Superwoman dusty shuffle dancing

25 Oct 2019 14:46 - 26 Oct 2019 04:07 #65391 by slim36
Superwoman dusty shuffle dancing was created by slim36
These superwomen warm up by shuffle dancing on rock formations to create flattened areas.    To prevent harming the frail human photographers in the area these demos are slowed down to a fraction of normal working speed.   Can increase the playback speed to simulate actual speed.   A great way for superwomen to work off some energy or create a an instant dust cloud to conceal activities, or just drive humans away from an area.  No job too big or small, let our ultra fast shuffling feet turn your problems to dust!

An energy drink promoted by super shuffle dancers contains 300 mg caffeine

Without a super strong cardiavascular system  a normal Frail human risks damage from this beverage.

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