Heroineburgh Episode 18 (Parts 1 and 2) now available for download!

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Trailer for Episode 18 - "Someday Dominion", the fifth and sixth episode in Season Two of Heroineburgh.

It's a double-length episode, released in two parts. Available to download now at

Italian heroine Vendetta and Afghani soundblaster Darbouka have cornered the fugitive villainess Chlorina - will they capture her?

When the sister of valiant Savanna becomes the vengeful amazon Panthyra, will sparks fly between the two feline furies?

Arrogant Industria has gone too far with her litany of crimes, roping in Serpenta as an ally!
Will the Dark Dominion goth heroine trio (Etherea, Lunessa and Arcana) be able to stop her this time?

Meanwhile...will Arogya and Poderosa succeed in saving Pete the cameraman from his fatal wounds?
And what new super-powered threat will arrive in Pittsburgh from far-off Spain?

Who is the power-mad supervillainess challenging Drake and Vaporia for leadership of the Black Faction?
What dastardly schemes does Crainiac have in store for the hi-tech heroines?
All the return of lethal Dysphoria..and the double-length opus that is Episode 18!

Starring: Mauricia, Tiffany, Chris, Ben, Stephanie, Janeka, Tracey, Marvin, Jabari, Erika, Josalynn, Sheryland, Nupur, Christina, Erik, Josh, Barbara, Maura, Ashlee, PJ and Ian, and the city of Pittsburgh, PA!

Get your double dose of action, drama, comedy and romance in the finest spandex and capes, continuing Season Two of Heroineburgh!

Here are some stills from Episode 18:

Poderosa and Arogya try to save Pete the cameraman from his crippling gunshot wound! (caused by Pagliaccia in Episode 16).

Darsha transforms for battle into front of her husband! What will he say?

Dysphoria delivers some components to Drake which could assist in the downfall of the heroines!

Chlorina attacks Vendetta with her mind-controlling toxic gases!

Savanna throatlifts Cor'Von the drug kingpin after he threatens her mother!

Industria cruelly shocks her boyfriend Franco, owner of the Captive Club!

Stacy struggles to contain the power which is transforming her body into a superhuman amazon!

Spectrina demonstrates her increased power level in her new villainous incarnation as Dark Spectra!

Vanessa gets the call from the Dark Dominion and transforms into Lunessa in her tattoo shop!

A new supervillainess from Spain battles the police and arrives in Pittsburgh in disguise!

Serpenta and Industria plan their joint attack on the Dark Dominion heroines!

Lunessa, Arcana and Etherea arrive the Captive Club, prepared for battle!

The sisters Panthyra and Savanna square off in hand-to-hand combat!

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