Pink Kryptonite

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Pink Kryptonite was created by lfan
OK, don't crucify me on Smallville continuity or even mention it. Have some ideas on how everything plays out, but it shouldn't take a mind reader to figure it out! :P So with that I give you "Pink Kryptonite"


"OW! Hey, wait up, Supergirl!" Chloe shouted to Lana as she rubbed her head after whacking it once again on some low hanging branches. Looking behind for Lois, she saw her cousin trod up the brush-covered slope as she gave her an icy stare and mouthed "This Sucks!" as she grabbed a fallen tree trunk to regain her footing.

"Dammit!! Splinter!" Lois cried out as she jerked her hand away from the tree and began sucking her index finger in obvious discomfort.

Lana, wearing a cute pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top accentuated by her green colored necklace, turned around and walked back to her friends, seemingly more at home in the surrounding comforts of nature. "You two are unbelievable! We've barely gone one and a half miles, and you both are stumbling and bumbling around like you're looking for the closest Starbucks!!"

"Corner of State and I-47" Chloe and Lois retorted in unison without even looking at each other, as Lana simply rolled her eyes, putting her arms around her closest friends.

"Listen....we never have any girl time these days with your journalistic careers and my time with Lex, so we ALL agreed to get away from the city, our cell phone, pagers, EVERYTHING! Just for a couple of hours. Besides, the lake is only two more miles away over the ridge. So SUCK IT UP! C'MON!" Lana laughed as she slung her backpack over her shoulder and began walking back up the hill.

Lois, wearing black biker workout shorts and an yellow sports bra, turned to her cousin, "When she said 'relaxing lakeside' I thought she meant Mojitos by the dock served by some hot cabana boy, not a day trudging thru some god forsaken forest with boot camp Barbie in search of some remote cesspool!"

Chloe, in her conservative jean shorts and pink t-shirt tied snugly under her breasts, chuckled under her breath as Lana shouted "I heard that, Lane!!" without even turning around.

As the three shapely girls approached the top of the hill, they were awestruck at the sight and beauty of the pristine lake nestled inside a perfect semi-circle of hardwood pines which seemed to look like they were planted perfectly around the glistening pool. It was a landscape one would expect to find in a snowglobe, not out here off of I-47.

"WOW!" whispered Lois, as her cynicism was silenced by the picturesque beauty of the lake. And the was no one here!!

"I cannot believe I've never heard of this place!" said Chloe. "Or the fact that there's no one else here!"

Lana tugged at her backpack strings, like an impatient child. "Yeah, LexCorp owns this property and even they just discovered it"

"Yeah! Nothing says serenity like a buncha 'No Tresspassing signs' and electric fences!" Lois remarked as she rose up from tying her shoes.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!!" shouted Chloe as she took off awkwardly running down the hillside.

"Who does she think she is? Carl Lewis?"

"Umm. More like Carl Sagen! C'mon!" shouted Lois as she and Lana took off in quick pursuit.

Lana's athletic ability and Lois's long strides quickly closed the distance on the slower Chloe as they came up behind her fast.

Short-winded, Chloe panted as she ran as fast as she could down the steepest part of the hill. "Sullivan is in the lead! It's Sullivan by a --- AAAAYYYYY!!!"

Chloe never finished her statement as she tripped up tumbling down right in front of the oncoming Lana and Lois. Like a scene out of a Bug Bunny movie, arms, legs and backpacks twisted and intertwined in and out of each other in a chatoic mass of bodies that rolled down the hill for ten or twelve feet before coming to a stop at the base of the hill.

"Ouch! Everyone ok?"

"God, I think I just had my period!! Nice move, cuz!!"

"Ow! Yeah, I'm ok too"

As the girls, slowly got to their feet, Chloe looked down at a grapefruit-sized rock that had rolled down with them. "I think I tripped over this!"

"Ya Think?!?!" said Lois annoyingly as she pulled down and adjusted her yellow top over her perfectly proportioned bustline.

As Chloe held the rock out to the other girls, it emitted a faint pink glow that almost seemed to hypnotize them. Standing there around Chloe's outstretched hand, the girls lost all sense of time, standing almost catatonic for 30 seconds as they were bathed in a shower of fuschia-colored light that brightened to almost white before fading quickly, almost retreating back inside the rock.

As the girls blinked their eyes to regain there bearings, no one even noticed that Lana's green necklace had turned the color of blood red......
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21 Mar 2007 23:16 #8775 by Random321
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“Dump the stupid rock and let’s get going already.” quipped Lana.

Lois led the way down the rest of the embankment to the lake still picking at the splinter in her hand.

Chloe dropped the rock in the path and followed the two girls.

Rounding the corner revealed a pristine wilderness lake surrounded by boulder fields and very small sand beaches. The water rippled gently from the comfortable breeze.

Chloe dropped her pack on the ground and went for the towels inside. Rather than unzipping the bag at the first tug on the zipper she ripped the entire large pocket open.

“Woa” Chloe recoiled falling backwards in shock. “What a cheap piece of crap!”

Lois was focused intently on the splinter logged in her hand mumbling to herself. She squinted her eyes to focus her eyes as she dug with her fingernail. Without warning a beam shot down at her hand and vaporized the splinter, leaving her hand unharmed. “Ack!” Lois stepped back bumping into Lana flipping her hand over back and forth checking for harm and finding nothing.

Lana fell backwards into a group of boulders causing a small crack in the granite of one boulder with her right elbow.

“Ouch! What’s the matter with you!?” Screeched Lana

“Jezz, sorry, calm down Ms Moody!” Lois said brushing off her hands and moving on to assist Chloe with spreading out a couple towels and blankets.

Lana grabbed a fistful of the soil next to her squeezing tightly. With a burst of speed she sent the now super compressed dirt and rocks sailing at Lois’s face. The lump impacted right bellow Lois’s nose exploding into a ball of dust.

Lois started spitting dirt out of her mouth turning in Chloe’s general direction. “Ptttthhhh!” Simultaneously but not coincidentally a strong wind knocked Chloe over and sent her rolling into the water.

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23 Mar 2007 04:41 #8784 by jumperprime
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Chloe sent water flying as she surfaced, standing up in the waist deep water and stomping back to shore, unharmed but thoroughly drenched.

“Damnit!” the blonde reporter growled “I was hoping to go swimming, but I was planning to be wearing my bikini when I did it, not my clothes, which are now SOAKED!”

“Chloe, are you OK?” Lana asked “That looked like quite a spill.”

“I'm fine. Didn't hurt at all, actually. In fact, I feel pretty good. Mmmmmm.”

Chloe moaned in pleasure as she felt a pleasant heat in her chest. Since her wet top was plastered to her body, Lana and Lois could clearly see the blonde's stiff nipples. Chloe moaned louder as, to the astonishment of her friend and cousin, her modest breasts began to swell. Chloe's shirt became tighter and tighter as her breasts grew. Soon, Chloe's breasts were straining the fabric of their pink prison to its limit and the wet fabric proved no match for the newly empowered tits which tore through the shirt with a loud ripping sound as Chloe's moaning hit a crescendo, signaling her orgasm.

Chloe cupped her newly grown breasts and gasped, both from astonishment at her new size and at the firmness of her breasts. Despite having grown to DD size, making her the bustiest woman present, Chloe's breasts had no sag at all, completely refusing to acknowledge gravity's effect on them as they stood straight out from Chloe's chest.

“Holy crap.” Lois said in shock from watching her cousin's instant boob job.

Lana and Lois had been so captivated by Chloe's growing breasts that they had failed to notice that their own tops were beginning to become tight as well.
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01 Jul 2007 09:35 #9701 by derekh37
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hey lfan, you gonna follow this story up?

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