Women who would REALLY use their powers...

03 Feb 2012 11:50 - 03 Feb 2012 11:51 #26094 by Berkhart
One of my favorite parts of this fantasy is imagining the women who would most certainly use their powers to the fullest. Not just simply content to show off by lifting a truck or getting revenge on an ex-boyfriend. Instead they would take advantage of their newfound powers to mold and shape the world into one that is more to their liking. Whether they're doing good or bad (and that's definitely open to interpretation) some women strike me as more likely to fit this mold.

I see women like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann in this light. Whether you support them or not, I can fully imagine politicians like those two forcing the world to bend to their views.

Perhaps somebody like Angelina Jolie as well. I always read about her doing her best to make a difference in various parts of the world, and my imagination goes crazy thinking what she could do with supreme power at her finger tips.

More of a stretch, but I see a complete "attention addict" like Kim Kardashian using her super powers to become not just omnipotent, but omnipresent. With super-speed she could be anywhere in the world within minutes or less. WIth a never ending supply of energy, she could devote entire channels and media forms to broadcast her every move 24/7...and thanks to her godly powers, she could force us all to watch.

Last for now is this girl...

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Carmila Vellejo. She's the woman who got me thinking about all this. Read about her a few weeks ago. She's a South American activist leader who has a large following despite being only 23 years old. I like how dedicated she is to creating nation wide change, and how self assured she feels in the "rightness" of her cause. Plus...she's hot. I love the whole attitude, confidence...and power she gives off in the picture.
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I think the one idea out of these that I like the most is the Kardashian-type "super-bitch".

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