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28 Apr 2015 04:48 #41688 by castor
New Forum idea was created by castor
Posted a webseries today but was curious to where exactly to post it wasn't quite superwomen related but was....

Which gave me an idea for a new Forum header:

Not Quite on Topic

We of course have the off topic sub header, and i was thinking this could be a good space for this-For Female Lead Sci Fi, for Fitness, To martial arts or well what ever you feel isn't quite related to the subject at hand , but isn't exactly not either. The off topic has spaces for things like movies books etc. I don't think there is the need for all of that, but well just one good forum topic related to this could handle all needs.

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28 Apr 2015 11:44 #41690 by fats
Replied by fats on topic New Forum idea
your idea does have merit, I’ve been looking at the structure of the forum sections for 2 years now trying to think of a better solution, it's something that does need work. Maybe other people might have some ideas as to new sections or where we need to change sections around.


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