Heroineburgh interview with Jinniyya & Dysphoria on Start the Beat! And the Murder for Girls video!

06 May 2020 01:43 - 06 May 2020 01:44 #67934 by shevek
Debuting today: a new  Heroineburgh  interview on Pittsburgh Youtube channel " Start The Beat with SIKES " hosted by the intrepid  Brian Howe .

Listen to actresses Kristin (Jinniyya) and Stephanie (Dysphoria) talk about their roles in the series, and their many inspirational creative pursuits. Kristin is the prop master at a university drama department, as well as a professional bellydancer and storyteller. Stephanie
is the guitarist and singer in the Pittsburgh-based band, Murder for Girls, who have just released a new video (see below)

Jinniyya appears in Episode 17, which is available now for download at

Watch the Heroineburgh interview here:

and also check out the Murder for Girls song "(The World Is Full of Helpful) Goth Girls". It stars Stephanie (who plays Dysphoria in Heroineburgh), P.J. (who will play Arcana starting in Episode 18) and several guys (Jonathan, Jon, and Steve) who appear in various smaller roles in the series. The song is influenced by Episode 7 of Heroineburgh which introduces the origin of the super-powered goth DJ team, the Dark Dominion (Arcana, Lunessa and Etherea). See the goth girls save the day!

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