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Carmilla was created by castor
Not sure how absuletly this would be interesting to people here but discovered this

Its a web series version of Carmilla. The Lefanu vampire novel.

Taking the form of a video vlog it details the Story of Laura a college student at a mysterious university as she deals with Carmilla her new annoying roommate-who also is a vampire.

Its cute and funny and has a lot of good sidecharacters. Carmillas actress does a great job of modulating her personality over the course of the story(which is about half over). I am not going to spoil the trick of the original novel but you can see how the core of the conciet is playing out.

As for fans of girlpower-stuff is there like superstrength but its more to setup Carmilla then things like bending bars. Its all done with a single camera in the same space in a single room, so there isn't much in terms of special effects-but well it is a welldone story that finds a certain amount of heart in the tale.

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