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25 Aug 2006 01:50 #6636 by Ordo Cabaal Templarus
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Story lines come and go with me. Mostly because I don't know what I really want. Then recently I realized I had a thing for Tragic Heroes. Those who do things for good reasons, right or wrong, but the concequences are far more pronounced and severe than any that they intended.

This story takes place in my universe that is a cross over with elements from DC and Marvel Comics, and small but important pieces of Warhammer/40k. Like DC and Marvel there exists a growing population of metahumans that consider themselves mankinds protectors or destroyers. There are Kryptonians who rule a mighty Empire, and a 'Enlightened Province of Aeloria', there are mighty Beasts, male and female, that thirst for sex, food, and bloodshed.

All in good time, too.

Enter a exceptional, competant but all too human man in a city whose murder and missing person's rate is the highest on the planet. There is something rotten and primal here, drawing those with power to it, good or ill. He should have died underneath his mother's corpse, but he didn't die. He has survived to Senior year at Kasengu High School, and has met some good freinds. Among them are a New Kryptonian 'Cosmic' (Here's to you, Whitepaw *tips his hat*) girl who is raised and destined to fight evil, though she is more concerned about just getting by. He has also met a powerful "Sorceress" and school nerd, a 'tamed' Beast Girl, and even a mecha-girl that he is particularly attached to.

There is an increasing number of super girls, and a growing apathy in metahumans and extraterritials/dimensionsals towards mundanes. There are hybrid demons and monsters walking the alleys, and so the group fights back. Factions are formed, alliances made, and the young man eventually comes to the conclusion that he must gather the humans to destroy the demons and monsters. They are sucessful at first, but recieve enormous apathy and contempt by the other factions, and many but the man's freinds know of his activities. Eventually when all out war breaks out, the man makes a decision that forever scars the city...

and deafens him to the Warp. Scared, he returns to face judgement, only to be expelled from a School that was merely a meeting ground for the powerful. He is thier worst failure, a born champion cast aside. He eventually joins the Terran Ghostblades, and now all things are ready.

And something beyond even the knowledge of the Cosmic Quintessence, but all to familar to the Shadowlands of Terra and thus Unspoken, has begun to stir...


I'm getting to typing as soon as I finish this. If you need or feel saying something, please do so.

Here's to you guys,

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