Powergirl - Cassandra Lynn

03 Feb 2007 01:25 #8107 by shadar
Powergirl - Cassandra Lynn was created by shadar
(Note: pict is NOT safe for work)

I'm writing a rather unusual Powergirl story... one where she enlists a PR firm to try to solve her public relations problem. I'm not going to hint where this goes, only to say that this is a picture that fits a scene in the story where she's holding up a bridge after her aging cousin, Superman, has run out of strength. Needless to say, her top wasn't up to the challenge of 10,000 tons of bridge.

Model is Cassandra Lynn with just a bit of enhancement.

By the way, the folklore on PG is that the original artist kept drawing her bust larger and larger each issue until the editors finally stopped him. So she's forever more gifted with the best rack in comic-dom. Not to mention the biggest muscles.


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