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06 Feb 2015 20:25 #40279 by castor
Meet the Justice Leauge was created by castor
This is kind of old but i just recently discovered it.

Its a e web series, in the vain of Avengers Assemble!!. Probabbly not as good and with a smaller budget-but well its a lot of fun.

It features the Justice Leauge!!! Flash(whose quick and in some episodes in explicabbly british), Green Lantern(whose a bit of poonhound), Martian Manhunter(a telepathic silent badass), Batman(who is Batman), Aquaman(why they don't know-which makes him sad) and Superman...who is a cocky dick of an ashole in a pretty fun take on the character.

For women it has Wonder Woman, and Black Cannary-Wonder woman doesn't have all that much to do, but Black Canary is fun as a real dumb woman who is the basically the nice one who suffers the delusion they are on a reality show competiton.

None of the costumes for any of the characters are great(batman looks terrible-but hes aware of it which works). There isn't much fighting or action(though strangely Wonder woman gets most of it). and it a lot of the episodes maybe a touch long-but its fun. and it has some great performances.

Its fun to watch if you want. Ii am not going to say its the greatest ever, but its cute.

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