Fitness Exposure. No costumes but the ladies are super fit

08 Feb 2015 22:18 - 08 Feb 2015 22:40 #40307 by Sarge395
In a Nyquil induced haze. Damm flu bug.

Found a very nice Youtube channel called Fitness Exposure. Cool music and the ladies are gorgeous. Fit but not muscular beasts.

Two favorites are Melinda Szabo and Olga Kulinych. Sucker for the blondes and killer bods. May not be 'super' but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

Melinda threw the 100 pound medicine ball a little too high but Olga quickly hovered up the perfect height to catch it. The photographer was stunned. He suspected but now he knew. The shot was taken and Olga lowered herself teasingly slowly. She knew she was showing off and exposing her powers. But she also knew he could keep his mouth shut.

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