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24 Jun 2012 01:12 #27680 by enchantederotica
Superpowerful Prostitute Story was created by enchantederotica
Hey all! I finished a story that many of you are eager to read. It's about one of my sexy super-powerful girls going on a rampage with her powers after some criminals "kill" her. She is actually an immortal being, but simply exists among us as a high-class prostitute because she loves sex. Keep in mind this is a "erotic" story, so there are graphic depictions of sex as well. No one under 18!

In this story alone she :
- Flies
- Heals
- Teleports
- Walks through walls
- Becomes invulnerable
- Morphs (Animals, liquid, stone, and smoke)
- Uses super strength
- Uses super breath
- Uses optic lasers
- Uses telekinesis

It is available on my website now! Here is a direct link (PLEASE! 18+ ONLY!!!)

Supernautral women with superpowered sex-drives:
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