Rhian Sugden

27 Oct 2009 19:53 #17100 by shadar
Rhian Sugden was created by shadar
Rhian Sugden, with a couple of tweaks, is caught in the midst of proving that she's stronger than any machine that can be made by man.

What we don't see in this pict are the two massive locomotives that are belching smoke as they try to pull away from her, their monstrous diesel engines shaking the ground as they thunder, each of them generating more than 200,000 pounds of tractive effort. Each engine is attached to her by massive ship's hawsers that are stretching and nearly at the breaking point.

Of course, her clothing has always reached that point, as we can see from the broken snaps that no longer hold her top closed, with the last one about to go. Clearly, the muscles beneath those softly upwelling curves are harder than steel.

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