Heroineburgh: Episode 19 Poderosa swimming pool transformation

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One of our most popular characters in the Heroineburgh series is Poderosa, which is Spanish for Power Woman.
So here is a look back at one of our most memorable and dramatic character transformations, from Episode 19 Part 1.
We thought it was high time to present a classic "swimsuit scene" as appeared in media throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, so here it is.


Top TV reporter Rosa Perez is swimming laps at her new fancy pool which was provided for her as part of the lucrative contract with Channel 16, signed with station boss Morgan Hedge, after he discovered her identity as the superheroine Poderosa.

Dressed in her tight black-and-white swimsuit and moving at super speed, she is able to get in a whole day's worth of exercise in a few minutes. She spins around in the water, bobbing and splashing, very much enjoying the feeling of the wetness on her invulnerable skin and the cool breeze on a hot sunny day.

Then suddenly, Rosa hears a beeping sound - it's the emergency alert call from the Heroine League, coming from the cellphone on the pool deck. Climbing the ladder, she rises from the pool, her hair and body dripping wet. She looks a lot like Bo Derek rising from the ocean in the classic movie, "10", but she wastes no time, padding along to her lounge chair and checking her phone for the message. Indeed, the League needs her immediately, as there has been an attack against her fellow heroines by a mysterious super-terrorist clad in a shiny blue outfit.

"Well, I did have a nice, relaxing afternoon," recalls Rosa, "but duty beckons. Now, it's time for action!" She reaches for her colorful costume and boots, hanging on a rack next to the lounge chair. "I'll get these on in a jiffy," she adds, running into her private dressing room to make the change.

Within a few seconds, she is back out on the pool deck, making sure that all of the suit's pieces are in place. White spandex leotard with the station's Channel 16 logo? Check. Flesh-colored tights underneath? Of course. Long blue gloves? Check. Flowing red cape? Check. Red belt with golden buckle? Check. Shiny red go-go boots? Double check.

And then finally, her face: white mask over her eyes; ruby-red coloring on her gorgeous lips; and her big 1980s rocker hair, blown out with a quick application of the hair dryer....all ready to go! "I've always got to look my best when representing the station," she thinks to herself.

Satisfied with her appearance, Poderosa poses heroically on the diving board, gazing out into the distance with her super-vision, as her long red cape flutters in the light breeze. Confident and assured, she knows that she is a vision of power and beauty, ready to tackle any superhuman threat.

Then, the Puerto Rican powerhouse launches from the diving board into the sky, speedily flying to the scene....

This is a job for...Poderosa, the ultimate superwoman, and the official superheroine of Channel 16!

Download the entire episode at  

Poderosa (portrayed by the amazing Christina) is also in:

-Episode 12, her origin story and first superheroine action.
-Episode 13, where she leads her faction against Frija in the Heroine League Civil War.
-Episode 16, where she rescues two heroines and battles the Mob and Pagliaccia.
-Episode 18 Part 1, where she saves her boyfriend with the help of Arogya.
-Episode 19 Part 2, where she fights Stellara.
-Episode 21, a rematch with Stellara as part of the Black Faction's attack on Heroine League headquarters.
-Heroineburgh Comics Issue 2, helping the Heroine League defeat the Quingpin's flyer laser robots.
-Heroineburgh Comics Issue 3, leading the battle against Devorra the Queen Bee.
-Custom Episode 4, in a perilous situation against Pagliaccia. (not canon)

All available at the very same link!

When she's not fighting supervillains, Rosa Perez is a single mom with two kids, and the star reporter for her TV station, going out in the field with her cameraman boyfriend, Pete Baron. 

Discover the exploits of the Puerto Rican paragon of incredible power and strength! (and her secret weakness...)

[and yes, this character is a loving tribute to the greatest comic book artist of all time...RIP George Perez.]

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