she did chaz and appeared next to me

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escribiendo una respuesta para el forum; Me acorde de una cancion de mis adolescencia, se titulaba "HAGO CHAZ Y APAREZCO ACTU LADO". La csntaba una cantante española de raices danesas, su nombre es Christina Rosenvirge.

Y pense, que seria una buena base para que una historia. La cuál el/la protagonista, viviese en una realidad, como la nuestra, en que los superhéroes fuesen fans de una superheroina o de la protagonista de un tipo universo tipo AURORA UNIVERSE. Y soñase y/o deseara que existiesen realmente, aunque sabe que es imposible.

Pero un dia se hace realidad y la chica o superheroine de sus sueños se hace realidad y aparece a su lado. con todos sus superpoderes y como eso afecta su vida y la de los demas.
writing a reply to the forum; I remembered a song from my adolescence, it was titled "I do chaz and I appear next to you". She was a Spanish singer with Danish roots, her name is Christina Rosenvirge.

And I thought, that would be a good basis for a story. Which the / the protagonist, lived in a reality, like ours, in which superheroes were fans of a superheroine or the protagonist of a universe type AURORA UNIVERSE. And he dreams and/or wishes that they really existed, although he knows that it is impossible.

But one day it comes true and the girl or superheroine of his dreams comes true and appears by his side. with all his superpowers and how that affects his life and that of others.
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How about a virtual reality computer game where the user can create the game characters and what the characters can do.  They create an environment where the women look normal but some are stronger and faster at different levels, and have intentions good or bad.  The game can be played on a screen, goggles or glasses that mix the game elements with the real surroundings.   By mistake or pressing the wrong buttons they get into the ultra real beta mode and are stuck in the world they have created until they finish the game or the game is interrupted by a random event like a phone call or visit by a female delivery operator that resembles a game character.
A bodysuit with electrodes has been in development since 2016.   The electrodes stimulate the users body to simulate different sensations.    Eventually they will perfect  the concept to make the matrix a reality.
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