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21 Feb 2005 14:39 #195 by anterion
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Hi folks!

This is for the good people who run a subdomain on like SG Inc or Random's photo manips or those who would like to make a genre related site themselves.

With Greg's server going down in the future the need for a new home for the sites arises.

Although I have no free server to offer, I wanted to bring up an idea and hear about the possilbe interest of you folks in it.

I browsed a couple of hosting services sites and found a few interesting looking offers for an ubergirls related server.

Here are the offers:
60 GB hard drive and 200 GB/month traffic for 29 EUR per month (ca. 36 USD)
60 GB (maybe 80) harddrive and 300 GB/month traffic for 39 EUR per month (ca. 49 USD)

(For comparison: SG Inc. uses roughly 21 GB/month)

That would include a real dedicated server running Linux with full admin access, thus allowing software to be installed as needed.

It would also offer subdomains like used to do or even full own domain names (though, that would cost annual fees of a few bucks per domain)

I would offer to carry 15 EUR/month of the costs myself and act as administrator like Greg used to do. I have the knowledge to run such a server (used to do so on a part time job).

The rest however would either have to come from donations or payments of the people who'd like to have a web site hosted.

Just to make it clear... I don't intend to make profit from this.

Please post questions, opinions and everything else here so we can see if it's even worth to think about it or to just drop the idea.

See ya,


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