert, young C-cup breasts. Nicole touch her sensitive nipples to the palms of her hands and gently began messaging herself.


"Am I interrupting?"


"AAACCKK! Oh my GOD you scared me!" Nicole shouted.


"Well, you seemed to be enjoying yourself all right." Julia Brooks grinned at her young niece. "Wow, you sure have grown up little girl! How old are you? Nineteen?"


"Something like that." Nicole began dressing to conserve her already ruined modesty. "I was surprised you called. Everyone was worried until you sent the story to Paul Smith. We wondered if we would ever hear from you again. Geez, you look like you haven’t aged a day over 24! You look gorgeous!" Nicole smelled something sweet in the air and could feel herself becoming aroused.


"Of course, Nicole. I just needed to experiment a bit. Remember what the report said? I can hear you getting hot, Nicole. Your heartbeat is so loud to me." Julia smiled at Nicole.


"So it’s all true. All that stuff you can do?" Nicole asked.


"Oh honey, the report didn’t even cover the tip of the iceberg! But we’ll get to that. I came here to share the experience with my favorite niece. I want to give you a feeling of what it’s like to be so powerful. So powerful it will make your head spin. I made a special dose for you. It isn’t permanent, but it’s just as potent." Julia picks up one of Nicole’s unused aerobic bars. "Watch this." She then quickly twists the bar easily into a square knot. Nicole’s mouth is agape in awe as Julia then pulls on the end and tightens the knot into a small fist sized lump. Julia calmly gathers the whole bar into one hand and condense the steel into tennis ball sized lump that she tosses hand to hand.


"Impressed?" she smiles at Nicole.


"HELL YES!!" Nicole takes the now cool lump and feels its significant weight in her hand.


"There’s more where that came from, Nicole. Speed, invulnerability, intelligence, and did mention no body hair." Julia laughed a bit at the last one. "So do you want it?"


"Uh...when do we start?" Nicole replied with anticipation.


Nicole looked on as Julia set a small satchel gently on bed. She fished around in a pocket and pulled out a tiny pill bottle. The bottle appeared to have 8 doses in it. Julia Brooks motioned for Nicole to remove her clothes and lie down on the bed. Julia explained that while the pill took effect she would type up a permission letter allowing Nicole to be released from school during Spring Break. Julia sat beside Nicole with a glass of water in one hand and one pill in the other.


"This will be the most intense feeling that you will ever know. I will watch you to make sure you don’t destroy anything. Once it passes, we’ll go and test the results, which is always a few thousand tons of fun!" Julia giggled. She gave Nicole the pill, which was promptly chased with the water, and waited. Julia went to Nicole’s type writer and inserted a piece of paper. Nicole smiled a faint smile as she watched her aunt’s hands become a blur. In two seconds, she had typed a full page letter and then sealed it in an envelope. As the effects took hold, Nicole barely made out her aunt as she said something about leaving for a second to deliver something. Julia then disappeared and reappeared empty handed. Nicole felt as waves of heat washed through her body.


"!!" It felt as if every orgasm she had ever felt hit her all at once. Soon after, another ripped through her. Nicole felt her body seem to swell. Julia watched with curious detachment as a different side effect took hold of her niece. As powerful as she was, Julia had not really gained muscle. This was a new development and one she would have to annotate later. Nicole’s body arched one last time and then completely released as she let out long satisfied moan.


"Oh wow, auntie. That was amazing! Can I have another one?" Nicole breathed.


"Oh I don’t think so. At least not right now. I need to be sure you can control yourself. Maybe next time." Julia quietly thought to herself about how immensely powerful she was, and what would two pills do? Worth looking into. It may not work on her, but surely her niece.


"So, do you feel any different? Look at your self in the mirror. You’ll find that you’re as smooth as the day you were born. Oh, heavens, you even look more beautiful, if that’s possible!" Julia looked on proudly.


"I feel so energetic! Like I could run a marathon!"


"In a few seconds, dear. Come on, let’s go for a jog!"


Julia stripped down to a tiny bikini and went to the window. She winked at Nicole and leapt into far distance. Despite the distance, Nicole found she could watch her aunt as she leapt miles at a time. Nicole giggled and turned her arms around her like a top. Her body spun creating a small wind and began to move about the room. Nicole found something perfect to wear and stopped. She found the perfect thing, a chain-mail bikini. Nicole streaked through the window after her aunt choosing to run instead of leap. In seconds she disappeared over the horizon leaving the the bottle and seven little pills behind …




As Julia and Nicole quickly exited in the premise, the shadow of another figure peered into the room making sure that the two super-enhanced females were out of sight. Unbeknownst to Julia and Nicole, their entire conversation had been surreptitiously overheard by this person, who was now staring at the bottle of remaining pills with a gleam in her eye! Feelings of jealously and betrayal washed over Deanna as she quickly recalled the conversation that had just taken place between Nicole and aunt Julia.


Since they had been kids, Nicole had always been the shining start of the family and was the high school valedictorian, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and the most popular girl at their high school. After high school, ‘Little Miss Perfect’ had received a full academic scholarship to Stanford and had already finished her first year with straight A’s.


Even though Deanna was Nicole’s twin sister, she was always looked upon as the "other sister" by everyone. While Nicole was outgoing and popular, Deanna was more introverted and did not take her academic studies seriously. Repeated partying and late night mischief often led to a late night trip to the police station on more than one occasion for Deanna’s parents.


While Nicole and Deanna shared a host of similar physical attributes, it was Deanna that had to work hard at maintaining her figure. While Nicole seemed to effortlessly keep the same perfect body year in and year out with no exercise or regulated diet, Deanna had slowly put on several pounds of added weight following her high school years to the point that her boyfriend broke up with her for being "too fat".


As Deanna stared transfixed on the bottle, the culmination of a lifetime of jealousy toward her sister came to a head. "Besides," Deanna pondered, "how come Aunt Jules only can trust her with this stuff? I’m her niece too! I’ll show them … I’ll show both of them!!"


With that statement, Deanna gingerly grabbed the bottle and quickly twisted it open. Deanna saw how Nicole had reacted to a single pill and decided to double her pleasure as she retrieved two capsules from the jar and stared at them longingly in her hand, silently yearning for the superhuman strength, speed, and stamina that Aunt Julia had said they were capable of"


"So these little capsules are gonna make me into a supergirl, huh?" Deanna said aloud to no one in particular. Deanna then tossed the capsules into her mouth and swallowed them, awaiting her superhuman metamorphosis to begin. While Deanna had seen the almost instantaneous effects the pills had on Nicole, she could not feel any noticeable change after 20 seconds.


As Deanna stared at the second-hand of the wall clock, she began to get impatient.


30 … 40 … 50 …


"One minute!! What the fuck, don’t these friggin' things work!!"


1:10 … 1:20 … 1:30


Deanna’s anger began to mount as she knew that the pills had no effect on her. "I cannot friggin' believe this!! It’s my life story all over again" screamed Deanna, choking back tears of disappointment. "NICOLE takes the pills and she’s transformed into some ULTRABABE, but when I take them … I … I … ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh"


Deanna’s anger and disappointment quickly subsided as she became awash with a sensation that she had never experienced before in her life. To her, it was like every cell in her body was awoken at once by a stream of supercharged energy that was sweeping throughout her body.


"Oh, YEAH … Baby!!!" exclaimed Deanna as her senses went into overdrive. She could feel her body changing with every second as rivers of superpowered adrenalin coursed through her bloodstream. Deanna also felt a subtle warmness as she saw tiny layers of fat and cellulite "melt" off her body and be replaced with taut, firm, feminine muscle. She was in ecstasy!


After the transformation subsided, Deanna regained her composure and realized that she had been caught up in the throws of passion and was lying on the floor, practically in the fetal position. As she slowly arose, every motion of her body felt effortless without any sign of strain or fatigue.


As Deanna looked at the full length mirror she was greeted by a virtual goddess staring back at her. Her raven black hair was much shinier and looked like it could be on one of those shampoo commercials. Her face now was flawless, accentuating the natural beauty she always had without the any previous signs of skin imperfections. She was a vision of beauty.


While Deanna was naturally pleased with the beautifying properties of the pills, she was even more ecstatic over the seemingly magical transformation that her body had undergone. Standing before her now in the mirror was one of the most incredible physiques she had ever seen anywhere. She visually scanned her new body up and down and could not believe her eyes – incredibly toned arms; large, pert, gravity-defying breasts; tight and chiseled abdominals; a compact, firm ass; and sleek, toned legs that seemed to go on forever. Deanna knew that her body was perfect in every way and she was now the envy of every swimsuit and fitness model on the planet!! And best of all, Deanna knew that while she looked athletic and fit, if what Aunt Julia said was correct, she was now a female dynamo capable of an array of superhuman feats.


Deanna quickly scanned the room and found a silver music box that Aunt Julia had given to Nicole as a present. It had been Julia’s mother’s and since she had no children of her own, she decided to give it to Nicole, her "favorite" niece. A wicked smile crept on Deanna’s face as she walked over to the dresser and carefully picked up the music box in her hand. Slowly, Deanna’s fingers encased the music box and she gently began to close her hand shut. To Deanna’s delight, her fingers compressed the silver jewelry box as if it was made of jello! Without any seeming effort, her hand snapped shut, and she watched in delight as the sides of the silver box oozed out of both sides of her hand like a open tube of toothpaste.


"Oh my god!! I DO have superhuman strength!! That was SOOOOOO easy!!" declared Deanna as she opened her hand and let the mangled heirloom drop to the floor with a thud.


Deanna suddenly looked at her clothes and realized that she was wearing the same "boring" outfit from before her transformation – hardly fitting for someone with a body like hers. As merely a blur of movement, Deanna moved at superhuman speed and changed into a sexy outfit consisting of a tight navy blue top and a pair of cutoff jeans. She stood in the mirror and again reveled in the incredibly beautiful and unbelievably powerful body she now possessed.


"Now THIS is an outfit fit for a sexy supergirl like me!!" said Deanna as she admired herself. "I think its time to go have some fun!!"


With that statement, Deanna walked over to the second story window and without hesitation jumped out, landing on the lawn as gracefully as a cat. She glanced up and snickered to herself, knowing that the fun had just begun!!




Nicole couldn't stop giggling to herself! She found she could move faster than the cars on the road and was running down the freeway at incredible speed. The wind buffeted her breasts and felt incredible. During her jog she moved up along a car full of male coeds from her school. None of them knew her so she decided to play a bit.


"Hi fellas!" she yelled over the wind. "Wanna race?"


The car full of guys gawked as the most amazing specimen of a woman was running along side their car with out a hint of effort. Nicole slowly overtook the car and further egged on the driver of the suped-up Trans Am. He got the hint quickly dropped it into gear and stepped on the gas. Nicole kept smiling as she easily kept pace with the car moving at over 120 mph. All the guys started to get into it when she seemed to actually walk along the tarmac next them, sometimes walking a quick circle around the car while it roared down the freeway. Her long legs were imperceptible to them as they moved at dizzying speed. The driver finally got his hot rod up to its top speed of 160 mph and looked over to see Nicole still smiling and 'walking'. She winked and blew a kiss at the driver and then darted away as if they were standing still. Nicole looked over her shoulder to see a fighter jet from the nearby airbase make a passing run. She was excited to find she barely had to push to increase her pace to find herself matching the jet's speed. She spread her muscled arms out from her sides as she passed the speed of sound and created a shock wave around her. She reveled in how effortless this was. Such incredible power flowing through her. She felt arousal rising between her legs as she ran and decided to finally meet her aunt Julia. She took one last look at the jet and streaked away faster than the eye could see. Behind her a trail of flames followed a few feet behind.


"It's nice to see you again stud! I need something from you." Julia waved. "Remember that favor you owe me for building your house?"


"Of course! Anything for you, Julia! And, if it means I get to use you for target practice again, no problem!"


"Hmmm … tempting, but not today. I want to present you a new target today. My niece should be here …"


Nicole appeared next Julia suddenly. The wind from her passage knocking men over like cards. "Hey, Julia! Sorry I took so long, just enjoying a brick walk across the country side!"


"I'll bet!" Julia laughed. Julia introduced Nicole to Nick. Julia noticed a stronger sexual reaction from him with her niece there. Probably something to do with age and sex drive. Julia explained the set up to Nicole and saw her sink.


"Are you sure about this? I mean being strong is one thing, but bulletproof?!" Nicole shuddered at the thought of all that metal tearing her apart.


"Oh honey, you're WAY beyond bulletproof! And that's what I'm going to show you. Here, I'll go first. Would you like me to do the honors, Nick?"


"Be my guest." Nick stepped aside. Julia became a smear to their eyes as she loaded all the ammo to be used into 50 magazines. There were ten per lane and a nasty rifle at each one. She was done before either could turn their heads. "All done!"


"Julia, you are something else!" Nick gaped. He never gets tired of seeing her perform her incredible feats of power. His favorite so far was still vivid in his mind. Julia and he had been playing with some grenades when Julia shoved one into her shirt. She had walked out onto the range and told Nick to pay attention from behind the protective bunker. When she turned to give him a profile view and pulled the pin, a few seconds passed and her shirt exploded outward from her chest. Julia laughed as walked back to Nick, her bare chest smoking. She swore it tickled like the dickens. Coming back to the present, Nick gathered up a couple of guys and had them take their respective places. Julia took hers out in front of them. She didn't bother to remove what little clothes she had on. She has found, since her transformation, she likes to tease the men and women around her. Julia raised her arms over her head and looked sexy as ever and oh so vulnerable. The command was given and each man commenced firing their useless bullets into her seemingly soft flesh. Julia calmly walked about seductively in front of them clearly showing that the slugs weren't bothering her at all. Nicole watched on with her hand over her mouth. Julia's clothes were soon a memory as she was in her full naked glory. Bullets that hammered into her breasts only ricocheted away at different angles against their perfect round tits. Eventually, they had expended all ten magazines and set the smoking rifles down. Julia sighed and dusted herself off, walked up to Nick, and planted a kiss on his cheek.


"Now, are you gonna kiss the owwees?" she teased, touching and dimpling her left breast.


"Autie!" Nicole was shocked at her aunt's forwardness.


Julia smiled, "What good is being unstoppable if you can't tease and have fun! Now get up there!" She slapped Nicole's bare cheek which sounded like a shotgun blast. All the guys ducked and covered their ears, except Nick. Both girls giggled.


"Ok, here goes." Nicole reluctantly took her spot in front of the lanes. Even after seeing her aunt, she was a bit worried. Was she as powerful as her aunt? Nick and crew took up positions gave her a thumbs up, which she returned shakily, and raised there rifles to their shoulders. The next command sent a wave of ticklish prodding through Nicole's chest and stomach as hundreds of bullets streamed into her. She opened her eyes and looked down at her body to watched each bullet pop away like popcorn from her body. She had to hold her hand down under her chin to keep the sparks out of her eyes. Fortunately, her bikini top held up, but she soon shed it in favor of the metal rain on her breasts. She smiled as they jiggled slightly from each impact. She closed her eyes and willed her senses into overload. Then the small taps across her breasts stopped. She opened her eyes and everything seemed to be frozen in place. She walked around, curious, and could see the rounds floating by her toward the back drop. She put two and two together and realized she was moving at incredible speed again. A result she had not intended. She would need some practice if she was going to move up a notch in power. She calmly walked back into position before any of the other slugs reached where she had been standing and readjusted her senses. The hammering began again. Oh how wonderful the feeling was! Then it was over.


"Huh? Why did you stop? Are you out? That sucks!" Nicole protested.


"Sorry, sweety. Anyway, you're not supposed to dodge them." Julis said.


"I went back to my position! Heehee, I'm sorry, it was an accident really!"


Julia and Nick laughed as Nicole collected up her bikini in her hand and joined them. As Julia thanked him and took him away to give him a little taste of heaven, Nicole inspected her chest and stomach rubbing the lead smears. She rubbed the lead smears from her breasts and felt how hard her nipple had become. Nicole wanted to feel it one last time and snuck over to a rifle which was still loaded. She thought how crazy it would look and smiled to herself. Pointing the rifle at her engorged nipple, she pulled the trigger. The round ricocheted off her nipple with a riot of sparks and hit the far bunker wall. Interestingly enough, it didn't really tickle that much. Another crazy idea passed through her head and she walked over to a pile of ammo and picked a handful of bullets up. Her creativity got the better of her as she began tossing the bullets at the targets ripping them apart at a rate of 25 rounds per second. They fired from her hand like a machine gun. Her arm creating tiny sonic booms from the movement. Her aim was flawless as she drew a smiley face into the wood target. Nicole was giddy as a schoolgirl.


Julia emerged from a shed and wiped her mouth. "Are you ready for the next? We're going give some soldiers a show at the tank range!"


"I can't wait!" Nicole practically orgasmed there from the mere thought over powering a tank. 'Hmm, I wonder what my sister is up to?' she thought.




As Deanna gently pushed open the door to the 5th Street gym, her hyper-powered senses were flooded with the stench of sweat and body odor that permeated through the place. Deanna, fighting through the unpleasant side-effect of super-smell, simply stood with her hands on her hips, scanning the crowd for someone in particular – her ex-boyfriend, Alex. As her gorgeous eyes swept across the room with methodical precision, she discovered Alex standing next to the Smith Machine, talking to another patron.


"Wait till he gets a load of the new me!" Deanna thought to herself with a mischievous smile etched on her face as she briefly recalled their previous relationship.


Alex and Deanna had dated off and on throughout high school, with their relationship becoming very serious during their senior year. During that time, the normally apathetic and uncaring Deanna found herself completely in love for the first time in her life. Alex was initially infatuated with Deanna due to the ‘magical combination’ of her incredible looks, awesome body, and somewhat questionable morals. As the senior year concluded and Deanna’s weight gain became more and more noticeable, Alex began to seek out the company of other girls on the side. Finally, everything came to a head one night after Deanna caught Alex cheating with Stacy Thompson. It was then that Alex cold-heartedly told Deanna that he never actually loved her and could not stand to be with her anymore on account of her extra baggage. Deanna went home that night and cried throughout the night, never telling anyone she much she had been hurt …


"Well, time to show dear Alex, what he missed out on – the opportunity of having an ultra-powered girlfriend" thought Deanna as she mentally snapped back to the present with thoughts of revenge now obviously on her mind.


Deanna, with her hands on her hip, pushed out her spectacular chest and began to walk seductively toward where Alex was standing. As Deanna walked, every able-bodied male (and some females) stopped dead in their tracks to watch this goddess stroll by them. Deanna tried to stay focused on the task at hand, but nevertheless felt charged with sexual energy as she saw the reaction her new body had on other people. This only added to the intoxicating feeling she had of being the ultimate specimen of female perfection – an unsurpassed combination of beauty and power! At that moment, Deanna felt as if no force on the planet could stop her if they wanted to!!


As Deanna strolled up to Alex, he could not believe his eyes at how alluring and sexy she now was. The normally cool and clam Alex could not help but stammer at the sight of Deanna.


"Deanna … is that … is that you? My god, you look incredible!! What happened to you?" asked Alex.


Deanna playfully twirled her brown silky tresses, knowing that she had Alex, like everyone else there, totally under her spell. "Oh, I just got a makeover recently … you like?" Deanna asked innocently.


"Hell yeah!" retorted Alex as he continued non-discreetly stare at her now-perfect 36-24-36 body up and down.


As Alex continued to ogle her, Deanna casually looked at the Smith Machine loaded with approximately 300 lbs. "I see you’re still quite the bodybuilder!! Can you lift all this weight by yourself?" Deanna asked while practically suppressing a giggle, knowing full well that she could probably lift that same weight with one hand!


"You know it, baby!" bragged Alex as his flexed his steel hard biceps in an attempt to impress Deanna. "Say, you’re looking pretty tone yourself … you been working out too?"


"Oh, I’ve gotten a little stronger since you last saw me. You know … maybe I can give this a try, if you don’t mind." Deanna said innocently as she reached over and placed her right hand on the bar loaded with 300 lbs.


"Deanna, sweetie, that’s cute but I think that’s out of your league. I mean, you’re just a girl" said Jason as he and his friend shared a good laugh.


Suddenly Deanna give Alex a sinister look and flashed a supremely confident smile. "Correction, I’m an ULTRAgirl!! With that expression, Deanna grasped the bar with her right hand and pulled with a small fraction of her strength. Immediately, the locking mechanisms that held the bar mounted to the Smith Machine were ripped clean through, unable to withstand the superhuman force of Deanna’s light tug.


Alex and his friend were aghast at the sight of his ex-girlfriend how holding a 300 pound weight bar out in front of her with a single hand as if it were a loaf of bread.


Though she knew she was actually doing it, Deanna found it difficult to comprehend how her lean, toned arms were capable of supporting such a weight. As an experiment, Deanna twisted her wrist, rotating the 300 lb bar as if it were a baton. Then she slowly began to curl the weight with her single right hand.


"1 … 2 … 3 … 4 …" counted Deanna aloud as she began to increase the pace of her reps.


"5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 12 …… 16 …… 24 …… 35…" Deanna continued to count as her petite but taut arms fired like a piston up and down faster and faster till they were merely a blur to those witnessing the spectacle.


"67 … 83 … 100!!!" declared Deanna as she stopped and relished in the attention that her little demonstration had commanded. With a smile on her face, Deanna then grabbed the bar in both hands and proceeded to slowly and sensually press the metal bar against her ample chest. The moaning sound of metal being bent slowly could be heard as Deanna’s superhuman chest would not relent against the formerly solid steel of the bar. Deanna closed her eyes as she passionately continued to press the bar into her chest, deforming it like modeling clay. Finally, Deanna snapped out of her erotic daydream and held the bar up for all to see the two perfectly symmetrical "bends" in the bar, compliments of Deanna and her "friends".


At this point, Alex was incredibly turned on by the power that Deanna now possessed but was also terrified of what she was capable of doing to him. In a panic, Alex quickly scooped up a weight bar from the floor and swung the bar at a seemingly unsuspecting Deanna.


Deanna could not help but practically laugh as she saw Alex’s futile attack coming from a mile away. Her hyper powered senses and her superhuman speed could have easily allowed her to be on the other side of the room before Alex even swung the bar. Deanna, however, thought this was a good opportunity to showcase her newfound invulnerability to Alex, and so she just stood there and allowed the bar to impact her sharply on her side.


As the metal bar contacted Deanna’s exposed ribs, it was as if Alex had tried to hit the hull of battleship. The recoil from the impact of the steel bar against Deanna’s much-harder-than-steel body sent painful shockwaves through Alex’s arms as he dropped the bar in shocked surprise.


As Alex grimaced in pain, Deanna reached over and lifted him effortlessly with one hand. As she walked him back over to the Smith Machine, she decided to clear the air once and for all.


"You know, Alex, darling … you were the only person who has ever really hurt me. Well, I hope you enjoyed it cause I do not honestly think that anyone is EVER gonna hurt me again now! As you’ve seen, I’m a lil' different now in all the good ways imaginable!! I’m prettier, smarter, faster, and stronger than I ever could dream of now! But don’t worry … even though I could now snap your spine like a twig, I don’t think that would be right for breaking up with me! However, you know that I couldn’t just let it go, could you?"


Alex got a perplexed look on his face, not totally understanding what Deanna was saying.


"See, before I came in here I saw your precious Corvette in the parking lot, and … well … let’s just say they are gonna need dental records to identify it now!" said Deanna as she began to giggle.


"You BITCH!!" said Alex as he found himself now pressed against the Smith Machine still being hoisted effortlessly by Deanna’s lone arm.


"You better watch what you say to me! You do not wanna see me get angry, trust me!!" With that statement, Deanna lowered Alex down and reached across with her left hand and grabbed the support post, bending it around Alex’s neck like it was play-doh. The unmistakable, screeching sound of metal being bent and rent apart resonated throughout the gym as Deanna twisted the Smith Machine steel posts at her whim to tie up Alex.


"Now let’s see you get outta that Mr. Hothead!!" joked Deanna as she crossed her arms and admired her handiwork.


Deanna’s show of strength was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a cocked shotgun by Louis Williamson, the gym owner.


"All right … everyone out! Except for YOU, Ms Freak!!" shouted Louis as the rest of the gym patrons made a quick exit for the door.


Deanna turned to face Louis with a disinterested look on her face. "You think that little pop gun is gonna work on me?" taunted Deanna has she placed her hands on her hips and began to walk toward the owner.


"I’m warning you, girlie!! Get back or I’ll fire!"


"So fire, you little troll!" snapped Deanna as she continued to advance.


Louis nervously squeezed the trigger and fired a point-blank shot right into Deanna’s exposed abdomen. Deanna only stopped momentarily to examine her midsection and rub it softly, marveling at how she did not even feel the slightest twinge of pain even though she had just been hit by a direct shotgun blast. "Man, can this get any better?" Deanna thought to herself .


Like a flash of lightening, Deanna moved at superhuman speed to snatch the shotgun out of Louis’s hands. As she held it out for Louis to see, she turned her wrist in opposite directions as if she was wringing out a wet washcloth. The metal barrel of the shot gun collapsed instantaneously under the incredible strength of the superpowerful nineteen year-old.


Deanna dropped the mangled weapon to the ground and then stared menacingly at Louis. "Now that wasn’t very nice! Besides, you shouldn’t fire a gun inside here, you could damage some of this nice equipment … like this!!"


As Deanna spoke she walked over to a Universal machine and easily hoisted it over her head with a one hand. A quick toss sent the heavy machine hurtling across the gym floor at a breakneck velocity where it practically disintegrated upon impact with the concrete wall.


"Wow, that was fun … let’s see what else we play with, " said Deanna as she practically skipped over to another machine with the same idea in mind.


Louis could only watch in horror as this young, beautiful girl proceeded to destroy his gym with her bare hands. When the smoke had settled, a graveyard of damaged and useless weightroom equipment surrounded the figure of Deanna as she stood in the midst of the destruction mockingly dusting her hands. For the only piece of equipment that had been spared Deanna’s wrath was the Smith Machine that still held her ex-boyfriend, Alex, at bay!


"Well, guys, thanks for a great workout!!" teased Deanna as she hastily made her way out of the gym, leaving both Louis and Alex wondering what they had just witnessed …




After the introductions, Julia walked Nicole out onto the tank range. The wide open field was littered with target risers and some "hard" targets which were hold enemy tanks that had taken a few years of abuse. Most were riddled with shots already, but still held the resemblance of a Soviet vehicle. Julia and Nicole were talking about Deanna when the first two tanks pulled into their respective berms. Through their sites they could see both of their heat signatures. Both were hotter than most humans. Julia had her back to the tanks showing off her perfect round rear to the soldiers. Julia had lost her clothes and didn't want to feel out of place, so Nicole succumbed to her aunt's wishes. Sans clothes it was.


"I know she's had her problems, but maybe this will help," Nicole argued.


"No way. I simply can't take the chance if it doesn't, Nicole."


"But auntie …"




"Look I simply can't take the chance …" -CLANK!!- "… of a immature superpowered girl running around."


Nicole giggled, "Umm, Auntie Julia, I think you were hit!"


"Oh, they started?! I didn't notice." she smiled. They both looked down at the training shell at their feet. It had mushroomed when it hit her and had a molded imprint of pert little rear. Her cheeks were glowing slightly hot and smoke crawled along her back. Another round was fired and Julia turned around to watch it. It impacted Nicole's abs which made her bunch over a bit. The large round bounced away and landed with a thud into the dirt.


"Oooo … that felt like someone punched me in the tummy." Nicole complained.


"You've only had one pill, sweety. I am far more powerful than you right now. You can experiment later with more if you like. I made those special for you." -BOOM!- "Hold on, honey." Julia turned around to take the deadly projectile into her chest. Nicole watched with her hyper senses as the round floated lazily toward her aunt. Julia Swept her hair over her shoulder and put her hands on her hips. The round slowly melted into her cleavage molding around her large breasts before stopping completely with the end crumbling up behind it while Julia happily absorbed the impact. Nicole made her senses return to normal and her aunt turned back toward her.


"Wow! I wan to do that!" Nicole exclaimed.


"Mmm, it feels wonderful, I'll tell you that much. Where was I? Don't give ANY to your sister … crap … listen I have to go, someone is calling for me." Julia explained.


"I know, auntie. I heard."


"I know, sweetheart." Julia said proudly. "Gives these soldier boys a good show, ok? I'll come back to visit again soon." Julia disappeared, the vacuum even moving Nicole a slight bit. Nicole looked over to see the men talking and decided the show must go on. "They look bored! Let's give them a few stories to tell!"


"Hello!" Nicole walked naked and proud up to the man in charge. "So anyone wanna go one-on-one with me!" She beamed. She loved the way the men reacted. Each one told her how amazing she and her aunt was. Nicole knew already knew. She spent the rest of the day showing off her superiority to their military might. For the first, they lined up two tanks side by side and connected a cable to each one. Nicole used some pipes that happen to be laying around and formed them into make shift handles. The soldiers gawked at how she seemed to be folding a straw, not high tensile steel. Once in place the tanks fired up their turbine engines, Nicole asked all of them watching to back up as she gathered a handle into each hand. She gave the nod and the tanks began pulling for all their worth. Nicole's nipples began to harden again. Her smile widened at how easy it was to hold them. The engines shuddered and the tread attempted to gain traction on the concrete. She nonchalantly brought the two handles to one hand and made a show of checking her nails while she curled the two tanks toward her. Both engines roared louder as the drivers stepped on the gas a bit more. She began bowing to her audience and they all cheered her on. She then grasped the handles in two fingers from her right hand. She bent over with her hands on her knees and gently yanked at the cables making the 72 ton vehicles lurch back. One of the treads snapped from the tension and the crowd roared. The engines were shut down and she took another bow. All of the soldiers began snickering as the commanding officer approached her and reprimanded her. He explained it would take hours to get a vehicle out here to lift it and hold so the tread can be changed.


"No problem, sarge! I'll hold it!" Nicole seductively sauntered over to the tank and levered it above her head. Nicole removed one arm and walked back over to the officer. "I'll just wait here patiently. She held it there for the next four hours while they changed the track tread all the while talking to the soldiers. She found she was a bit of a hazard as the men seemed more interested in her than the job at hand.


"Hey! Whose up in the tower?" She pointed toward the command tower once she set down the tank safely.


"That's range control, miss. They just sit up there all day and make sure nothing unsafe happens."


"Well, it's about to get 'unsafe' in a minute. I think they should come watch me!" A round of cheers come from the soldiers. She streaks over to the tower and looks up into the window. Three fat guys were smoking and joking while she was displaying her immense power. She decided to show them a little sample of that. She placed a hand on the tower and wadded a bunch of the steel in her hand. A gentle shake on her part and the tower was rocking. The fat men fell over in their perch at the top. When that didn't get them out, she opted for another tactic.


"Fine, I'll bring you to me!" she pouted and then grabbed the side of the tower. The soldiers jaws dropped as the tower was slowly being pushed further in to the ground. She giggled as the foundation sunk into the earth. When it could go no more, the base of the tower crumpled up. She continued crumpling the tower down flatter and once again relished the power in her compact body. Some of the building pressed into her soft, tanned curves and she hardly felt the metal yield around her smooth, pussy and stomach. Once she had them at eye level she spoke.


"You gonna miss the best part!" She picked up all three in her left hand and pulled them through the window. Holding them aloft she turned around to face her adoring crowd. "I'm going to show you guys how a girl takes care of business!" A few minutes later she had collected one of the old tanks and set it down on the ammo pad.


"Now pay attention, boys. I want to show you how cheaply made these thing are." She pressed her hands into the steel hull.


"Wow" -EEE-RRRNK-"it just seems so soft to me. Here," Nicole says as she rips a piece away, "feel it." She gave it to a soldier who attempted to move the metal, of course it never budged. "You really can't move that?" she laughed and took it from him, her fingers sinking into it. She kneads it with her thumb while they look on. "It so EASY, though!"


Nicole grabs a piece of the front and works it back and forth a few times. "It just seems like" -EEE-UUNK-EEE-UNK-"play-doh or something." Nicole then picked up the hulking mass and pointed the end at her chest. She pressed her mounds into the armor and felt the steel move against her unstoppable breasts. She turn it around to show her audience how two round dent had been pushed into the armor. Nicole raised a finger to the soldiers and ask them to watch carefully. She made it seem like a wading up newspaper as she gathered the empty hull into her hands and molded and shaped the tank into a little tennis ball in her hands. The dense metal steamed and glowed hot as she closed her eyes and rolled it against her tits. Once it was smooth once again presented it to her crowd on her fingers, even though weight never changed.


"I think I'll send this back to the Soviet Union, what do ya say. boys?" The soldiers cheered on as she reared back, and with a slight grunt, launched it into the atmosphere. She watched proud of herself as it streaked across the sky. She was beginning to think maybe her sister could use just one. I mean this was the most fun she's had in ages. Maybe the good time would help bring up Deanna's spirits. Nicole thought she would take two to keep her under control. "Yeah, why not?!" She blew the men a kiss which knocked them all off their feet and waved them goodbye before blurring away down the tank trail.




Deanna’s spirits were soaring at she exited the 5th Street Gym. The fact that she, this little 5’6" brunette bombshell, had single-handedly destroyed the entire gymnasium with nothing but her bare hands sent shivers down her spine. She felt exhilarated as she looked down at her hands, marveling at how something so dainty could be teeming with such superhuman power! Power that was now hers to command any way she wanted to. And right now, she wanted to go and have some more fun and party.


Though Deanna knew that she could do or take anything she wanted to, she knew that would be too easy and probably be too messy on many occasions. However, she knew that if she was going to party in true style, she was definitely gonna need some money. Remembering there was an ATM around the corner, Deanna smiled to herself and dashed of in a whirlwind.


Arriving at the deserted ATM, Deanna walked up to the machine and saw the instructions ‘Insert Your Card Now’. "Hmm … now where did I put my card? " Deanna said jokingly to herself. "Oh, here it is!!" she said as she held her clenched fist up momentarily before she lashed out with her arm and punched through the solid steel outer casing of the ATM machine.


Like a kid with her hand in a cookie jar, Deanna wriggled her hand around feeling for the cash box. Jagged pieces of solid steel were bent like cotton candy as Deanna’s arm moved effortlessly around. Finally, after feeling what appeared to be the cash box, Deanna withdrew her arm and tore the cash box from the ATM, puncturing through the ATM’s framed steel casing like it was water. After quickly examining the cash box, a quick swipe of Deanna’s super fingernail along the edge opened it up allowing Deanna to grab about $5000 in pocket change.


With a smile, Deanna turned and walked away, passing a man just getting out of his car. "Sorry, I think its out of order!" Deanna playfully told the man, as she continued down 5th Street looking for her next adventure.




Later that day, Deanna decided to visit her best friend, Mona, at the Ugly Monkey, a local strip joint where Mona was an entertainer. Mona Anderson was Deanna’s best friend and the only person that Deanna could count on. Deanna and Mona shared many things in common including the fact that they were both the "black sheep" of the family. While it was Nicole who stole the spotlight from Deanna, Mona was just plain unloved and practically disowned by her family. She was forced into this lifestyle out of necessity to support herself, lying to management about her age to get the job. Mona, however, made the most of the opportunity as she was blessed with definite physical gifts that allowed her to make a good living off of the alcohol-ladened clientele of the Ugly Monkey.


While she was still not ready to tell Mona everything about her enhancement, Deanna thought with her new found fortune, compliments of the First Savings ATM, she could help Mona’s monetary situation and have some fun at the same time. As she entered the Ugly Monkey, Deanna sat near the stage flashing her cash as if she owned the joint. Within a couple of minutes, practically every stripper in the joint was around Deanna vying for her affections and her cash. Deanna, though heterosexual, was admittedly turned on by the other dancers as well as by the notion that she was now the center of attention.


While Deanna was nice enough to oblige the other girls, she saved the majority of her time and cash for Mona. In a short hour, Mona had earned over $2000 in lap dances, friction dances, and everything else that was legal, compliments of her friend. During that whole time, unbeknownst to both girls, they began to get hot for each other, beginning to visualize there own private fantasies involving each other.


Suddenly without warning, the manager of the club, tapped Mona on the shoulder and abruptly dragged her near the back room. Deanna sternly watched from afar and listened as the manager read Mona the riot act about not taking care of the other customers and spending all the time on one ‘little tramp’! Deanna began to speculate what she could do to him when she was horrified by the sight of the manager striking Mona and knocking her to the floor. As Mona ran into the back room, Deanna got up and quickly followed, shooting ‘daggers’ at the manager as she passed him, knowing perfectly well that she was not done with him.


Deanna consoled a tearful black-eyed Mona in the deserted back room, while at the same time thinking how she was gonna get even at the manager for Mona.


"He … F-F-F … fired me! Oh god! Now what am I gonna do now?" said Mona, choking back tears. "That Oscar is such a prick! I’m gonna get back at him somehow!!"


Deanna tried calming Deanna and offered her assistance. "Want me to take care of him?" in a serious tone.


Mona, not knowing what Deanna was now capable of, retorted, "Sure! What are you gonna do? Make him date your sister?" Both girls giggled briefly.


Deanna walked over to a standing metal locker and placed her hand delicately on top, close to six feet high. "No, I was thinking something more along the lines of THIS" With that statement, Deanna calmly pushed her hand down, effortlessly compressing the metal locker like an accordion. Mona looked on in complete disbelief as the sound of groaning and shrieking metal subsided, leaving only a 2 foot high mashed locker, compliments of her best friend.


"Holy Shit … how the hell did you do that? ?"


Deanna mockingly put her hands on her hips and stuck out her chest. "Whatsamatter? Didn’t know your best friend was Supergirl?" Deanna teased.


"I’m serious, Dee, what happened to you? You got all this money now, you look great, and now … well … look at what you did!!"


"I know, isn’t it great?" Deanna said as she nonchalantly picked up the locker and began squeezing it into a ball.


"So how did this happen? What else can you do?"


As Deanna playfully tossed her metal "ball" the floor with a thud, she dusted her hands to showoff, "It’s not what can I do, it’s more like … what can I NOT do!! I’m like something straight out of a comic book now – super-beautiful, super-sexy, and superpowerful! You name it … I got it all … superstrength, superspeed, superbreath, invulnerability, supersenses … which by the way, I can hear you getting all hot-and-bothered by this! You like the new me, Mona?"


Mona snapped back, "What’s not to like? God, that must be an incredible feeling. What I wouldn’t give to feel that sexy and powerful for even a minute!! So what happened, some kind of accident or something?"


Deanna mused at Mona’s last statement, as a thought crept in her gorgeous head. "No … wasn’t an accident … you know, Mona, I was serious about offering to get back at that guy before and now you know I can"


"Totally, that’d be cool … you’d do that for me?" Mona asked.


"Sure, if you wanted me too … OR … I was thinking … how bout if you could do the same things I could?"


"Don’t tease me like that … wait, are you friggin' serious?" Mona asked in disbelief.


Deanna reached into her pocket and pulled out one of the two pills. "See this tiny pill? It’s something my aunt was working on, and its called ‘Ultrafemme’ for a good reason! Two of these tiny pills made me the superwoman I am today" Deanna said jokingly. "I can only give you one, but believe me, one is enough!"


As Mona gingerly took the pill from Deanna she became nervous with excitement, "What’s it feel like?"


"Like a million orgasms firing at once!" Deanna giggled.


"Well, beam me up, Scotty!" Mona said as she placed the pill in her mouth and swallowed.


"So when do I start to … ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh" moaned Mona as the pill obviously began to take effect.


Deanna stood transfixed as she watched her friend awash with pleasure as the Ultrafemme pill continued to take effect on Mona’s body, remapping her DNA and transforming her into a superhuman. Deanna was admittedly aroused at the notion of her friend now becoming a super-powered "playmate" for her.


Mona continued to gasp with pleasure and delight as she felt muscles all over her body

being injected with jolts of super-powered energy. Finally, the metamorphosis subsided

and Mona sprang to her feet, feeling more alive than she ever had been."


"Oh my god, Dee, that was WAYYYYY better than a million orgasms!" said Mona,

breathing heavily still. As Mona looked up in the mirror she was greeted by the visage of

a flawless face staring back at her. "Holy crap! Look at me, I’m beautiful….even my

black eye is gone!!" said Mona still in disbelief.


"Now try the fun stuff!" said Deanna as she gestured over toward the other lockers with a

gleam of anticipation in her eyes.


Mona put her hands on her hips and confidently walked over to stand right in front of a row of lockers. She glanced back at Deanna with a coy smile. "Well, now MY superhearing is detecting YOUR heartbeat! You’re enjoying this aren’t you?"


Deanna could only try to hide a sheepish grin.


Mona looked down at her incredibly breasts and had a thought of how to test her newfound body and also turn-on her girlfriend even further. "OK, let’s see what these puppies are made of!" joked Mona as she cupped her chest. Mona placed her hands back on her hips and began to walk slowly toward the row of lockers until her pert breasts barely touched the cold metal. Mona then stuck out her chest even further and leaned in compressing her bosoms against the solid metal locker frames. In an instant, the muffled sound of metal being bent could be heard as Mona flashed a grin of excitement, now realizing that she now shared the same amazing gifts as Dee.


Mona stepped back and admired her handiwork – two perfect round indentions compressed onto the front of the metal lockers. "Look, Dee, I’m a Picasso!!" Mona giggled.


"C’mon, that all you got!" mocked Deanna.


Mona looked innocently at Deanna and pouted, "You no like? Well, how bout THIS!!" In a nanosecond, Mona’s superpowered arms flashed out, embedding her fingers into the metal casing. Suddenly, in a swift fluid motion, Mona swept her arms to the side. As easily as she were opening a curtain, the entire row of metal lockers were rent from their mountings and flew across the room. Though the lockers were a blur as they shot across the room, Mona’s supersenses allowed her to easily track the thousand pound projectile to see it crash into the opposite wall, leaving a gaping hole.


"Holy shit! Did you see that? Did you see what I just did?" Mona excited asked Deanna. "I mean I thought I could possibly do it, but had no idea it would be so … well …"


"Easy?" said Deanna.


"Yeah, and just think how I feel, I took TWO pills!" said Deanna, flexing her muscle.


"I cannot imagine feeling any better that I do right now! It blows my mind just thinking about it!" responded Mona. "Even so, I feel like I can do anything! Like I’m invincible or something …" said Mona, still reeling in the euphoria over the notion she her little 5’5" body was now one of the most unstoppable forces on the planet!


"Well, speaking of which … don’t you wanna show someone just how invincible you are?" said Deanna, alluding to the incident with Oscar before.


"Oh, YEAH!! He’s in for the surprise of his life! Maybe I’ll go out there one last time and REALLY bring down the house!!" giggled Mona.


"Well, if you do … there’s a BIG tip in it for you!" joked Deanna as the two female dynamos walked out of the backroom towards the main club.




Norman looked into the overcast of clouds overhead. He listened. He heard the weatherman earlier today. A storm was supposed to sweep through the area tonight. In the distance he saw lightning confirming is fear of it coming sooner than he hoped for. For a Friday, it was turning out worse than any Monday. He cursed his luck as he spat incoherent nonsense at the flat tire. He stripped away his tie and stomped over to his trunk. Tire jack, tire iron, tire. Norman pulled everything out and let it spill onto the asphalt. After a fight with the unfamiliar tire jack, he was finally able to get it under the vehicle. He cursed some more as he pumped the handle up and down. He was getting a sense of how out of shape he was as he was soon winded from the simple task. He lowered his head to assess it's stability. Leaning a little. He would be that long. Oh hell, it's not worth getting injured over. Kicking at the base helped, but only made the car rock, which scared him. He decided he would have to release the jack and start over. Lightning flashed again. It was closer, he could tell. Damn tire jack thingy! Norman got himself under the car as it teetered. His impatience moving passed caring for his own safety. He fiddled with the jack and then stopped. Slowly, he watched, as the jack buckled and the car's weight loomed down onto him. Another crash of thunder. He whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut. He was sure he should be crushed by now. That's what was supposed to happen. He apprehensively opened his old peepers. Then awe washed over him. The storm long forgotten. The whole affair with the tire a memory. His entire rotten day gone. Nothing matter except that the beauty before him be admired. A blonde, innocent angel holding his car aloft in her smooth delicate fingers. She smiled at Norman and pulled him out from under the car.


"You should be more careful, sir." She smiled. She had been squatting and wore nothing over her round pert breasts. She presented them proudly when she stood to her full height. The metal chain links of her bikini bottom stretching slightly as her long smooth muscles provided easy, graceful motion. She was still holding the vehicle and asked if Norman needed assistance.


"No problem! Give me, oh, thirty seconds!" Nicole said. Her right hand moved at searing speed as she removed the lug nuts faster than a power tool. each one dropped to the ground immediately following the other. Norman looked on and saw the little metal nuts glowing hot like pieces of smoldering coal. Nicole then removed the tire and tossed it away. Like his day, Norman's old tire was a long memory as it flew out over the horizon. When he looked back down she was already on the last two lug nuts, her hand once again imperceptible as it moved. She bent over at the waist and gently let the car's weight down on the tire. She motioned for him to get in and he did so. She leaned into the driver's seat and let her naked chest press into Norman. He began to pant and Nicole could feel his erection push into her stomach as she placed the car in neutral. Nicole watched seductively as she slowly brought herself out of the vehicle. Her breasts parting around Norman's tenting pants. She smiled at him one last time and allowed him regain his composure.


"Have a nice evening, Norman." She winked. She promptly closed the door and walked to rear of the vehicle. She waved at him through the mirror, and warned him to hold on. A quick push of her hand at the wrist sent the car speeding away. Norman frantically gained control of the car and finally noted the speedometer at 80 mph. Nicole waved on last time and streaked away back to her dorm room.


Nicole leaped up into the window of her room, not really worried about who might see her. She had felt so liberated since the "upgrade" she almost didn't care who saw her naked anymore! Nicole was far from the type to interrupt status quo, so she resigned herself to changing into a pair of tiny lycra shorts and a bikini top. She was going for the fitness model look, but got the super goddess look! She searched her room, tossing around clothes, for the vial and finally realized her folly. She stepped back and brought her incredible senses to bear. Her eyes soon picked up the small container. She picked it up. It felt different. Lighter. Nicole opened the vial and found it FIVE PILLS lighter! She quickly counted, one for for...her. Anger boiled up inside her. Deanna. Ungrateful little bitch. Realizing Deanna probably didn't take all four, she wouldn't take that kind of chance into the unknown, figured also figured she saw what had happened while her aunt and she were talking. Although, Nicole would give her the benefit of the doubt. She always did. Even though she knew better. Nicole pocketed the remaining three pills, opting not to pop them until absolutely necessary.


"I hope you popped one, Deanna. You're gonna need it!" Nicole gasped. "She took my favorite shorts!" Nicole streaked out of the window leaving a hurricane in her wake. Papers and clothing were pulled to with her as she ran into town determined to find her sister. Townspeople were only buffeted by fierce wind as Nicole passed by them on her hunt. The storm was nearly on them as a slight drizzle left small water droplets on her skin. Nicole stopped, frustrated and angry. She thought about all the times she bailed her out. She thought about all the blame she took for her sister's behavior. Nicole had enough. She was going to put a stop to it and now she had the power to do it. Nicole let her frustration seep into her voice.


"DEANNA!" Nicole yelled out loud. Her supercharged voice spread through the town shattering car windows and rumbling buildings. A small circle of cars had been pushed away from her and people in the next town heard a slight sonic boom move through. Enough was enough.




As Mona walked out of the back room with Deanna close behind, she was electrified with excitement at the thoughts of now what to do. Since her demonstration with the lockers, she knew that she could do anything now and not Oscar or any of his hired muscle could do anything to stop her.


"Ha!" thought Mona to herself as she gazed down and her clenched fist, "I bet I have more strength in my little finger that all of guys combined!" The thought of being so strong thrilled Mona as she had always struggled for everything in her life. Now suddenly, with a single capsule, it was as if everything was hers now for the taking!


"Well?" said Deanna to Mona, breaking the newfound super girl out of her trance. "You gonna give them a show or what?"


"You know it, Dee!! Wait here!" Mona then sauntered over to the sound cage and wrapped her fingers around the steel padlock that was on the door to the cage. With a squeeze from her superhuman grip, Mona easily crushed the lock and smiled as it oozed from her hands as if it was warm clay. She still could not get over how easy everything was! This lock was solid steel and yet she was squeezing it like an open tube of toothpaste.


After gaining access to the cage, Mona changed the music to her performance routine and cranked up the volume as the patrons momentarily placed their hands over their ears due to the volume. As she left the cage, a quick squeeze of the cage door and the frame resulted in a pressure-weld that would prevent further access to the cage.


Deanna stood near the front of the stage as she watched her friend walk onto the stage. Oscar, seeing Mona take the stage was furious and ran up to the stage where Deanna was standing and began yelling obscenities for Mona to get off the stage.


Deanna flashed a quick glance at Oscar and then gazed back at Mona. "Let her dance, asshole!" Deanna then placed her hand across Oscars chest and gave a light shove. Fueled from a double dose of the Ultrafemme formula pumping through her bloodstream, Deanna’s gentile shove resulted in Oscar being launched 20 feet backwards to crash groggily into a set of tables. Deanna, totally unfazed, simply put her hands back on her hips and winked to her friend as Mona began her routine.


As the sound of AC/DC’s "Shook Me All Night Long" resonated through the club, Mona started her routine like any other night. However, now that she had the strength of hundreds flowing through her veins, she decided to try some new moves. As she straddled one of the brass poles near a table of businessmen, she wedged the cold brass between her cleavage and flashed a coy smile at Deanna before closing her eyes and grabbing the outside of her perfect breasts. Erotically, Mona began pushing inward compressing her breasts with the thousands of pounds of force being transmitted from this tiny girl’s hands through her ample chest.


The businessmen at the table in front of Mona were turned on initially and then stupefied in amazement as they saw this young girl crushing the solid brass pole with nothing but her fabulous breasts. Due to the sound of the music, no one could hear the screeching sound of metal, but it was obvious to all what was happening as the area of the pole between Mona’s tits was flattened to the width of a matchbox.


Seeing the exhibition of her strength only served to fuel Mona further as she continued to cup her breasts and perform a split. As she descended towards the floor slowly, her chest continued to squish the remaining length of the pole flat as if she were molding wet clay on a spinning lathe. As she finally executed her split, she grabbed the pole and with a quick tug, ripped it from its foundation.


Deanna watched longingly at her friend as Mona then twisted and twirled the brass pole around and all over her body at her whim to the music as if it were a piece of fabric and not a solid piece of brass. Suddenly, with scores of men now cheering her on, Mona tossed the mangled hunk of metal aside and walked over to one of the dance cages. With a quick tug of her superhuman muscles, the steel constructed cage was rent from its moorings. Mona held the heavy cage over her head as if it were Styrofoam and then titled the cage towards her. With her passion getting the best of her, Mona proceeded to close her eyes and compress the steel cage against her firm body. The cage never stood a chance as the steel bars bent like drinking straws as she pulled it tighter and tighter to her impossibly hard body. Deanna stood there transfixed and proud of her "creation" as she saw her best friend adjusting well to her new gifts. Deanna could only smile as she watched everything unfold.


Suddenly, Mona’s spotlight dance was interrupted by the sound of two gun shots which knocked out the sound system. Looking over, Mona and Deanna saw Oscar and one of his bouncers brandishing pistols aimed at Mona. Screams could be heard as the patrons inside the bar quickly exited the premises, leaving only the two men and the two young supergirls.


Dropping the remnants of the cage with a crash, Mona looked over at Deanna nervously, not certain whether or not she was able to withstand a gun shot. As Mona locked eyes with Deanna, she was greeted with a reassuring look from Dee that she had nothing to worry about.


"Go ahead," said Deanna to Mona, gesturing toward the two men. "Don’t stop now!"


Mona, now supremely confident placed her hand on her hips and jumped down from the stage. As she walked toward the men, Oscar and Ed were visibly shaken at the thought of what the "new Mona" might due to them. They quickly looked at each other and opened fire on the naked supergirl standing before them.


Mona heard the shots ring out and then was amazed that she could track their path as the bullets sailed though the air, almost in slow motion. She giggled as she watch the first 4-5 bullets strike her chest and harmlessly ricochet off her fabulous tits as if they were made of solid steel. As she tracked the remaining slugs, a quick wave of her hand enabled Mona to easily snatch the bullets out of the air, about 10-12 bullets total.


With an audible click from both guns, time seemed to return to normal as Mona stood there proudly unaffected by the hail of bullets the men had fired at her. Not believing their eyes, they watched in horror and amazement as Mona held her palm up exposing the slugs they had just fired. Turning to face the bar, Mona pursed her lips and blew a quick puff of air, sending the bullets careening out of her palm at a speed unmatched by any traditional firearm. The bullets smashed into the back of the bar, breaking bottles and mirrors as if someone had opened fire with machine gun.


"Wow! That was fun" said Mona in delight as she walked over to Deanna who was wide-eyed herself at the sight of Mona’s super-feat. As she put her arm playfully around her best friend’s shoulder she mockingly said "Hmm, you know … I wonder if these gentlemen have hurricane insurance … you think?"


Deanna then smiled, knowing what Mona was implying. The two young goddesses then stuck out their chests and inhaled deeply. Suddenly, the fury of two distinct Category 5 hurricanes was unleashed inside the club, compliments of the two girls. As they exhaled, tables were tossed around like rag dolls and chairs smashed and embedded themselves into the walls. Finally, as the girls looked upwards, a huge section of the roof was ripped from the building, a testament to the super-lung power of these unstoppable females.


When the storm subsided, Oscar and Ed were catatonic of what they had witnessed. As they scanned the bar, they could not believe the damage. The Ugly Monkey, in a matter of minutes had been completely decimated by these seemingly harmless young girls.


As they made their way to what was left of the exit, Mona turned to Oscar. "Oscar, honey … just tell your insurance company you were hit by Hurricane Dee and Hurricane Mona! I’m sure they’ll understand!" With that statement, the girls giggled and left Oscar to assess the damage.




As Mona and Dee walked out the front door, they giggled like school girls, reveling in the abilities they now possessed.


"Oh my god, Dee! Did you see that? Did you see what we did in there? I knew I was stronger, but I had no idea!" exclaimed Dee as she casually felt the power coursing through her arms.


"I know, isn't it awesome? Knowing you now have the power to do just about anything you want?" replied Dee, acknowledging her friend.


"JUST about? Screw that! I feel so friggin' powerful right now! Like I CAN do anything, and there's no one who can stop me!" laughed Mona.


"Well, don't be so sure about that! Remember, as powerful as you are, I took twice what you took! So, You wanna take me on, girly?" teased Dee playfully.


"Oh, Dee!" gushed Mona choking back tears, as she reached out and hugged Deanna tightly. "I'd never do anything to hurt you! You have always been my friend when I needed you most and now you've given me this wonderful gift. How can I ever say thank you enough!" With that statement, their embrace subsided as they gazed into each others eyes' longingly. In that instant, the girls saw each other as more than friends and it sent shockwaves through them. As Mona reached out to caress Dee's flawlesss face, their brief moment of passion was interupted by the sound of a police loudspeaker.


"You two girls! Step away from each other and put your hands in the air! You're under arrest!"


After quickly noticing the police force that was assembled before them, they glanced at each other once again and smiled.


"Well, looks like we'll have to continue this later, if you're up for it?" said Dee. "In the meantime, wanna really put our powers to the test?"


"Definitely!" said Mona as she flashed a smile and began to turn and face the police. She then casually turned her head back to Dee said coyly, "By the way, that answer was for both of your questions!!"


Dee almost was blushing at Mona's response and barely noticed the scores of automatic weapons that were trained on the two young supergirls. Gaining her composure, Dee walked forward to stand side-by-side with Mona, their hands on their hips in a show of defiance.


"This is the police! Put your hands on your head and lie on the ground! This is your last warning!!" blared the police loud speaker.


In an instant, Mona's super-powered legs propelled her through the air to land squarely on the roof of the policeman's squad car. As if hit by a wrecking ball, the roof of the car compressed in a heap toward the ground in a split-second as Mona landed deftly on the hood with a show of force. As the policemen had their guns trained on her not knowing what to do, Mona casually walked over the remnants of the car towards the officer holding the loudspeaker. As she walked, Mona delighted in the sound of the metal chassis creaking under each step she took. The remaining windshield glass shattered and the two front tires blew out abruptly as she stepped over the hood and onto the pavement to stand in front of the police officer with the bullhorn with her hands on her hips.


Though she stood a good eight inches shorter than her, Mona smiled confidently and stared directly at him, knowing that he was no match for the new, improved Mona. "Hell!" she thought as she quickly scanned the rest of the policemen and their vehicles, "I feel like I could take all these guys on!" The thought of that made Mona feel even sexier and more powerful than even previously.


Gaining her composure for a moment, Mona spoke to the officer in charge. "Is there something you wanted with me and my friend, Officer Krispy Creme?"


Sgt Kincaid had been on the force long enough to know that this was no normal girl standing in front of him. Quite hardly!! He was still reeling at the previous sight of her perfect nude body flying through the air like a missile landing and decimating his squad car as if it were made of cardboard. Nevertheless, he was not gonna let some overaged juvenile delinquent insult him in front of his men and get away with destroying public property. "Listen, here you little super freak! I don't care who you are, but nobody gets to go around causing damage like this whenever they feel like it, so what you and you're little friend over there are gonna do is get in the van so we can haul your little candy asses downtown …" To emphasize his point, the surly sergeant held the loudspeaker pointed at her and shouted, "GOT IT?!?!"


Mona could not believe her ears at the brashness of this guy! He had just seen her destroy his car without even the slightest effort and now he had the balls to give her an order like that? Mona quickly glanced over at Deanna and flash a look as if to say "You believe this guy?" Deanna smiled back and folded her arms, knowing full well that the old Mona certainly had a temper. Now, the only difference was this temper was inside the mind and body of an unstoppable female juggernaut! Deanna could only smile and suppress a giggle just thinking of the surprises that awaited these policemen!


Mona looked up at the officer with a menacing stare and easily pulled the bullhorn from his grasp and with a simple light shove, sent the portly officer tumbling backward fifteen to land on his butt in embarrassment and disbelief.


"Well, sir, I have news for you …" said Mona to the sergeant as she begin to rip and crush the bullhorn in her fingers as if it were tissue paper. "My friend and I are gonna do whatever we want, whenever we want, and to whomever we want … and there is nothing you and your so-called men can do to stop us …" As Mona spoke all eyes were transfixed on her small hands as she crushed and kneaded the metal bullhorn into a tiny ball with no apparent effort. As she looked down to admire her handiwork, she playfully tossed the ball in one hand a couple of times. Then looking up, she screamed "GOT IT??!!"


The ear-piercing shout of the superpowered girl sent shockwaves rippling through he ground as the ground almost seemed to tremble. Windows were shattered and car alarms went off for 3 city blocks just from her sonic scream. Mona simply stood there innocently and smiled as the officers slowly sat up trying to clear their heads.


"FIRE!" shouted someone from the crowd as immediately twenty or so trained officers begin to open fire on Mona.


Mona held up her palms playfully and mocked "Hmm, it must be raining!!" as the bullets streamed into her gorgeous body with supposed deadly force. Mona was in heaven as she basked in the feeling of her unstoppable body being pelted from head to toe, especially in the "good areas"!


Deanna had stood by long enough watching her friend and now wanted to get into the action a little. In an instant, Deanna's superhuman legs sped her over to a police van where she grabbed the underside of the vehicle with one hand. The weight of solid American steel was no match for the ubergirl as she raised it over her head with almost no recognizable effort. The few policeman that saw the feat were mesmerized as they saw this other young girl holding their police van aloft with one hand aloft as if it were a loaf of bread.


As the bullets started streaming in Deanna, peppering her head and chest, she turned to face her assailants with a smile. "Hmm … looks like you picked on the wrong girl, guys! Or should I say the wrong SUPERgirl!" As she casually glanced up at the three-ton vehicle being held at bay by her slender right arm, a wicked smile crept on her face as she looked back at the three men. "Here, boys … CATCH!" With that, Dee casually tossed the police van towards the men as it landed directly in front of them, its momentum plowing into them and sending them and the van sprawling into the side of a nearby office building. Deanna, please with herself, could only dust her hands in a mock display and say "Who's Next?"


As Mona became under more and more fire, she quickly began to get bored. Realizing that her newly acquired hypersenses allowed her to easily track the trajectory and path of every bullet simultaneously, Mona began to reach out with her fingers at lightening speed and pluck them from the air. In an instant, she had "caught" about 20 bullets in her hands faster than the human eye could see. Totally absorbed in concentration of her latest superhuman feat, Mona barely realized that the shooting had slowly subsided to the point that all she could hear were faint audible clicks from the officers' empty weapons.


"Tsk, tsk!! You guys out of bullets and ending my fun already?" Mona asked teasingly as she opened her hands up, showing the collection of bullets that she had caught. "Here, use some of these!" With that, Mona brought her palms up to her pouty lips and with a simple puff of her lungs, sent the bullets streaming toward the unsuspecting officers at three times the velocity in which thay were originally fired. Seven officers were fatally mowed down and three others injured by Mona nonchalantly assault.


At so it went for a couple of minutes longer as the two superpowered girls quickly and mercilessly dispatched the twenty uniformed officers and a SWAT team. No weapons proved to even slow the girls down as they flexed their superhuman muscles reveling in their insurmountable strength.


Finally, as the girls stood there in the center of the street admiring their handiwork and the carnage that they alone were responsible for, their superhuman ears were pierced by a deafening sound that permeated though the city blocks!




Deanna glanced over to her friend and smiled. "Well, I guess my sister is looking for me …"


Mona quickly retorted and could hardly suppress a smile, "Yes, but I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she finds US!!"




"Oh, you don't want to see the look on MY face, little girl!" Nicole's enhanced hearing easily picked up the entire altercation between the two supergirls and the police. She focused in more on the sound of their beating hearts and quickly pinpointed their location. Nicole blurred away at incredible speed leaving mailboxes flying and people falling over in her wake. A quick trail of flames followed her through the streets. No doubt, this was a woman on a tear.


Nicole appears amongst the crumpled remains of the SWAT team looking around, surveying the damage caused by the two evil ultrafemmes. Some men were still scrambling away from their flaming wreckage which Nicole blew out quickly. Others she helped by lifting away the tons of wreckage trapping them. Nicole ripped off caps to fire hydrant to help put out the multiple fires. All this done at impossible speed as she seemed to be in many places at once. She eventually turned her attention toward her sister and her friend who were both giggling and watching Nicole straighten up their mess. "You had no right!"


"I didn't? When did you plan on sharing with your sister, huh? I'm tired of this bullshit from you, Nicole. All high and mighty with your good girl act! You want me? Here I am!" Deanna stands defiantly upright and flashes her sister a daring look. Mona decides to back out of their feud. She knows the amount of power flowing through Deanna's body and wants no part of her wrath. Mona looks worryingly at Nicole.


"Give the pills back to me, Deanna!" Nicole's voice cuts through the air. "You apparently don't know how to handle yourself. Give them to me now, or else!"


"Come over here and make me." Deanna smiles. A knowing smile passed over her face.


"With pleasure." Nicole hisses. Nicole begins to see red as two violent beams of immolation crash into Deanna's breasts. Nicole, afraid to truly hurt her sister, keeps the intensity low. After a moment, Nicole shuts off the energy flow and looks at her sister. The result not what she expected. Deanna is standing topless and smiling, her hair billowing out around her face. Nicole watched in amazement as Deanna licks her finger and trails her wet finger around her nipple, her sizzling nipple, and moans seductively. Both her hands brush across her now tightened nipples which emit a orange glow by themselves. Deanna's upper body glows from the heat and Mona and Nicole shield their eyes from the initial brightness.


"That felt pretty nice, sweety. You'll have to do much better, though." Deanna chides.


Nicole then unleashes her full power at her chest while Deanna walks to her. Deanna's head is surrounded by the nuclear light that merely pushes against her body, pushes against her soft breasts. She pushes out her breasts to feel the warm tingling energy that gives her goosebumps up her tummy and chest. Nicole shuts off the power once more and looks on astonished at the level of power her sister has achieved.


"MMMM! Wow, that is wonderful!" Deanna giggles, "Surprised, Nicole? Ever wonder what two pills feels like? It's absolutely amazing! Like your first time, only hundreds better." She lustily states. Deanna brushes her hand over a parking meter and the metal softens from her touch. "Beating you would be too easy, Nicole." No ego there, just fact.


Nicole feels the heat sizzling the moisture from her body and melting the steel bikini links hanging from her hips and breasts as Deanna comes within inches. Nicole finds difficulty breathing but looks on with anger. A moment passes between them and Nicole fires a flurry of earthquaking punches into Deanna. Deanna laughs and seemingly bathes in the tiny massaging fists. Nicole is only a fighting blur of motion around a giggling Deanna. Nicole eventually stops and is gasping at her hands. Deanna realizes that the once indestructible supergirl has broken her hands against a greater barrier, her. Deanna places a hand on Nicole's left tit and squeezes with small portion of her godlike strength. Nicole gasps in pain as she is lifted bodily from the ground.


"Not so firm as me I suppose. But then, nothing in this universe is! Bye, Nicole. It was fun!" Deanna whispers as she launches Nicole into a nearby building. Mona simply isn't fast enough as Nicole's friction-heated body slams into her. The momentum carries the two women through four city blocks before finally coming to rest outside the town. Nicole slowly opens her blue eyes and sees the destruction her body had caused. The destruction Deanna caused using her as a human wrecking ball. The ground had been dredged up with her body from the forceful flight through a multitude of buildings. Several no were no longer standing. As Nicole gets to her feet she feels the familiar rush of super energy hit her in wave after wave. Her hand smashes into the ground bringing two more buildings to ground zero.


"It's ABOUT TIME! OHHHHH!" Nicole screamed. The two pills she slipped into her mouth before her encounter with her sister were finally taking effect. She could have waited until they kicked in before, but couldn't take the chance of the other two doing more damage. Once the orgasms and the flood began to subside, she felt something move under the rubble. Nicole was still feeling the incredible energy feeding her as she lifted a large two-story off the trapped victim. It was Mona.


"Oh, God! Are you ok? Wake up, wake up!" Nicole dragged Mona's body clear of the mess and cradled her in her arms. She was alive because Mona's body had cushioned the blow. Otherwise, this would have been her. Tears streaked Nicole's face as she lifted Mona's face to hers.


"I thought she really liked me …" Mona strained to say. In her final breaths, Mona hugged Nicole tightly to her. Nicole’s body fills up with power, bringing her to beyond comprehensive levels. Her eyes now completely black and reflecting her emotion. She looks over her shoulder and the many walls vanish to reveal Deanna having her fun with the local urban landscape. A thought later and Nicole was standing behind her, Deanna dangling from her arm. Deanna reached frantically for her pocket. Nicole sees the two additional pills Deanna had stashed there.


"NO, Deanna!" Her voice shattered windows for blocks. Nicole knocks them away from Deanna's hand sending the pills down an alleyway. Deanna begins to shake in fear while she nurses her hand. The simple swat from Nicole had broken it. The next thing Deanna feels is moving through the air. The town below her becoming a smaller within a heartbeat. The atmosphere becoming thin. Deanna panics and begins flailing wildly as she passes into the upper stratosphere slowly rapidly. After a moment, her ascent stops and her body becomes a terminal velocity bomb. Her eyes tear from the wind beating into her eyes. The ground rushes at her and then black.


"Hmmm. She should be somewhere in... HAH!" Nicole turns her head and seems to teleport to a crater in the middle of the Nevada desert. In the middle of the wide crater are Deanna's feet. Nicole smiles and flexes her arms. Her breasts raise slightly. A spark of energy rushes through her body and she quivers. Another thought passes and Nicole is standing over Deanna. She reaches down and grasps her by the ankle to excavate her from the ground. Deanna was out, but alive. Nicole threw Deanna over her shoulder and leaped away over the mountains. In a few hours, all would be normal and no one would be the wiser, except for the sisters. Nicole didn't want it that way. To have that kind of power felt … godlike. Nicole's mind raced with questions and what if's and possibilities. She just knew it was best, for both of them, to end it here. Who knows, maybe Julia would visit again.


Back in the city is a girl. A young fifteen-year-old girl. A homeless girl who was given any chance in life. A girl who has known nothing but want and concrete all her life. All she owned was the clothes on her back and a cardboard home. All that, and two little pills …



The End

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