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My girlfriend and I ended up seeing this as a lack-of-better-options sort of situation. She doesn't like scary movies (Hide & Seek, Boogeyman) and everything else we had seen or didn't look interesting. I expected a movie that would be more suited for her and her roomates on a "girls night out", but found myself actually enjoying and even laughing throughout the movie. I mean let's get serious - it's another love movie with a clever concept... but it IS pretty clever and Will Smith and Kevin James go back and forth being the straight man with each other, which somehow works all too well. It's nowhere near as funny or clever as many other movies, sure. But it's lighthearted and easygoing and I never got too bored with it. I disagree with the critics and give this one a B- and recommend it to anyone going into the theatre with a ladyfriend and can't decide what to see.

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I agree. My wife dragged me to this movie last weekend.

I went in, like you, expecting to be bored to tears by another silly romantic comedy. However, it was funnier than I thought it would be. I especially liked the chracter Kevin James' played. I mean, every guy can empathize with him in wanting the "unattainable" girl. You sort of find yourself rooting for him.

Anyway, I liked this movie. Does that make me any less of a man :?:

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