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I love un-credited roles like that. Those wonderful moments that make you sit up and say "Hey, is that?" Or odd cameos that stand out. I recently watched the film The Girl with All the Gifts," which is probably as close to a Last of Us video game movie that we will ever get. I was shocked when I saw Glen Close and expected her to die in the next 10 minutes as is often the case with one of those low-budget movie cameos.

Turns out she was a major character in the film. There is a scene where she looks real closely at a petrified zombie when entering London. Turns out that is Glen Close's sister who loves zombie movies and convinced her actress sister to actually star in one.

I think it is on Netflix and highly worth a watch.

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TwiceOnThursdays wrote:

argonaut wrote:  
Bringing this thread even further off-topic:

Gene Hackman's scene in Young Frankenstein put me in mind of another hilarious but uncredited comic cameo by an actor not commonly associated with comedy. I refer to John Houseman's driving instructor in The Naked Gun.

Since I have yet to subscribe to YouTube Channel, it appears I can't embed a live link, but you can go to YouTube and search "naked gun student car chase."

I don't know why Hackman and Houseman weren't listed in the credits of these movies. Maybe some contractual issue?

And the student driver is great, too. I love the moment when she rolls up her window when Leslie Nielsen starts shooting at the other car.

I looked for more info, but all I could find is essentially what I knew before about Young Frankenstein.   Hackman wanted to be in a comedy and knew Wilder so asked for a part in the movie.

"“And Gene said, ‘There’s a blind man in a hut.’ And I told him, ‘There’s no money in it.’ But he said, ‘I don’t want that. I just want to do it.’ And he was very eloquent, very soulful. He came up with that line: ‘Where are you going? I was going to make espresso!’ He said, ‘Let me try a few things.’ And that was one of the things he tried, and I said, ‘Oh, that’s a keeper.'

So I guess he's uncredited as he just didn't care to be, he just wanted to have fun and be in a comedy.  there are a lot of uncredited roles -- and some are to avoid the cameo overshadowing things.

This is more or less what I knew as well. There is also the fact that Hackman was, apparently, a big fan of the Frankenstein movies from the Hammer.

TwiceOnThursdays wrote: Off the top of my head I can think of John Cleese in Dr. Who where he didnt' want any publicity featuring him and he wanted to be credited as someone else.  Sting didn't want credit in Money For Nothing -- his record company threw a snit fit and made him be given credit.   Daniel Craig is a Stormtrooper in Force Awakens, and I don't think he's credited in the movie either.

I think a lot of major artists just want to do things for fun, and don't want it to be a big thing.

As for Hackman, it turns out a lot of people didn't recognize him as the hermit!  I mean I have an excuse, I was young and had no idea who he was.

There is also the uncredited and impossible to spot appearance of Glenn Close in Spielberg's Hook, which is a totally unbelievable testament to the power of prosthetic make-up.
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