The True Heroines (Web Series)

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The True Heroines (Web Series) was created by JAG1981
I don't recall ever seeing this on the forums before so... I just came across this web series that started airing last year. So far there are 6 episodes on the youtube page. It centers on a trio of women who were all given a superpower during the war (kind of a Captain America style) and this series follows them trying to live a normal life after the war when the feel like an agency is rounding up all the people with these special abilities.
One woman has the power of invisibility, one has super speed and one has super strength.
I've watched the first three episodes and while there is not a lot it was still a fun watch, some examples of the strength i saw was lifting a couch, holding a door closed with her pinky finger as some guy tries to open it and nice bar bend that is from episode 3 and partly featured in the trailer. I recommend checking them out. Each episode is about 10 minutes

This video links to the True Heroines page that has all 6 episodes


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