Updates and Questions

13 Jul 2005 07:04 #1753 by Random321
Updates and Questions was created by Random321
I just posted a new image to the T35 page. I have six more images waiting in the wings. The next few I think you all are going to like.

S-Girl Versus Dark S-Girl seems to have become a very popular theme since I started this little photo story. I will not call it a glut of photo stories that are out there because I just can't see it getting old. However, after the next six I'm going to have to decide if I should blaze new trails toward greener pastures. (I enjoy being ahead of the curve rather than behind.)

So ~ what do you all think?
New characters? New photo 'story'? Back to single images snapshots? Or just keep going with more of the current and try to add in a big twist?

Also ~ I'm starting TAFAC. The Adara Fans Anonymous Club. We will be a grassroots organization pushing for the return of Adara.
Of course I like all the other girls just as much ~ but I'd enjoy seeing Adara around again. Anyone else in?

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19 Jul 2005 01:35 #1803 by sgfan05
Replied by sgfan05 on topic Re: Updates and Questions
Hey Random have a question, are you going to add any updates to your Mandi story? I would love to see the conculsion of that even if its only in text form.

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