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"Finished" story - Mystika was created by Silhouette
OVERVIEW - Attached is a 130+ page finished story (although, like most stories, could continue on). I started this story over a year ago and only recently found the energy to finish it. Dedicated to a pet that died during it's writing. Hug your pets daily, folks; They don't last forever and there's rarely an announcement for when that horrible day shows up.

** VIOLENCE : Yes, not a lot but what is there could be described as graphic and tense.
** NUDITY : Some, not a lot. Nothing graphic. Maybe on the level of an old-styled PG-13 (or even a really old PG) film. Definitely not on the level of an R-rated sex comedy.
** SEX : None.
** OBSCENITIES : Yes. Maybe on the level of an old-styled PG-13 film (a lite modern-day R-rated film?). Nobody talks like a drunken sailor, though. Scattered but not multiple.
** ADULT THEMES : Yes. Again, I think that there are themes here that 15-year olds can read and understand but, the older you are, the more that you'll be able to "relate" to them as opposed to merely understand them. That's not a knock; It's just a simple reality that older people have experienced more things than younger people and will react to them differently as a result. Enjoy your youth.

It's not a horror theme, more of a light supernatural theme. Think of it as a holiday gift; Early for Christmas, late for Hanukkah. I could tinker with it forever so I have to release these things quickly or else I go "No, that needs to be re-worked..." "Why did I write that?" "Oh, there needs to be something in between those parts right there..." "What in the bleep was I describing there... Yeah, that has to go..." I don't claim supreme editing skills, just good enough for my own amusement (and maybe yours). Enjoy.

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