Heroineburgh Episode 19 (Parts 1 and 2) now available for download!

28 Apr 2021 10:19 #71072 by shevek

Trailer for Episode 19 - "Headhunter", the seventh and eighth episode in Season Two of Heroineburgh.

It's a double-length episode, released in two parts. Available to download now at

Can Dysphoria escape Fianna & Indarra with her loot? Will Stellara start a successful career as villainess for hire? Can Dyna & Sintilla reconcile their differences? And will Poderosa enjoy a relaxing day at the pool?

Can Frija stop her teammates from killing each other? Will Arctica find true passion with her fiery ally? How will Gardenia get the pickle vendor out of a jam? And who will emerge triumphant when Stellara challenges the heroines?

Starring: Anna, Alicia, Casey, Steph W, Mandy, Milo, Barbara, Emily, Bridget, Mauricia, Sarah, Kristin, Christina, Derek, Nathaniel, Patrick, Jeremiah, Laura, Sasaya, Justin, and the city of Pittsburgh, PA!

Get another double dose of action, drama, comedy, and romance in the finest spandex and capes - the further continuation of Season Two of Heroineburgh!

Here are some stills from Episode 19:

A battle of strength and power between the superheroine Poderosa and her enemy Stellara!


The superheroines Vendetta and Jinniyya meet at the scene and compare notes.


Arctica blasts the sneaky super-thief Sintilla with her ice-cold blasts of frost.


Hellfyra unleashes her fire powers while struggling against the super-strong villainess Dyna.


Poderosa delivers a mighty blow to her foe Stellara - will it be enough to stop her threat?


The superheroine Gardenia rushes to the scene to answer the call for help from the pickle vendor.


Gardenia strikes back against the hipster thieves when they try to assault her.


Frija delivers a crushing blow with her hammer against the super-strong Indarra - will it bring her down?


Arctica and Hellfyra team up and use X-Machina's dark-energy detector to track down the supervillains.


Stellara hurls a powerful solar blast against the confident superheroine Vendetta.


Dyna tries to subdue her criminal rival Sintilla with a dose of her knockout gas.


Poderosa's day at the swimming pool is interrupted as she must take off to answer a call from the Heroine League.


Fianna and Indarra battle for supremacy, both using their powerful force blasts.


The supervillainess Dysphoria melts a hole in the safe using her deadly touch of decay.


The super-thief Sintilla plans her next heist with the help of her sidekick niece, Peccadilla.



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