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Celebrity Superheroine stories was created by Freefal
Hello im new here…
Ive been writing superheroine stories for ten years and wouldove to share here.

My stories are usually feature a Superheroine battling a villainess with peril themes.

I also love to cast my characters as celebrities.

Heres an example of some of my work.

also some other story images attached    
Id love to post some stories here and would love if someone helped me get started!

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For what it's worth, and I hate to discourage anyone from writing/publishing, SWM has never supported peril-themed material being posted here. There are lots of other places to post that. 

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For what it's worth, and I hate to discourage anyone from writing/publishing, SWM has never supported peril-themed material being posted here. There are lots of other places to post that. 


But if she's put in peril by a dominating villainess, not a man, then you may be able to get away with it here, because it's still a story about a dominating superwoman. 

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Yes absolutely my stories always festure powerful female villainesses!
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This is one of my favorite stories...
Let me know what you think!MISS AMERICA: RISING SUN

Miss America portrayed by Kate Upton
Lady Kamikaze portrayed by Harumi Nemoto

During the 30's, Kate Archer was America’s most famous airwoman and adventurer. Kate was the feature of countless newsreels, a hero to the nation, and a role model to young girls; living proof that a woman could do anything.
But during a particularly dangerous flight in the South Pacific, Kate Archer's plane crash landed on a mysterious island, undiscovered and uncharted.

Marooned on the island for well over a year, Kate struggled to survive, with no hope of rescue; but she never gave up. Kate endured, becoming stronger and harder, as she fought to survive.
Kate explored her island prison, going deeper and deeper into the dark of the jungle, looking for food and shelter, and eventually she came upon a cave...a cave flanked by two enormous statues of unknown origin. Archer felt compelled to delve into the mysterious caves foreboding depths, discovering strange, luminescent hieroglyphs covering the walls; a strange and unknown language. She followed the glyphs to a massive cavern, in which a single alter stood. The energy of the glyphs flowed down through the walls and up to the alter, on which sat a glowing blue stone, which pulsed with unimaginable power.

Kate picked up the stone and felt extraordinary power flow through her body. Her dark hazel eyes turned a dazzling crystal blue, as the stone filled her with it's power.
The cave began to shake, the power of the stone having held it strong against time and the elements, and it began to collapse around her. A large chunk of the stone roof felt towards Kate as she rushed to escape.
Kate raised her arm to block it, thinking, “I-is this this how I DIE? Alone...and forgotten?”
The stone hit Kate's arm...and shattered.

Kate marveled at the debris that fell around her, before regaining her senses and running towards the exit; swatting falling rock aside as if brushing away cobwebs.
Archer escaped as the cave collapsed behind her. Whatever other secrets it may contained buried and lost...forever.
Kate fell back onto the ground, looking up the peaceful blue sky and passing white clouds, glad to be alive. As she looked at the clouds longingly and then closed her eyes, remembering the feeling of flying...the wind in her hair, the sense of she could go anywhere.
When the blonde opened her eyes again, she could no longer feel the ground on her back, but instead a cool, wet, mist on her face.
She was in the clouds.
She could FLY.
Kate laughed, hysterically, clutching the stone harder in her hand, as she willed herself forward towards home.
Through the power of the stone, Kate Archer was reborn...the world's first superheroine.

Upon her return to America, Kate Archer became a media sensation; she was America's sweetheart, the newspapers and newsreels were plastered with the headline “LOST PILOT RETURNS A HERO.”
There were questions about how she'd survived, and how she'd returned, but Kate never revealed her secret. She kept her time on the island a secret, instead spinning a story of being lost at sea and found by a passing ship, making her way across Europe until she could return by boat to America, and never revealed her powers to anyone...except her longtime boyfriend Major Trevor Stevens, the person she loved and trusted more than anyone on Earth.

Finally safe at home, Kate began to test her new powers, learning her limits and becoming more comfortable with them. And she found that the more she used them...the more she changed. Kate was pretty before, but now; enhanced by the power of the stone; she was beautiful. Her slim, athletic, figure became tone, her muscles taut and tight, her dirty blonde hair lightening, becoming golden and lustrous. But the biggest change her chest. Kate's modest C-cups swelled with her new found strength, becoming large, round, and firm F-cups.
One night, while walking out of a matinee with Trevor; a Superman serial and two Zorro movies; they were cornered by a mugger, who held them at gunpoint, his hands shaking as he demanded Trevor's wallet and Kate's jewelry; the stone set into a simple gold chain around her neck. Trevor refused, trying to talk the mugger down, but the scared and desperate man pointed his gun at Trevor's chest, his finger pulling back the trigger. Kate moved in a flash, grabbing the gun and crushing it in his hand with her left, while throwing a straight haymaker with her right, sending the mugger flying down the alley into a couple of garbage cans...out cold.
This was when Kate realized that she had been wasting these new powers. That she could be doing MORE.
Much more.

It was then that Kate Archer vowed to use her new-found powers of strength, flight, and invulnerability for good. MISS AMERICA was born! Kate Archer's alter ego became America’s first superheroine crime fighter, upholding truth and justice. Miss America wore her power stone in a star on the blue mask that concealed her real identity in order to shield her loved ones from the enemies she made in her exploits. In addition to a blue mask, Kate also wore a breathtaking two-piece blue outfit with white stars on her prodigious breasts, making her popular with American's young men; as much a sex symbol as a superhero.

Years passed.
The Nazi Party rose to power in a destabilized and desperate German, and war spread like fire across Europe as the Nazi war machine marched forward.
Following Pearl Harbor, Trevor Stevens was called into service and sent to the front lines...and Kate followed, fighting the Nazis as America's first female fighter pilot. Kate and Trevor were stationed in Hawaii where Miss America entered the Pacific Theatre. The All-American hero gave the US forces a tremendous tactical and psychological advantage over the Japanese Axis forces.

Harumi Tanaka seethed with hatred for Miss America more than anything else on this Earth.
The American heroine's intervention at a key moment had led to the imprisonment of the man Harumi loved during one of the blonde American's earlier missions.
Harumi Tanaka was descended from a long line of Ninja; the Oniwabanshu. Assassins and spies that had served Japan's ruling powers since feudal times. When Japan had entered the war as an ally of Nazi Germany, Harumi carried on her family's long tradition of service as a skillful and successful spy.
With her breathtaking delicate beauty - and callous brutality – Harumi quickly rose to prominence as the swift and brutal right hand of Emperor Hirohito himself. Harumi was a mystery to both Japanese and American forces, rumors and hearsay swirling around the beautiful and dangerous woman who was never far from the Emperor. Harumi was never seen without her large black and red cloak; part of her husband's dress uniform, which concealed her body and her hidden weapons. To see Harumi without her cloak was to see an Angel before death.
Following a particularly humiliating defeat of Japanese forces at the hands of the busty blonde menace Miss American, Hirohito summoned Harumi before him.
Harumi struggled to disguise her glee as the Emperor personally assigned her the responsibility...the HONOR...of destroying Miss America and redeeming her country's pride.
Harumi was given carte blanche to take whatever steps were required to neutralize the American superwoman. A gifted strategist, Harumi studied all the intelligence her network of spies had gathered on the woman she detested so deeply. She poured over thousands of pages of files and reports and noticed the stone set in Miss America's mask...and it's resemblance to the Magatama spoken on in Japanese myth, a relic of the Dogu; an ancient, mysterious culture thought to have been descended from the stars themselves. This, she concluded, was the source of Miss America's power.

Harumi was given total autonomy and she sent messages to hundreds of Japanese military outposts throughout the South Pacific to search for the mythic stones. She also contacted every Japanese scholar and researcher of note to inquire about the 'mythic stone of power'...the legendary Dogu Magatama. Finally, one of her inquiries bore fruit! A file in the university at the recently captured Chinese city of Nanking was found which spoke of such a stone.

Tanaka traveled to a recently discovered island, one that appeared on no map. She was shown to a dig site where men were hushed and intimidated by the cloaked strange woman as she strode purposefully through them. Harumi’s face lit up when she was shown a glowing small, red, stone. When she gripped the rock an incredible power overwhelmed her and she stumbled as the rock's aura overcame her.

Two men ran to her side and grabbed her arms to support her, but Tanaka suddenly grabbed both by the neck, lifting them high into the air, then easily threw the two men 20 yards through the air. She laughed when she realized what she'd done! Finally, she had evened the battlefield. Now, she was sure she would make Miss America pay!

The Emperor was pleased with Tanaka’s discovery, for he too believed that now his Super Woman would defeat this Miss American superheroine. Her strategic victory would be almost as important as the moral victory for his forces. Harumi was sent to Hirohito’s propaganda office and renamed LADY KAMIKAZE, a name designed to strike fear in their enemies. The Japanese superwoman was outfitted in an Asian version of Miss America's iconic battle bikini. Lady Kamikaze's was a white combat bikini with twin rising suns on each breast, her power stone was sewn into white hachimaki headband, in which the red power stone served as Japan's rising sun symbol.

The propaganda workers struggled to get the bikini top right for they had never seen Harumi without her black and red cloak. Each time they finished the garment, it was sent back with a note: BIGGER. After five tries, the team finally got it right and Hirohito’s secret weapon was finally ready for her public reveal. The world was stunned when newsreels spread across the globe showed the mysterious cloaked Lady Kamikaze during interviews insulting and demeaning America's greatest heroine as she publicly challenged her to face her in a duel.
Major Trevor Stevens walked into the living room to find Kate angrily reading the newspaper. “You aren't going to meet this Lady Kamikaze are you?” he nervously asked when he saw the look on her face.

“Of course I’m going to meet the bitch,” Kate stubbornly replied. “I'm the most powerful woman on earth. No one talks about me this way and gets away with it.”

“Look Kate you know I love you, but our intelligence indicates this Lady Kamikaze is brutal. We don't know, but there's a chance she may have super powers of her own, either the same or perhaps different from yours. Why our sources tell us that half of her own forces are apparently terrified of her. I don't think you should engage her until we know more about her.”

“Steve… it doesn't matter if she's a hoax - but even if she’s the real deal, I can't refuse. Miss America is a symbol; she's given hope to the American people since Pearl Harbor. I won't.... I can't...allow some Japanese wanna-be to tarnish my symbol of America's greatness.”

Trevor reluctantly gave in. He knew that once the woman he loved set her mind to do something… she did it. Despite any reservations, he may have. “Just be careful Kate,” he pleaded.

Kate Archer smiled. “I will…remember, I'm Miss America,” she said with a toss of her blonde hair as she embraced her man. Then they made love. The stage was set.

As a condition of her acceptance of Lady Kamikaze's challenge, Miss America that both sides agree to a cease-fire. The Japanese agreed and named the site, a small, uninhabited, coral and sand island that sat midway between the two forces in the Pacific Ocean. For her showdown with Lady Kamikaze, each side would send one unarmed ship with a minimal crew, plus as many reporters, photographers, and newsreel cameras as they could carry. The US representatives with Trevor, were in a ship anchored on the East side of the island full of rowdy sailors and newsmen - all eager to witness her disposal of the enemy villainess. Hirohito’s propaganda department sent their own vessel to document his superwoman's wartime debut as well as to report back to the rest of Asia on their superiority over the 'decadent West.'

The Star Spangled heroine soared over the American ship parked across the island from it's Japanese counterpart as, below on the decks of the American ship, sailors roared their support of their busty blonde idol.

“Look at her. It never gets old,” Trevor thought as he watched Kate but on an aerobatics exhibition for the cheering men before she turned away to land on the small island. Miss America soaked in the adoration of the nearby boat and winked at Trevor.

“So where is this Lady Kamikaze?” Kate exclaimed aloud when she looked around the deserted island. “I knew she wouldn't show.”

Just then, a small landing craft came from around the Japanese boat. Standing in the bow was a solitary, cloaked, figure. The small boat completed the short trip and as it reached the shoreline, Harumi stepped out onto the sand. She kept her cold, dark, eyes locked on Miss America as she strode onto the island, then stopped and slowly and emphatically, she slipped out of her infamous black cloak.

“Jesus Christ!” Trevor thought as the sailors around him gasped. He had never seen a woman with breasts anywhere near the size of Kate's. Not until today!

Kate Archer was taken aback as Lady Kamikaze's rising sun battle bikini was revealed in the light of flash bulbs from both ships. “There’s no way her boobs are bigger than mine,” Kate thought. “They cant be...” she muttered as she began to levitate several feet from the beach in an attempt to intimidate her impossibly buxom brunette rival.

Trevor could feel the pit of his stomach drop when Lady Kamikaze likewise slowly rose off the beach to answer Miss America's move. “Oh my God, she's for real,” he gasped.

Trevor had witnessed his love in action hundreds of times, and always worried for her, but he also knew she'd always come out on top. Today, watching the Titanic-titted villainess as she approached Kate, for the first time he wasn't sure.

Lady Kamikaze’s voice echoed through the air, “TODAY THE FABLED MISS AMERICA MEETS HER DOOM!” The reserved Japanese sailors gave a loud BANZAI cheer for their warrior.

“I don't know who you think you are,” Miss America announced. “But I'm sending you back to whatever hellhole you came from.”

The time for words was over! Miss America launched herself into her levitating opponent. The sailors on both boats felt the reverberation as the two super women collided chest first. Kate and Harumi crashed down onto the sandy island, then separated. Kate was surprised when she saw Lady Kamikaze slowly get to her feet. Any normal woman might have to have been hospitalized from the fall she'd taken, but Lady Kamikaze just shook it off.

Miss America stormed the Japanese looking to end the battle before it began. She threw controlled punches, trying not to kill the woman if she accidentally hit her too hard. Harumi was quick, and nimble, but not fast enough to avoid a diamond cutter uppercut on the point of her chin. The American's erupted in cheers as Lady Kamikaze was thrown off her feet by it. She landed with a THUD in the sandy soil near the lone palm tree on the small island.

“So much for Miss America’s doom!” Kate laughed as she turned to the USO ship and waved for the cameras. She spotted Trevor and was surprised he wasn't cheering. Instead, he was pointing at something behind her. Kate turned around back and was stunned to see Lady Kamikaze back on her feet. “No! Sh...she…should be unconscious,” Kate thought as Harumi grinned at her.

The Japanese super villainess sped towards Miss America and again they collided body-on-body. A deafening SMACK could be heard for thousands of yards as Kate and Harumi's epic boobs collided. The two warriors locked each other in mutual bear hugs, then squeezed with all their might. Neither heavy rack gave an inch as heroine and villainess squeezed to a stalemate. Kate reluctantly came to the conclusion this wasn't going to be the walk in the park she'd envisioned. She would have to throw the kitchen sink at this bitch.

Harumi held Kate in her grip for dear life, then - with Kate in tow - Harumi leaped 150 ft up into the air. Miss America reoriented herself in mid-flight and pressed her tits deeper into the Japanese woman's. Lady Kamikaze smiled as she realized her tits were not only slightly bigger than those of the American, but stronger. Still, Miss America's were not only the biggest, but the firmest pair Harumi had ever encountered.

Lady Kamikaze gasped when she felt her awesome rack yield ever so slightly. She quickly decided to live up to her name. The blonde was expending so much energy trying to overpower Harumi's boobs, she couldn't react in time to stop their rapid descent Lady Kamikaze suddenly shot them both toward the ground. The violent the impact with the small island's underlying coral caused a small Tsunami to go rolling out across the water as their bodies left a crater in the sand!

Neither the American or the Japanese sailors could see the results of the impact while their view was obstructed by the cloud of dust and sand expelled from the floor of the crater.

“Come on Kate, please be OK... please…” Trevor thought as he strained to find the crater in his binoculars. It felt like an eternity, but as the sand started to settle, the silhouette of a woman emerged from the cloud. Steve hoped and prayed it was Kate, but his stomach dropped when the dust cleared and he saw Lady Kamikaze dragging Miss America by her tangled blonde hair out of the crater.

“God... no!” Trevor gasped as the Super Villainess dragged Kate's limp body to the waters edge, then plunged Kate's face down into the cool surf. Kate Archer came to as the Japanese vixen held her head underwater. For while Kate's power stone had given her super powers, she still needed air to breathe and Lady Kamikaze laughed as she felt Kate's body struggling as she tried in vain to get air... Miss America needed oxygen just like everyone else.

Kate finally managed to push her body up far enough to grab a breath and force the Japanese villainess off of her. The two women disengaged and circled in the calf deep water. Kate shook off her cobwebs and attacked Harumi, landing several powerful body blows that stunned Lady Kamikaze.

Trevor cheered as Miss America pressed her advantage with consecutive strikes to Harumi's head that dropped Lady Kamikaze onto her butt in the water. Kate scooped Harumi up overhead, then slammed her back down, blasting a column of water sky high. Tanaka was rattled and she couldn't stop her hated rival from planting a foot on her throat.

“Its over! Give up now,” Kate magnanimously offered the squirming super villainess. “Give up and I'll have mercy on you.”

“F...f...f fuck you…” Harumi sputtered in Japanese. “It's you who will beg ME for mercy, you over-inflated and worthless Western bitch,” she vowed in accented English.

“Oh, is that right?” Kate replied as she stood tall and proud straddling her with her fists planted on her waist.

Miss America roughly lifted the Japanese warrior by the hair and swung around like a doll. Harumi nearly lost her lunch as she was whirled around and around. When Kate suddenly released, Lady Kamikaze went flying back onto the island where she hit the palm tree halfway up, her body folding around the trunk, then slowly sliding down it to the sand.

Kate was really enjoying herself and again she paused to play to the servicemen on the US Ship. Harumi was livid; seething as the arrogant American slut flaunted her tits for the rowdy sailors.

Lady Kamikaze grabbed the palm tree and with a mighty heave, pulled the tree up by the roots! She swung it back and forth like a baseball player ready to hit a pitch.

“Wow she may be as strong as Kate,” the shocked Trevor thought as he watched Tanaka swing her giant weapon.

Tanaka was fast, but swinging the palm tree slowed her considerably and Miss America easily dodged her awkward attacks, grabbing the tree and taking it away from the out of control villainess. Major Stevens smiled as Kate broke the trunk of the tree over her knee, then threw the two pieces at her rival. Harumi dodged the first, but was knocked to the ground by a direct hit from the second piece. The Japanese sailors groaned in despair as the dominant American slowly approached their struggling woman warrior while Harumi tried to gather herself by pathetically crawling away from her enemy.

“You're finished Kamikaze girl or whatever they call you. You're just another in a long line of evil men and women I've put behind bars.” Kate's words filled Harumi with a desperate rage at the thought of her lover behind bars and losing so badly to the woman who did it. Miss America grabbed Tanaka's left forearm, but in her haste she failed to notice a handful of sand the wily Japanese maiden had hidden in her right fist.

“You're coming with m….” Miss America didn't finish the sentence because her face was hit with a handful of sand that got in her eyes, nose and mouth.

“NO THAT DIRTY BITCH!” Trevor screamed as his longtime girlfriend covered her stinging eyes and stumbled blindly away spitting sand. Kate's eyes burned as she tried to get her balance and restore her vision. As the big blonde staggered around blinking trying to clear her eyes, she lost track of the opponent she thought she had beaten.

“WHE...WHERE ARE YOU… YOU CHEATER…. WHERE ARE YOU?” Kate shouted, turning left, then right, reaching blindly with one hand to locate Kamikaze.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of Miss America's slowly clearing sight. “Right here slut,” Lady Kamikaze's words dripped with malice as she reared back and used all of her super power to send her clenched fist square into Kate's bikini top. Miss America grunted when Lady Kamikaze's mighty right fist pancaked her left breast flat!

Reeling back off balance, Kate couldn't react quickly enough to keep the Japanese villainesses left fist from delivering a second devastating punch; this one squashed her right boob back into her rib cage and buckled her knees. The vile villainess kept punching, used the stars on the heroines tits for target practice as she pounded her jugs again and again with a piston-like flurry of power punching that was too fast for Trevor's eyes to follow!

Miss America's body was in an agony of breast pain that overloaded her brain and left her groggy, dazed and confused as she stumbled backward under the barrage of blows as she struggled to clear her vision while defending her mouth watering boobs from the unrelenting shock of Kamikaze's pounding fists. As she reeled under the steady drumbeat of fist after fist after fist, Kate's attempts to counter-punch consisted of blindly thrown, wildly inaccurate punches that struck only empty air.

Trevor felt helpless as Lady Kamikaze easily dodged Kate's awkward haymakers to respond with double-fisted, earth shattering, simultaneous slams against both sides of his lover's breasts at once! Kate’s scream of pain was heard clearly on both warships as her tits were crushed between Lady Kamikaze's fists as they flattened together. Worse, her star emblazoned blue top flew off as the back of her bikini was blown apart, unable to withstand the unaccustomed stresses.

Trevor stood in utter disbelief, the photographer and newsreel cameras around him recording the moment that Miss America's iconic top fluttered to the sand as she was knocked down hard onto her world class ass with an agonized expression of disbelief on her flushed face.

“… top,” Kate sobbed, instinctively lifting her hands in a failed attempt to hide her world famous boobs from the hundreds of ogling men and the cruel Japanese cameras clicking away to record the historic sight of Miss America in tears cradling her throbbing breasts in trembling hands.

Kate's preoccupation with protecting her image and covering her boobs, had left her head wide open, so she never saw the uppercut that detonated under her chin. Kate's nubile topless body was lifted off the sand by the punch and flew forty or fifty feet through the air before she came crashing down; her ass plowing a long furrow in the soft sand until she came to rest; flat on her back; tits up; semi-conscious.

“Uuuuunnnhh... never been hit so hard,” Kate vaguely thought as she tried to gather her senses while Lady Kamikaze bent down to pick up Kate’s world famous top.

“Your people worshiped this rag and the slutty soft tits it once held…,” Kamikaze sneered derisively. “Well, after today... NEVER AGAIN!” she laughed.

Harumi’s threat struck fear in Kate which only increased when Harumi flew over and wrapped the bikini around her neck from above and behind, then began to choke off her air! The Japanese villainess easily lifted the struggling Miss America up off her ass and pulled her high in the air, carrying her above the island as Kate's fingers held on tight to the throttling bikini top garrote as she struggled to get air into her burning lungs.

Lady Kamikaze carried the writhing Miss America in a slow circle of the island, displaying her like a trophy to both ship's crews and photographers, giving them plenty of time to make a detailed photographic record - not only her dominance of Miss America, but also to give the horny sailors an 'up close and personal' look at the American heroine's red, battered, and now fully bared, bosom as it heaved dramatically in Kate's faltering attempts to fill her chest with life-giving oxygen.

Trevor could take no more! He turned to the captain of the ship and screamed, “WE HAVE TO HELP MISS AMERICA!”

“We can't!” the captain said sadly, without taking his eyes off Kate's breasts. “We agreed to a cease-fire… THERE ARE NO WEAPONS ON THE SHIP!”

“You mean…Kate's on her own?” Trevor gasped in dismay.

“Wait....why did you call Miss America, Kate?” a sharp newsman asked, jotting the name in his journal

Harumi carried the limp and no longer struggling Miss America back to the hole from which she'd uprooted the palm tree. Kate’s oxygen starved mind was so foggy, it barely registered that Lady Kamikaze was suddenly plummeting downward. Before Kate realized it, Harumi had driven Kate into the sand feet first like a tent peg; burying her all the way up to her naked tits! Lady Kamikaze left Miss America buried up to her chest trying to catch her breath as she wriggled and squirmed, gulping air to rebuild her energy so she could free herself from her sandy bondage.

“Must get out… must fight back” Kate thought as she tried to call on the power of her power stone to free herself. Suddenly, Kate realized she had lost sight of Lady Kamikaze. “Wh...where is she?” she said, looking behind over her shoulder.

But Lady Kamikaze was hovering 500 feet above the island, watching her. With a wicked smirk, she suddenly shot toward the ground feet first...her eyes locked on two heaving targets. Her heels slammed into Miss America's breasts with a thunderous impact that drove Kate's body another fifty feet down to the coral bedrock of the island. The resulting shock wave rocked both ships so violently that Trevor Stevens lost his footing and had to grab the closest railing to keep from tumbling overboard as the ship rolled wildly from side-to-side.

“God no… this can't be happening!” he thought - the image of Kate’s battered breasts at the instant Lady Kamikaze's heels smashed into them flashing before his eyes over and over. He wondered it those breasts, the ones he loved caress and hold as they made love, would ever be the same.

Harumi watched in amusement and genuine surprise as the topless superheroine struggled to climb out of pit she'd been driven into. Kate finally crawled up over the edge and rolled down the ridge of upthrust sand, sprawling on her back as she cradled her throbbing, battered breasts. She rolled over on all fours, got to her knees, and wiped the tears from her eyes. Still, as badly as her body hurt, the brave Miss America still refused to submit when asked.

“Now is YOUR chance… Give in and I will let you keep the rest of your dignity,” Lady Kamikaze stated imperiously, her tone revealing her hope that Kate will reject her offer to give her an excuse to continue to punish her.

“Miss America NEVER QUITS!” Kate screamed. She called on the last of her reserves as she rose to engage her enemy once more. The Americans cheered as their heroine answered the call to battle one more time. Again, the two superwoman rose in the air, Miss America wobbling and stopping once she reached thirty or thirty five feet. Miss Kamikaze soared easily to nearly a hundred feet, then whipped around Miss America in circles. Kate tried to spin with Lady Kamikaze to keep her in sight, but she quickly became dizzy and had to stop spinning before she got sick.

Lady Kamikaze turned and flew directly at Miss America and they collided and locked in another crushing mutual bear hug. Their heavenly, sweaty, titanic tits were at war as both arched their backs and screamed as they strained to crush the will of the other.

Miss America called on every reserve of power and energy her exhausted body and power stone had. Kate's breasts fought heroically against the massive rack of the evil Axis bitch.

Trevor prayed his girl would come through one more time. Harumi summoned all her might in her attempt to crush the All-American girl's tits once and for all, but Kate held firm and fought the Japanese to a tense stalemate. “You can do it! You can beat her,” Kate thought. “You are MISS AMERICA!” Kate pushed and pushed with all her might.

“YES… YES… SHES DOING IT!” Trevor screamed when he saw through his binoculars that Kate's tits were, agonizingly slowly, but clearly forcing Harumi's rack back.

Then, all of a sudden, Miss America’s forward momentum stopped cold! Kate tried her damnedest to keep pushing, but she couldn't break Lady Kamikaze's will. Harumi had forced Kate's rack back to a virtual stalemate. The American superheroine had given everything she had, but for the first time in her life, her all had not been enough!

Lady Kamikaze had taken everything Miss American had thrown at her and now, slowly, inexorably, the Asian Assassin re-gained control! Kate couldn't stop the villainesses slow steady advance as her bare nipples inverted, then began to retreat inward as her massive breasts began to mushroom under the unrelenting pressure of Lady Kamikaze's huge, firm, breasts. Kate had never come across a woman with a rack like Harumi's and no matter what Kate tried, she couldn't keep it from crushing hers!

Kate panicked when she looked down and saw her bosom had almost disappeared beneath Lady Kamikaze's. “Oh my god…..THEYRE HUGE” she thought as Lady Kamikazes size G boobs devoured her cherished jugs until they seemed to shrivel into nothingness.

Steve dropped his binoculars in sheer terror as he watched his girlfriend's heroic breasts mushroom, then slowly disappear from view beneath Lady Kamikazes all-conquering tits.

Miss America's arms dropped limp at her sides, her red-faced head tilted backward, exposing her throat in an unconsciously symbolic surrender. Lady Kamikaze, her lips curled in a smugly superior smirk, held Kate's body tightly as she collapsed and lowered her on her back onto the sand. The crushing defeat of her beloved boobs had broken not just Kate's will to fight, but had broken her spirit as well. Lady Kamikaze sat up, carefully arranged Kate's limp, unresisting, body beneath her as she stretched out full length on top of her with her massive bosom hovering above Kate's blank face.

Trevor could do nothing but turn away and cover his eyes as the hateful villainess mounted his beloved superheroine. Tears welled in Kate's eyes...she no longer had the fight to free herself of her conqueror. “NO…no…..God….no…its over…how could this… happen,” Kate's view of the sun was eclipsed by the red rising suns on Harumi's massive heaving victorious breasts.

“You're finished Miss America… now you meet your doom!”


The ground shook as Lady Kamikaze dropped her sweat covered bombs on Miss Americas waiting face. Kate always knew in the back of her mind that one day she might be defeated, but she could never she imagine losing to another woman. Now the day was here! Miss America had come face to jug with her worst nightmare as Lady Kamikaze pressed down to mold the supple flesh of her huge breasts on Kate's face; her tawny flesh filled Kate's nostrils, forced its way between her lips into her mouth and even blindfolded her eyes.

From the moment Harumi had forced Kate's head into the water she knew the heroine needed oxygen and that it would be her breasts that would rob her of it. Kate’s entire world was now reduced to the span of Tanaka's terrifying tits. Kate's body desperately searched for air but found only slick, sweaty, flesh. There was no escape for the devastated American; no hope; she had lost. Kate sobbed the last of her oxygen into her 34G sized tomb and let the darkness overcome her after a few spasmodic kicks of her feet. Then Kate went limp and passed out.

Lady Kamikaze shuddered orgasmically when she felt the shattered superheroine go limp. She released her epic smother, exposing Miss America’s jug-shocked, shiny, slumbering, face. Harumi had done it she’d vanquished the bitch she hated so much. The vile villainess embraced the utter silence coming from the American ship as she stood and emphatically planted her right foot between Miss America’s sagging-off-either-side-of-her-chest, defeated boobs, as she posed for the cameras that were documenting her total victory and would soon share them with the world.

Trevor fought back tears as he watched Kate's chest slowly rise and fall under her conqueror's foot, every part of his soul just wanted to hold and comfort the woman he loved so much. Harumi bent down a removed the dim red glowing stone from Miss America’s mask. The stones power had been greatly drained during Kate's battle. Lady Kamikaze held it in two hands and then crushed the rock and let the dust and bits fall on the broken blonde's chest.

When Miss America began to stir from her jugged slumber, Harumi grabbed a fistful of American rack and slapped her back to a dazed, beaten, semi-consciousness. “We’re not finished bitch” Lady Kamikaze whispered as she flew off the island towards the American ship dangling Miss America by her boobs.

Lady Kamikaze dropped Kate with a THUNK on the bridge of the US ship and Trevor was the first to her aid as the sailors gathered around their beaten heroine. He bravely held Miss America in his arms as Lady Kamikaze landed in front of him. Harumi’s eyes met Trevor's and she smiled. “You must be super sluts man... or one of them, at least” The villainess grabbed Trevor by the throat and lifted him in the air, holding him easily at arms length. Kate's eyes went wide in horror as the man she loved was dangle in front of her.

“Please… please no… he had no part in this,” Kate weakly whined.

Harumi laughed and forced Trevor's mouth on to hers then pushed her tongue down his throat. Miss America tried to hold back tears as she helplessly watched her conqueror passionately kiss her man before throwing him into the throng of gathered sailors and newsman.

Finally, Lady Kamikaze sauntered to the defeated heroine to put a cherry on top of her complete destruction. Harumi forced Kate to her knees and stood tall behind her as she slowly slid her fingers under Kate’s blue mask. “TODAY THE WORLD FINDS OUT WHO MISS AMERICA REALLY IS,” the Japanese villainess stated for all to hear

“No…. gaaaaawwwd no…. you've taken everything from me… please just leave me my mask...”

“Sorry Slut….you're finished …today Miss America’s story ends as Lady Kamikaze’s begins!” Harumi hissed as she slowly pulled the blue mask off the blondes weeping face, destroying the symbol of Miss America forever.

The ship collectively gasped as the cameras rolled. Trevor was numb as heard the voices around him gasping and murmuring....

“Oh my God, it's Kate Archer!”
“Kate Archer is Miss America!”
“I cant believe it!”
“Its Archer...God, I'd never uh guessed she had second best tits to anyone!”

“I know you…,” Harumi said. “You're the bitch that flew around the world… no wonder you needed a mask. Well, if you ever want it back, you know where it find it,” Lady Kamikaze said, tucking it inside her top, then shot off into the air closing the career of the worlds most iconic Superheroine.

Trevor rushed back to his sobbing woman and cradled her in his arms. “She's gone Kate; you're safe now,” Trevor whispered.

“….my stone…where is my power stone?” Kate weakly asked, looking around. “Its gone Kate,” Trevor sadly replied. “She crushed it. You're mortal again.”

Kate Archer would have to deal with the gut-wrenching realization.... Miss America was no more!

“I….I….I'm sorry Trevor….. you were right… you're always right…..s…sh….she….destroyed me.”

* * *

6 months later

Following her defeat and unmasking at the hands of Lady Kamikaze, Trevor stayed by Kate's side for days as she recovered from the physical and mental devastation brought on by Lady Kamikaze. On the 4th night, Major Stevens went out to get the former heroine's dinner. When he returned, Kate had disappeared! She loved him so much, she'd left him for his own safety.

Kate went into hiding to protect both herself and her loved ones from retribution from the many criminals she'd sent to prison.

Abigail Archibald dutifully cleaned her assigned rooms at the Alaskan motel that Witness Protection had assigned her to. The big shapely brunette maid put the finishing touches on her room as a radio played in the background. The news program that had reported on Lady Kamikaze's exploits in the Pacific theatre sent a chill shot down the maid's spine. Abigail dropped her vacuum cleaner, unplugged the radio, then wiped a tear from her cheek before she resumed cleaning.
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