Time Travel

14 Sep 2012 04:59 #28577 by Brad2
Time Travel was created by Brad2
I was just looking at the "Retro Shannon" photoset at the Steele site and looking for excuses to see that costume (the 1960s Supergirl outfit) come back (though I wouldn't mind Shannon coming back also). And I got to thinking that it would be fun to have a storyline that involves time travel. After all, the Steele sites have a 1960s Supergirl outfit, a 1970s Supergirl outfit, and an outfit based on the 1984 Supergirl movie. I'd love to see a photostory at one of the Steele sites where these three different Supergirls met (and possibly fought either each other or some common enemy). The plus side to this story would also be the downside: We'd need three different models to play the three different Supergirls. Anyway, let me know what everyone thinks.

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