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Hi folks!

Along with the second season of Heroineburgh (we are now in the middle of filming Episode 14, aka Episode 1 of Season 2)
we are also launching the Heroineburgh Comics label.

Hopefully we'll release at least a couple issues per year, featuring stories about our superheroine universe (based in a fantastically
real Pittsburgh, PA) that are auxiliary additions to the ones that appear in the videos. 

We're planning to release the first issue in hopefully about six months, and it will probably feature three eight-page stories about:
1) the African-American cat-powered heroine Savanna fighting super-powered foes in her neighborhood
2) a new adventure featuring the three goth superheroines of the Dark Dominion (Etherea, Lunessa and Arcana)
3) a tale about Chinese-American X-Machina where she teams up with another heroine to fight a threat on the college campus

If all goes well, our writing will be augmented by the art of Mr Ben 'Zeus' Barnett (who also plays the villain Drake in our episodes),
as well as hopefully a cover piece by DC Comics' Jason Wright, and art by one or two other comics luminaries in our series.

For now, here are some preliminary drawings by Ben 'Zeus' Barnett showing his development of some of the characters.
Below you can see Savanna (the leopard-print heroine) and her snake-powered nemesis, Serpenta; the members of the Dark Dominion; and some laboratory shots from X-Machina and her nemesis, Dysphoria (mistress of decay).
Also, a pose by violent villainess Vaporia, co-leader of the evil Black Faction with her husband, Detective Drake.

Yes, there will be both power and peril!

Let us know what you think.

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