Bionic Eve

21 Aug 2006 20:29 #6617 by bionic25
Bionic Eve was created by bionic25
I hope I do not sound too much like a commercial. It is just very rare that we see bionic material from a website other than New Goddess. In this case it is Evangeline von Winter who has produced two new episodes of her Bionic Eve series.

The Bionic Eve series definantly is tounge-in-cheek but it has some great bionic scenes in it. There are running, jumping and hearing scenes. There are also some strength scenes as well. Eve overpowers her assialant and well as break open a door and busts through a wall. It's great stuff, representing a genre that is rarely seen.

I am looking forward to seeing what the good people over at NG have in storre as their next bionic episode!

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