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Some of you might remember me from Greg's Ubergirls site when it was running; I've been meaning to announce my updates here for sometime but if I have a fault it's an inability to advertise myself :)

For those who don't know me, I've been writing in Shadar's Aurora Universe for a number of years now. My stories focus on good and bad supergirls and, particularly, their relationships with the guys around them.

An explanation can be found here ; if you like you can skip the autobiography and go straight to the interesting stuff half way down.

Lately I've been releasing two stories side by side; Aurora's Tale and Christmas Presence.

Christmas Presence is something I've been wanting to write for a while; osstensibly it's about my two main characters, a supergirl called Linith and her human friend Faré leaving Earth to go on holiday, but really it's more an exploration of Velorian culture and what life is like for beings who don't need to worry about little things like thirty foot falls onto sharp objects or lifting several tonnes at a time. (don’t worry, for one reason or another most of the Velorians they encounter tend to be the female variety ;) )

Aurora’s tale is much more action orientated.
Betah Strongberg is a planet much like Earth; it has continents and oceans, bird-like things and mammal-like things it even has humans who were resettled there a thousand years ago by benevolent aliens.
It’s also under attack by the Arion Empire and things are not going well. Arions are humans modified to the point where they can shrug off bullets and sprint ten miles without tiring, and that’s just the Betans - without their armour – their Primes are a thousand times worse and, fortunately, very rare.
Even more fortunately this world has a Protector; a Velorian Virago called Aurora.
Velorians are just like Arions except they don’t have Betans; they’re all very much super and they like protecting worlds, especially from Arions.
With the Betah Strongberg army behind her Aurora might have been able to send the Arions packing, but lately she’s been distracted. A Tset’lar, an Arion even stronger and more powerful than she is, has landed on the planet and tilted the battle back in the Empire’s favour.
It’s going to take all of Aurora’s strength and cunning to defeat this new threat and she’s got to do it at the same time as she defends her protectorate from the regular Arion troops.
To make things worse her own Protectorate have their own ideas about how best to defend their world and for some reason they seem incredibly reluctant to tell Aurora what they’re doing.

The chapters released to date can be found below.'s_tale_1.htm's_tale_2.htm's_tale_3.htm's_tale_4.htm

If you like them please let me know here, at or via my email.



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