Secret Agent Super Girl?

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Secret Agent Super Girl? was created by shadar
The conference in Amsterdam was going well. All the forces involved in the secret war against the Arions had shown up, most of them intelligence operatives from the various countries. Two hundred strong. Kara was there the first day to brief them on Supremis combat techniques and vulnerabilities, of which there were precious few. It came down to suggesting ways that humans could help find Arions and then get out of the way and call in a Velorian like herself in to deal with them.

Her daughter, Xara, was there for the second day of demonstrations and labs. She took the stage wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, her bright eyes, shimmering golden hair and flawless skin looking so dazzling. Not to mention her greater than 6' height. But it was her young age that threw people off, particularly since she was there to teach them how to fight. That didn't go over well at first, given the attendees were all hardened veterns, most of them the equivalent of the British 00's, and they weren't impressed with a teenage girl. So Xara started her little demonstration with the most telling of shows -- allowing various agents to fire an ultra-powerful sniper rifle at her from the back of the exhibition area. She wore only her simple white t-shirt as she stood in a narrow tunnel that was armored to block any ricochets. A half dozen agents tried their hand at it, finding to their initial astonishment and then amusement that her body ranged from harder than steel to what appeared to be feminine softness as they chose various targets across her torso. Not that it mattered where they shot her -- the bullets either bounced off or were blunted to the floor. She just stood with her hands on her hips, staring straight ahead, unaffected.

Once the agents had satisfied themselves that she was as bulletproof as they'd read, and everyone was half deaf from the rifle's report, Xara unveiled a life-sized statue of a man. It was made out of solid high-carbon steel. She proceeded to tear it apart with her bare hands, the steel squishing in her grip like it was no more solid than a sculptor's modeling clay. She even compressed some handfuls until the steel's internal friction heated it white hot, and then held her arms up as it flowed over her wrists, the glare of molten steel nearly blinding.

The men got the message... she might be young, but she was truly bulletproof and damn strong. It didn't take much imagination to envision how they'd fair if they took her on, hand to fist.

The day progressed in similar ways until the high point: Happy Hour. This kind of gathering had never occurred before, given that many of these agents had faced each other in the field for many years, working for countries that were not friendly to each other. But everyone let their hair down here, telling the wildest stories. Xara was fascinated, and was truly amazed at the kind of danger these fragile men faced without fear. That was something she found truly admirable about humans.

As expected, by midnight the bar was rowdy, everyone pretty well sloshed but having a great time, when the discussion moved back to Girls of Steel. More than one man began to wonder out loud what an Arion's boobs would feel like. Like steel or, as more than one of the female agents was drunk enough to demonstrate, merely as firm as the finest art of the plastic surgeon. Before long, someone had the guts to ask Xara the question directly.

Amused by that, she debated telling the truth, that she wasn't all that different than a human girl when she was relaxed, and instead tensed all the tiny muscles in her skin -- a feat that Velorians can consciously perform. Which turned her body into something far harder than merely human. The question was now how to prove how hard.

A solid marble column in the middle of the bar proved just the thing. Xara walked over and wrapped her arms around the huge column and hugged it with her native strength. The marble gave off a horrendous crunching sound. When she relaxed her arms and turned away, she left behind the perfect of her chest, accurate right down to the imprint of her nipples. Everyone had to walk over and feel the deep impressions from her breasts, the rock still warm from her skin. The bartender just smiled, knowing that he now had a landmark in his bar that would inspire a thousand stories, few of which would be believed, secrets and all, but all of which would be told with great relish. And to the accompaniment of many drinks and toasts.

Xara felt a bit embarrassed at her exuberant demonstration, especially as she found herself ignored as she sat back down on a couple of stools, her feet up as she leaned her elbow on the bar. Whether it was intimidation or her age or what, she wasn't sure, but it was funny that the agents were more amused by the marble column than with herself. She shrugged and amused herself by undressing the people in the bar with her penetrating gaze, judging the reaction each person had when they checked out the imprints in the granite. The reactions ran the gauntlet from fear to arousal. Which was also amusing.

After a few minutes, and older man came over to sit down beside her, and ordered a martini, shaken not stirred. He introduced himself as James. He said he had a lead where some Arions were operating, or people he assumed were Arions, but the British government was unable to intervene for political and diplomatic reasons. Would she be interested in joining him on a mission that wasn't sanctioned and which was very dangerous?

(Anyone see a possible story line here... a 007 / Velorian crossover?)

(Of course, my model for Xara is none other than Anna Faris of the My Super-Sex Girlfriend movie)

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09 Dec 2006 04:44 #7560 by YAGS
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Oddly, I actually started writing my own 007 ubergirl fiction a while back. It's completely different than this, though. Mine is straight 007 fiction, not interacting with any other established characters or mythologies. He's on a secret mission involving a strength serum, and of course, the "Bond girl" ends up with it.

Since I have absolutely no idea where I want my story to go, I was actually considering donating the start of my story to the Interactive Story forum, to see what the rest of you could come up with. But since Transformatrix 4000 has proven so popular, I've been waiting for that to die down before starting another interactive.

But back to the topic at hand, this is a good start. I'll be curious to see where you take this one.


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