Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon

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Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon was created by MisterK
Coming August 14, the third Ms. Infinity adventure, Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon!

Attached is the cover by Jill Brock. I thank her for a beautiful job. Ms. Infinity: Infinite Moon will be released on August 14th. It will be novela length, about one fourth to one third the length of the first two Ms. Infinity novels. Bonnie Boring/Ms. Infinity goes against a werewolf named Ellen Wahia. Here's the blurb:The mega-powered Ms. Infinity has never met a villain she couldn't beat, until today.In her day job as Bonnie Boring, she meets a cashier who changes into a horrifying werewolf, and it’s a job for Ms. Infinity! But the superhero is in over her head. Before she knows it, the werewolf has turned her own power against her, and Earth’s Greatest Hero has become the lycan’s super-powered slave.Presenting an update of classic superheroes. The third Ms. Infinity adventure is full of thrills, action and humor, and the most unforgettable villain yet!

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