Early XMas Gift - Another "Iron Devil" short story

24 Dec 2021 15:29 #73025 by Silhouette
Here's an (unintentional) early Christmas gift... Another "Iron Devil" short story. A bit spoiler-ific: it was originally intended to go out much, much sooner but the subject matter was a bit sensitive at the time (people attacking Asian people) and so I withheld it for a while and went on and did other things. I consider this a "good enough" first pass; There's nothing glaringly wrong with it and, with so many of my writings, if I keep it around for long enough, I'll change it until it's unrecognizable. So out it goes.

** VIOLENCE : Yes, a bit on the graphic side. Best not to read this out loud to a room filled with priests.
** NUDITY : No. Bikini-tier sauciness but no outright nudity.
** SEX : None.
** OBSCENITIES : An implied obscenity or two. I used one word in a "1930s" sort of way and that might trigger a sensitive few as the theme of the story is pulp noir-ish.
** ADULT THEMES : A bit spoiler-ish but there is attempted rape. I suppose if you're triggered by such things, there is also a character that speaks in less-than-perfect English. I'm not trying to stereotype, just trying to capture the feel of a certain setting. Not everyone is fluent in every language.

At any rate, I had fun with this at the time. Learned a lot about certain things and, as a certain participation trophy once read, "If you've had fun, you've won." And I did. Happy Holidays.

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