Dark Supergirl

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As Xara Zor-El headed into the small detention center of Argo City, clad in her brilliant blue and red Supergirl uniform, she felt nothing but guilt. Argo was doomed to be destroyed in just a few short weeks, perhaps sooner, and she was the only one who would survive.

She didn't want to leave. Her parents had insisted, and although she had no desire to die she still preferred to stay behind with them rather than escape to an uncertain future on the distant planet Earth. Not wanting her final memories of them to be unpleasant ones from arguing, she finally agreed to be sent to Earth in a small rocket her father had modified.

It had only been recently that the strange signals coming from that world had been captured and decoded by the city's scientists; they seemed to broadcast information and entertainment to the populace, and one of the more interesting items on their news broadcasts showed a man capable of tremendous feats of strength and speed. This exciting news quickly spread around the city when it became apparent that, judging by the familiar symbol he wore on his chest, this man was one of them; a fellow Kryptonian who had also escaped from their dead world, and had gained incredible powers and abilities upon arriving on Earth.

That was the future that Xara's parents had planned for their her now; her father, Zor-El, had nearly finished modifying a satellite into a small rocket capable to getting her to that remote planet safely. Of course, it would have been built big enough for two - had Xara's sister, Kara, not recently been discovered to have be so much more than the sweet and innocent girl she had always seemed.

Kara Zor-El was a psychopath, who had been the unseen mastermind behind an attempted coup and, when that had failed, had taken to committing horrific murders in order to satiate her desire for ultimate power. Eleven people had met their fate at her hands before she'd been identified, but before she could be apprehended Kara had, in one final desperate attempt to prove her superiority, used the city's powerful space scanners to divert a flight of asteroids towards Argo City. If she was going to be caught, then the whole city had to pay, and as she'd smashed the equipment after diverting them there was no way to return them to their original course. There was no way to know for sure just how long they had left, but Argo City was facing certain destruction thanks to Xara's identical twin sister.

Now it was nearly time for Xara to leave, but first she wanted to make her peace with her sister. The detention center had just one guard on duty, and he nodded to Xara as she entered. "Mir-An."


"May I speak to my sister...alone, please?"

Mir-An glanced at his prisoner, who was lying on her back in her cell, then nodded. "Of course." He left, sealing the door behind him, leaving the two sisters alone. Xara walked up to the forcefield as Kara rolled over and sat up.

"I came to say goodbye." Xara told her.

"I'm surprised you're still even here." Kara sneered. "I would have thought that you couldn't wait to get to Earth, and get all those amazing powers...powers that should be mine."

"After all the death and destruction you've caused, do you really think they'd let you anywhere near Earth? You've already destroyed one civilisation..."

Kara didn't reply. Instead, she got to her feet and gestured around at her cell. "Can you believe they won't let me out of here?" she asked. "The end of the world is just a few days away, and they still won't release me."

"Your actions doomed hundreds of people, Kara. I'm amazed they didn't just execute you, or cast you into the Phantom Zone..."

"Guess everyone would have preferred that, huh?" Kara smirked. "Still, don't let it bother you, will you? Go off to your new life...leave all of us to die."

"You think I want it this way?"

Kara pointed to the costume her sister was wearing. "You tell me. You're already going around dressed like that, as if you've already got your powers..."

"Mother made this for me - "

"Did she? Well, you always were their favorite, weren't you? Always mummy and daddy's special little girl..."

"- so that when I get to Earth...well, hopefully I'll be able to find Superman..."

Kara laughed. "And do what? Join him in his noble fight for truth and justice? What's the point, Xara? You're gonna have so much power...why would you wanna waste it protecting those who are weaker than you when you could use it to dominate them?"

Xara stared into her sister's eyes, and saw nothing there but hatred, and evil...and maybe just a hint of madness. Until a few weeks ago, Kara had seemed so gentle and caring - and it pained Xara to realise that it had probably all been an act.

"And you really can't understand why Father isn't building a rocket capable of sending both of us to Earth?" she asked, before turning her back on her sister and walking away.

"So that was it, was it, sister?" Kara called after her. "After all we've been through together, there's no goodbye kiss, or a hug...nothing to show that I mean anything to you at all."

Xara turned back to her sister, and walked slowly up to the forcefield. "You do mean a lot to me, Kara. And despite all you've done...I still love you."

Kara shrugged, as if Xara's comment had caught her off-guard. "I love you too..."

Xara grabbed the forcefield controller, in the shape of a bracelet, from Mir-An's desk. Snapping it onto her wrist, she deactivated the field, stepped inside the cell and turned it back on again. She wasn't afraid. Kara would never hurt her, and even if she tried to escape - where could she go?

The two sisters hugged, and Xara whispered "I really wish you could come with me."

"So do I." Kara replied softly - before kneeing her sister in the stomach and shoving her up against the cell wall. Before Xara could call for help, Kara knocked her cold with a punch to the jaw, and watched as her unconscious body slid to the floor. "But there's only room in the capsule for one of us." she added sweetly, wiping the blood off on her prison uniform.

Kara quickly set about removing Xara's wristband, and lowered the forcefield again. She was about to make her escape when the brilliant red of Xara's cape caught her eye...and a plan began to form in her mind.

Could it work? she thought. If I pretend to be Xara...could I bluff my way onto that rocket? Go to Earth in her place...and gain all those wonderful superpowers...

The idea was just too tempting to ignore, and in a few moments she had swapped clothes with her unconscious sister. Now wearing Xara's Supergirl outfit, Kara bent down to kiss her on the cheek. "I love you too." she whispered. "I just wish you could be more like me...we could have had so much fun."

Kara scooped up Xara's body, positioning it on the cell bed so that it looked like she was sleeping, then lowered the forcefield. She couldn't help smiling as she stepped out - freedom! - and after taking a moment to smarten herself up, and replace the forcefield controller on Mir-An's desk, she headed for the door. It had slipped her mind that Mir-An would be waiting on the other side of it.

"Hold it." he said.

Kara froze.

"Retinal scan, Xara?"

"Oh...sorry, Mir-An. I was miles away."

"It's alright, I understand. We'd all like to be right now." The smile fell from the young man's face as he realised just what he'd said. "I'm sorry, Xara, I didn't mean it that way-"

"I know you didn't." Kara replied soothingly, as Mir-An lead her back into the detention center to use the secuirty retinal scanner. "And, I'd like to thank you for all you've done for my sister. I know she isn't the easiest person to be around."

Mir-An nodded. "You've got that right." He turned his back for just a moment as he powered up the scanner - and that was when Kara grabbed his head and smashed it onto the scanner hood, again and again. Bleeding heavily, Mir-An was barely conscious as Kara got him in a headlock.

"Surprise!" she whispered in his ear - before snapping his neck and letting his body drop to the floor. It was over much too soon, but Kara's heart was pounding with the thrill of it all, and she had a frenzied grin on her face.

"Ooh..." she gasped happily.

Here goes, Kara thought as she opened the door to her father's workshop. Zor-El was inside, tinkering away at a panel in the makeshift control room he'd designed. Through the large window in front, Kara could see the rocket in the hangar bay, fuelled and almost ready to go.

"Did you see your sister?" Zor-El asked, looking over at her.

Kara stepped forward nervously. "Yes, I saw her."

"How is she?"

"Still the same as ever." Zor-El went back to his work, and Kara, feeling a little more confident now that she'd managed to fool her father, decided to keep the conversation going. "Father, is there nothing we can do for her?"

"Xara...think about what she did. Not only has she guaranteed the destruction of Argo City...she herself murdered eleven people. You heard the way she spoke at her trial - how proud she was of what she did. There's no way back for someone like her." He looked up from his work, and smiled. "It's worth all our deaths if the universe can be rid of something as evil as Kara...and if the planet Earth can gain something as wonderful as a Supergirl." The smile fell from his face as he added "As far as I'm concerned...I've only ever had one daughter."

That comment stung Kara more than she would have expected it to, but she let it slide. She'd always known that her parents loved Xara more than her...but to hear her father practically confirm that from his own mouth was almost too much.

And what does it say about you, father, that you honestly can't tell your daughters apart? Kara thought. She wanted to speak up for herself, but she managed to keep silent. It wasn't worth losing the chance of gaining godlike powers just to get back at him. He would die soon enough, anyway.

"Is there anything I can do to help you?" she asked innocently.

"No, no...everything's pretty much ready. You could leave now if you wanted to..." He paused. "But you will stay, won't you, until-"

"Until it's time to go, yes." Kara replied.

"There won't be much time, at the end." Zor-El said thoughtfully. "The rocket has already been programmed on a course for Earth, so you'll have to do very little...but I should probably show you it now...come along."

Oh, this is too perfect! Kara thought to herself, as she followed her father out to the launching bay. Not only does he believe I'm Xara, but he's actually gonna show me how to fly that thing! I can leave whenever I want...and it may as well be now...

The small rocket lay horizontal on the bay floor, within a crude winching system which would raise it upright ready for takeoff. Kara climbed inside, and listened intently as her father explained everything to her. She would be knocked out soon after escaping Argo's gravity, and kept in suspended animation for the long journey to Earth. He showed her the procedures necessary for landing...and for lift-off.

"I'll leave you to familiarise youself with it, think of anything else you might need. Just don't touch anything, alright?"

"I won't, father."

Zor-El returned to the control room and continued his work, only to be interrupted moments later by...


Battered and bruised, Xara shook her head. "No, father, it's me, Xara! Kara...overpowered me, and killed the guard. She's loose in the city, we've got to-"

From the launch bay, the sound of motors whirring into life could be heard, as the crude launch pad lifted the rocket, with Kara inside, into an upright position. "No!" Zor-El lunged for the door, and ran into the launch bay, screaming at Kara over the roar of the rocket motors. Kara ignited the rockets, and the blast knocked Zor-El off his feet, leaving him unconscious.

"Father!" Without thinking of her own safety, Xara opened the door to the launch bay, and staggered to her father's unconscious body, taking hold of his arms. The heat and noise from the rocket, coupled with her own injuries, was almost too much for her to stand, but her love for her father gave her the strength she needed to drag him back towards the safety of the control room. A split-second later would have seen Xara and her father incinerated or blown into space, as Kara suddenly fired the main engines and the rocket forced its way through the bay doors. As it was, she had made the control room, collapsing next to her father and gasping for air, suddenly becoming painfully aware of how much she hurt. Nevertheless, she crawled to her father, and managed to support him as he struggled to sit up.

"It's alright." she told him. "You're safe..."


Xara nodded. "Yes..."

"That was supposed to be you...that was your way out..."

"Easy,'s alright. I...would rather stay, with you and Mother...this is where I belong..."

"But you were meant to go to be Supergirl..."

Xara shook her head. "She took the clothes Mother made for me. She's Supergirl now, not me..."

"She may have the clothes...but nothing else. You're Supergirl, Xara...even without the clothes and the powers." Zor-El raised a weak hand to touch his daughter's cheek. "But you deserve deserved that chance to live..."

"Having left you and mother to your death?" Xara asked. "Any life I had after that would have been a lie...but thank you for trying to save me." She kissed her father's hand, and smiled. "Lie still, now. I'll call for a doctor."

There was hardly any point to that, Xara knew, but she wanted to spend what little time she had left with her beloved parents. As she got to her feet, she looked out at the stars, and thought of Kara...of the world she was now heading to, and the billions of innocent people who would soon be in terrible danger from her.

It was all her fault - but Xara Zor-El wasn't about to just give in and die without at least trying to put things right...

Kara crawled to the back of the rocket and gazed out at the stars. The remains of the doomed Argo City were still only just visible, and she watched until she could see it no more. Everyone there would be dead in a few short days, but she...she was going to live. She was going to be endowed with strength and power beyond her wildest imaginings, and beyond the capacity of anyone to stop her.

Except for Superman.

Kara stood up, and twirled around in her costume, eying her reflection in the porthole glass. The ease with which she'd been able to outwit her sister and her father...the way in which the other inhabitants of Argo City had chosen to passively accept their fate rather than escape...Kryptonians were fools. They were sheep. For years she'd been acting the good girl, and everyone had believed her.

This Superman would be no different. He'd probably be so pleased to see another of his kind that he'd think her sweet and pure and innocent before he even got to know her. Of course, he would have to be destroyed, in time. Kara had no intention of sharing the title of the most powerful being in the universe...but she could probably carry on with the good girl act until the time was right - until it was too late for him to do anything to stop her.

Kara chuckled, thinking of her parents and the people she knew back on Argo City who would be slowly dying while she experimented with her new fantastic new abilities. Her thoughts turned to Xara, and she did feel just a twinge of regret. Her sister had always been there for her, even after her secrets had been unveiled, and she didn't deserve to suffer the indignity of a long painful death with the rest of them.

She could only hope that Xara had been killed quickly during the rocket launch.

Kara suddenly felt tired, and remembered that she would be sleeping for the journey to Earth. Pulling her mattress closer to the window, she lay down on it, and gazed out at the stars. For now, she was alone in deep space, but soon the rocket would bring her to the planet Earth...and there, under the light of its yellow sun, she would be reborn. As she finally fell asleep, she dreamt of arriving on a whole new world...which would be hers to do with as she wished...

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The conquest of Earth was complete. Kara Zor-El was the invincible super-goddess worshiped faithfully by all the planet's people. Occasionally a few heretics would attempt to assault her, to use some new weapon they foolishly thought could kill her, but each time she laughed as the weapon proved impotent against her indestructible Kryptonian body, then she laughed more as she slaughtered the heretics with ease. It turned out that she hadn't needed to kill Superman after all, she was much stronger than him and he actually made himself useful in her bed, as he was the only man on the planet who didn't turn into blood pudding when she let herself go during sex. Ah, life was good, everything was as she had envisioned when she left Argo City and its people to their fate. Now, what was that noise? Had some heretics brought out some new, pathetic weapon they thought could hurt her? Where the heck was that sound coming from!?

An incessant and annoying beeping woke Kara from her slumber. The blond psychopath was reluctant to open her eyes as she had been having such a good dream.

“But I'll be able to make that dream a reality soon enough.” Kara mused as she rose from her mattress, clad in the Supergirl costume her mother had made for her sappy twin sister Xara.

Kara walked to the controls and flipped the switch that shut off the wake-up alarm, then she looked out the window and gasped at the beauty of the blue-green planet filling the viewport. She had arrived, and soon that entire planet would belong to her. Kara sat down in the control chair and strapped herself in, then started the landing sequence. Everything was fine as the ship went through reentry, but as it descended towards the ground, alarms started sounding, the holographic display alerting Kara that the autopilot was failing, unable to cope with the chaotic wind currents due to a damaged sensor. The diagnostics log indicated that the sensor had been damaged mere seconds after launch.

“Musta happened when I crashed through the bay doors.” Kara muttered to herself. “Thank Rao father told me what to do if this happened. It'd be pretty embarrassing for me to die in a crash right before gaining ultimate power. Fortunately, the controls aren't too different from a skimmer, so it should be pretty easy to keep this thing level until touchdown.”

Kara grasped the control stick and deftly manipulated it to keep the ship level and on the calculated flight path, but then the ship hit a pocket of air turbulence. Kara pushed the stick hard to keep the ship from going off course and the control stick snapped off in her hand.

“Oh crap.” Kara grumbled

The ship began to heel over and descend in an easily recognizable crash trajectory. Kara desperately pushed buttons, trying anything she could think of to prevent a fatal crash. The autopilot refused to restart due to the damaged sensor, nothing else she tried worked either. Alarms started blaring as the ship picked up speed in its descent.


Kara saw the ground rushing up at her through the viewport and let out a scream of rage just before the ship crashed nose-first into the ground. At the moment of impact, the straps of the safety harness snapped from the strain of trying to hold Kara in place despite the bonecrushing impact, allowing the Kryptonian to slam headfirst into the control panel. The sickening sound of metal tearing was heard as the blond's head was literally buried in the control panel. No mortal could have possibly survived such a crash, the ship itself was now half its original length.

With the sound of screeching metal, Kara pulled her head out of the panel, stunned only by the fact that she was alive, she hadn't even lost consciousness.

“I... I'm alive,” Kara said in shock. “That didn't even hurt. I should be dead. Waitasec... That means...” Kara smiled widely. “I'm indestructible!”

The blond in the blue and red costume laughed maniacally, laughed so loud the windows in the ship cracked. After she finally calmed down, Kara took stock of herself. The first thing she noticed was that her breasts had grown significantly larger yet rode higher on her chest, utterly ignoring gravity. Kara felt her breasts with her hands, squeezing her enlarged orbs.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly. “They're so much bigger and firmer than before, like they've been filled with pure power.”

As she felt herself up, Kara noticed that her biceps were stretching the sleeves of her costume more than before. She flexed her arms and grinned as iron balls of muscle, each larger than her fist, filled her sleeves. Kara got a wicked thought and flexed her arms harder, grunting with the effort. Her biceps swelled even larger, but Kara's ears were not rewarded with the hoped for sound of ripping fabric. It wasn't that her biceps weren't strong enough or hard enough to burst the fabric, but merely the fact that the fabric of her costume was too stretchy, pushed outward by her muscles but not reaching the point where it would become a test between the toughness of the fabric and the power of Kara's biceps. She would need for her biceps to get much bigger in order to surpass the fabric's ability to stretch. Undaunted, Kara felt her belly and discovered ridged abdominal muscle where before had simply been her flat stomach. Examination of her bare legs also showed new muscle on her thighs and calves.

“Wow,” Kara grinned. “I was in pretty good shape before, but this yellow sun has turned me into a total hardbody. Time to go outside and get my first good look at my new planet.”

Kara moved to the hatch but found that it and the hull around it were crumpled. There was no way it would open as designed.

“Great,” the Kryptonian beauty grumbled “Now how am I going to get.... Oh, silly me. I'm still thinking like an ordinary woman. I'm SUPERGIRL now, I'll just make my own hatch.”

Kara sized up a section of bulkhead and punched it as hard as she could. The wall was made from some of the hardest metal in Argo City, but Kara's fist went through it like it was wet paper. She then put a hand against either side of the hole and pushed with all her might, her muscles flexing powerfully. With the sound of screeching metal at a volume that would deafen an ordinary person, the Supergirl from Argo City tore the wall open, creating a fissure large enough for her to walk through.

“I am a Goddess!” Kara shouted for all the world to hear as she walked through the newly created exit into the light of the yellow sun above “The hardest steel is like soft putty to my super-muscles!”

Kara looked around at her surroundings as she enjoyed how the yellow sunlight felt on her body. She had crashed in a pastoral field. Spotting a flower, she knelt down and picked it. As she gazed at it, a red beam lanced from each of her eyes and set the flower on fire. When it finished burning up in her hand, the fire barely tickling her, Kara started to dance across the field, loving how light her body felt, then she suddenly realized that she was soaring through the air like a null-grav ballerina. She slowly floated down to gracefully land softly in a prone position on top of a large rock. She was feeling quite tingly from the power she could feel flowing into her body from the yellow sunlight and rubbed her body against the hard stone. After a short time, Kara realized that her breasts were tearing deep furrows through the rock like it was a pile of sand.

“Wow!” she gasped “My tits are stronger than stone!” She got off the rock and stood facing an unmarred section of the rock. “The ultimate test. We'll see once and for all which is more powerful: My soft tits or this hard rock, and just to make sure my costume neither cushions the rock nor reinforces my tits...”

Kara untucked her shirt from her skirt then peeled the fabric upward until her breasts were fully exposed. The bare-breasted blond then turned her torso slowly to one side, then twisted back the other way as fast as she could, slamming her naked tit into the rock as hard as she could. Soft tit against hard rock was no contest. Kara's tanned breast crashed into the rock like a wrecking ball, shattering the stone like it had been struck by a missile. Kara smiled wickedly at her display of power and was about to pull her shirt back down to cover herself again when she heard a heartbeat, one that was going a mile a minute. Someone was watching her and had gotten a nice show. The only question now was, what to do about it. The psychopath from Krypton had a few ideas that could be very enjoyable for one such as her.

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From his vantage point behind some trees on the other side of the river, Matt suddenly lost sight of the beautiful girl in the bright costume. One moment, she was standing not fifteen feet away, with her back to him and her shirt rolled up over her chest - and the next, she was gone in a flash. Damn...

Had he really seen all that? A girl slightly younger than himself, no more than 20 years old but built like a wrestler...with all the powers that Superman had? And more than that...but the most beautiful girl he'd ever set eyes on, destroying solid rock with a single bare breast?

He had. He couldn't have imagined something like that...but now she was gone, and from what Matt knew of Superman's powers, she could be on the other side of the world already...

Matt turned to leave, to head back to the main road where he'd left his car...but suddenly, there she was again, floating a few inches off the ground right there in front of him. "Hi!" she said cheerfully.


"Were you watching me?"

"" The words stuck in Matt's throat, and he just nodded. "I saw something crash out here, and I thought I'd better, er...better take a look..."

"That wasn't all you were looking at though, was it?" The girl landed gracefully, placed her hands on her hips, took a deep breath and thrust her magnificent chest forward. "Did you like what you saw?" she asked.

Matt could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks and to his pants. "Are you real?" was all he could manage to ask.

"Of course I am." Kara replied sweetly, taking a few steps towards him. "I've come all the way to Earth...just to be with you."

With that, Kara wrapped her arms around Matt, and pressed her lips to his. Once he realised what was happening, Matt eagerly returned the kiss, utterly convinced that this was the greatest day of his life ever.

The kiss lasted for what seemed to Matt like an eternity; certainly it felt that way when he tried to end it in order to draw breath, only to find that the girl was reluctant to release her grip on him. Eventually, she did, and as Matt gasped for breath she watched him with a look of smug superiority.

"Do you recognise me?" she asked him, slowly, as if she were addressing a child. "Is there anyone on this planet who wears a uniform like mine?"

Matt nodded. "Yeah, Superman, so...does that mean you're like Supergirl, or something?"

Kara shrugged. "Yes, I suppose that's one name for me...but you will call me 'mistress'."

Matt stood there blankly for a moment, his brain struggling to process what was happening, so he didn't even feel it as her hand closed tightly around his throat, her fingers sinking into his flesh as she hoisted him into the air.

"What did I tell you to call me?" she growled.

Matt's struggled in vain to free himself from Supergirl's grasp, but she was so very strong. Overcome with pain and fear he flailed around, clawing at her hands but she wasn't going to let go...she was enjoying herself too much. She was laughing, and it was loud.

Then the pain on his throat lessened and he felt himself falling, as Supergirl threw him forty feet into the forest. He slammed into a tree, heard something crack, and fell helplessly onto his side. Through his pain, he realised that he couldn't move his legs...and that she was coming for him. He could see her striding purposefully towards him and he couldn't get away...

"Are you hurt?" she asked, placing her foot on his chest. Matt managed to nod, and Supergirl smiled. "Good."

With that, the pressure on Matt's chest increased as she pressed her foot down. "Isn't this exciting?" she said. "You see, I've only just arrived here...I've only just gotten these powers. You're witnessing the birth of a superior form of life - don't you think that's wonderful?"

Matt couldn't answer. His heart was now pounding as though every beat might be its last - at least, that was what he was hoping - and the pain continued until one side of his rib cage had almost totally collapsed. The sound of bones breaking under almost no pressure was music to Kara's ears - until Matt began coughing up blood.

"Eww! Stop it!" she cried. "You'll get your icky blood on my wonderful uniform..."

"W-why?" Matt managed to ask. "Why are you doing this?"

"Why? Because I can. Because I enjoy it."

Supergirl stared at Matt for a moment, watching him squirm in agony. She couldn't help smiling at how much damage she'd been able to cause through such little effort. Tears were streaming down his face, and something about making a grown man cry at her feet made her really good.

"I'm sorry." she said quietly, as she knelt down next to him, and through his pain Matt thought he could hear genuine sympathy in her voice. "You're probably a nice person, and you don't deserve to die this way...but put yourself in my position. All I know is that you're a human weak, so fragile, but so common...and I'm a beautiful supergirl who needs to test her powers. I'm unique - you're expendable."

Taking hold of his hand, she added "If it's any consolation, you're getting off lightly. I've put people through a lot worse than this before killing them...and now that I'm all-powerful, I've got lots of ideas I can start to put into practice."

Matt howled in agony yet again, as Kara crushed his hand with one gentle squeeze. The bones in his fingers snapped in her grasp, and she studied them closely with her x-ray vision. "I'm learning a lot about human biology." she said happily. "I had no idea one person would have so much blood in them."


"You stop whining or it gets worse." Kara told him, running a finger delicately up his throat. "Maybe I should rip out your vocal cords to silence you - would you like that?"


Kara clapped her hands in delight. "Oh...good boy! See, you can be trained!" Taking hold of Matt's undamaged hand and examining it closely, she added. "I'm not heartless, you know. I do have feelings. But if it seems like I don't's because I don't. Why should I?" And with that, she used her heat vision for the very first time, slicing off the index finger and incinerating it utterly. "Oops. Guess I don't know my own strength yet..."

Kara found herself grinning uncontrollably as another shriek of agony emanated from her helpless victim. Ignoring him, she instead picked up a nearby rock and crushed it effortlessly, both for her own enjoyment and as a quick demonstration to this weak human of her power. "Alright." she said soothingly. "Playtime's over."

Slowly, she reached down and took hold of Matt's head with both hands, preparing to finally take his life. "Goodbye." she said. "Whoever you were."

Staring into Matt's eyes, Kara saw something she'd seen many times before in her victims, and it always made her smile; fear. Terror. It was always the same, as they realised who she really was and what she was capable of. Here, under this yellow sun and with these incredible powers...she was capable of anything. She was going to crush his skull, and she was probably going to take her time about it...

But there was one thing she'd always wanted to do at this point and had never been able to, until that she was strong enough to stop them fighting back...

"Change of plans!" she said cheerfully, grabbing Matt by his shoulders and hoisting him to his feet, shoving him against the tree for support. "You get to live...for a few more minutes." As Matt struggled through his pain to imagine what she could be talking about, and prayed that he could still wake up from this nightmare, Kara began to remove his clothes for him. "There's just one last thing I need from you..."

Matt stared at her in horror as she tore his pants from his legs. "Please, no..."

That gasped plea for mercy fell on deaf ears. Matt found himself dropped to the ground once again, and Supergirl was on top of him before he could even cry out in pain.

"I don't like that." she hissed. "I don't like that word. Nobody uses the word 'no' to me and lives." She grinned. "Not that you were ever going to."

After stripping Matt naked, Kara began to remove her own uniform, tossing it aside and admiring her newly enhanced form. "You really wanna turn me down?" she asked.

Matt gazed up at was like she had just descended from heaven, and in those final few seconds of his life, everything changed. The pain was still there, he was still in agony...but now he knew that didn't matter. He didn't matter. All that mattered was this girl, this goddess...he would die for her a million times over, because she was perfection. She'd broken almost every bone in his body and he loved her for it...but he knew she could never love him. He was an insect, not worthy of her love or attention...

Then she was on top of him...and his mind exploded from the pleasure.

Kara had incinerated what remained of Matt's body. The sex had been adequate for a man on the point of death, but what was more interesting that was what had happened just before he'd...expired...she'd seen something in his eyes; devotion. At the moment of his death, he was seeing her as a goddess...he would have done anything for her, and she'd just destroyed him.

She wasn't entirely sure how she felt about what she had just done. It had all been too easy. Of course, that was the point now - everything would be absurdly easy for her - but she'd wanted something more. Purely as a kill, it was more thrilling than all her previous victims put together because she'd been using her wonderful new powers. As a mark of her arrival on wasn't exactly the grand and glorious entrance she'd hoped for, and that it was an innocent bystander rather than an immense army didn't help.

Never mind. There would be more, lots more. The armies of all the countries of the world would face her might over the coming weeks. A few of the survivors would no doubt resist her, but most would worship her as a goddess...which, of course, she was. Had always been, even on Argo...where they'd never given her the respect she'd deserved.

And that's what doomed them all, she thought happily.

Now Kara was heading back to the site where her capsule had crash-landed, soaring gracefully through the air and enjoying every moment of flight. Nothing she'd imagined had prepared her for all the wonderous things she was now capable of, and being able to fly was...

Oh no...

Suddenly, she was over the crash site, and there he was. She'd hoped she would have more time before meeting him, but she'd also known that the capsule's arrival might have caught his attention. She paused, hovering over Superman and watching as he examined what remained of the capsule. Even though it was embedded in the ground, it wasn't going to take him long to realise that it would have had an occupant...

He's pretty good looking, too, she thought to herself. Like Kara, this Superman was powerfully built and she couldn't resist sneaking a look through his costume with her x-ray vision. She was excited; now that her libido was 'super' along with the rest of her, she was longing to experience sex with a partner who wasn't going to fall apart in a bloody mess when she orgasmed. Could he be the one? she wondered. He's got the same powers as me...could I make him my partner?

Maybe. But there's something of the boy scout about him. When I try to take over, he'll have to try to stop I'll either have to bend him to my will long before then, or destroy him...which I'd rather not do, cos he's *so* cute...

But I will if I have to. After all, he's only a man.

It was time. If she waited much longer he might start to search for her...and he could come across a little pile of ash that used to be a human being...

Okay girl, you know the drill, you lived it every day back home. You're the embodiment of sweetness and innocence. Here goes, she thought, as she floated down and landed behind Superman. "Hello." she said.

Superman stepped towards her, astonished, and Kara was slightly overwhelmed by his physical presence. He's so tall, she thought. Dammit, why didn't I get any taller? No, girl, come on, focus now..."My name's Kara, I'm from Argo City..."

"Argo City?" She saw something in Superman's eyes; he recognised that name. "Then there were other survivors...of Krypton?"

Kara nodded. "There were other survivors." she told him. That momentary flash of hope in Superman's eyes faded again, and that was when she decided to turn on the waterworks. "But...but I'm the last...Argo's been destroyed, and I'm the only one who got away..."

Superman ran to embrace her. "It's alright..."

"No, it's not alright! My parents, my sister, everybody's dead!"

Superman held her close as Kara continued to sob and sniffle, but now that he couldn't see her face she was smiling...smiling because everything was going just as she'd planned...
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