Heroineburgh Episode 17 developments

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For those who are following the Heroineburgh series and have checked out the episodes in Season 2 -
EP 14, EP15 and EP 16 - we are now happy to report that we are smack in the midst of filming Episode 17.

We have completed an arc involving Arctica, Fianna, and Carrie (the human girlfriend of Fianna).
We have completed two scenes involving Sintilla, including the introduction of a new character, Peccadilla, who will become Sintilla's sidekick.

And this month we are working on three film shoots:
- a scene involving Spectrina with Crainiac and Drake.
- a battle scene involving Jinniyya, Gardenia and Devorra
- a scene involving Drake and a new character, whom we are revealing below.

Still to come in January - shoots involving Arogya, Frija, Kaliyuga and Poderosa. 
So..lots to do. If we finish filming in January, editing should begin in February which will mean EP17 will easily be ready for early spring
and Steel City Con. It will probably come out at the same time that Heroineburgh Comics #2 comes out..while we will be already starting
to work on EP 18, starting to film that in March, for an early summer release.

And now to reveal one of the aspects of Episode 17 that we're most excited about:

A brand new character named Stellara. In her secret identity, she is Lt. Stella Rathburn, a combat veteran of military action in Iraq
and Afghanistan, and a current military history instructor at the University of Pittsburgh. After receiving a gift of one of the dark energy meteorite, she becomes Stellara, discharging powerful solar blasts and charging up her powers via exposure to the sun's rays.

We took a bit of Stargirl, a bit of female versions of Captain America (Sharon Carter/American Dream) and a bit of Captain Marvel's power set to create Stellara, who is being portrayed by amazing actress Shannon. She has already appeared in core background roles in two different cable network series that have been filmed in Pittsburgh, and she has a lot of experience as a singer and dancer, but this is her first speaking part on film, and we believe she will hit it out of the park based on this publicity promo. 

Will Stellara be a friend or a foe to the heroines? (We are also introducing her in our comic strip in January, which runs in the local altweekly Pittsburgh Current). You'll have to wait until Episode 17 is released to find out.

Lt. Stella Rathburn...

..becomes Stellara!

Full costume shot.

Video intro.

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