Heroineburgh Season 1 - All transformations in one montage

01 Nov 2019 21:56 - 01 Nov 2019 21:59 #65442 by shevek
I can't believe we haven't posted this in the transformation forum before. Hopefully it will be of great interest to the forum.

We have made a 10-minute clip which includes every superheroine and supervillainess transformation from Season One of Heroineburgh. That's 13 episodes of ordinary women turning into superpowered spandex-clad heroines - all available for download from our website W'e're now three episodes deep into Season Two (and we've introduced a few more villainesses who aren't in these clips).

Featuring: the 1st Cybrina (Nikki); Red Gina (Jessica); the 1st Hellfyra (Courtney); the 1st Mesmera (Tylean); the 1st Gardenia (Laurie); the 1st Devorra (Heather); Fianna (Emily); the 1st Arctica (Valerie); Spectrina (Erika); the 1st Arcana (Julie); the 1st Lunessa (Becky); Etherea (Maura); the 1st Industria (Jenn); the 1st X-Machina (Stephanie T); Dysphoria (Stephanie W); Savanna (Janeka); the 1st Serpenta (Sarah E); Jinniyya (Kristin); Darbouka (Tiffany); Dyna (Christin); the 1st Arogya (Shani); the 1st Chlorina (Sarah W); Poderosa (Christina); the first Fenneca (Lara); and Frija (Sarah S). 

Enjoy the montage!
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