Miss Atomic Bomb

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Miss Atomic Bomb was created by slim36
Conceived at the height of the Cold War arms race.   Scientists believed Miss Atomic Bomb would be the ultimate weapon, faster than a bomber or even a missile, almost invisible to radar, able to strike multiple targets.  The tests went  better than expected - the targets were all destroyed with ease.    The unexpected side effect was Miss Atomic Bomb's insatiable appetite for Plutonium and incredible radioactivity.   She would rest in a reactor pool glowing with eerie blue light, consuming insane amounts of plutonium.  Then she consumed enough to create a "fizzile", just enough to turn the research building into a radioactive crater and cancel the project.  Miss Atomic Bomb became the ultimate but only real atomic bombshell.    None of the alleged events of Project Miss Atomic Bomb were ever officially confirmed or denied.     She was posthumously awarded Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award  for her devotion to her work which was ended prematurely by a lab explosion.

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By night, she nukes crime (and everyone within a certain radius of crime).

By day, she heads the IT department at the webhosting company Mushroom Cloud, LLC.
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