Heroineburgh Episode 21 "Cities in Dust" now available for download!

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Heroineburgh Episode 21 , "Cities in Dust" - the grand finale of Season 2 - is available now to download at  . It's a double-length epic extravaganza clocking in at 53 minutes!

And we can confidently say that it is the largest group of superpowered female characters to ever appear in a single entertainment vehicle! (film or TV). Yes: way more than the "girl power" scene in Avengers; Endgame, and way more than Superheroine Legends' "Star of Halcyon" finale from 2016. I can't think of anything else that even comes close.

Dark Spectra recruits Kaliyuga as her second-in-command for her group of powerful supervillainesses, the Black Faction.
Serpenta gives herself a power upgrade with a new snake serum, and also joins up with Dark Spectra.
Then the Faction launches a vicious surprise attack on the Heroine League in their own headquarters, in a bid for total control of the city.
Who will win this epic battle of good and evil, and will anyone else switch sides?
Meanwhile, which side will Drake & Vaporia (the originators of the Black Faction) ally themselves with?
And what role will the new heroine Vigilanta play in the future leadership of the League?

Here's the trailer:

And here are a bunch of awesome stills, complete with various special effects:

Dark Spectra, mistress of the electromagnetic spectrum, attacks Vigilanta with her lasers, while Kaliyuga the destroyer blasts from the opposite side with her devastating force beams. But Vigilanta's ingenious nano-suit has the ability to absorb energy and channel it into her
body, imbuing her with amazing strength!


The conflict between Serpenta and the raging Red Gina comes to a head when the reptilian snake-goddess uses her hypnotic powers
to force the super-strong anti-heroine into submission. Can the anger-driven Gina recover in time to save herself?


The trio of goth superheroines known as The Dark Dominion - Arcana, Etherea, and Lunessa - watch in horror as the Black Faction's
attack begins. They will soon be forced into battle...against each other??


Arctica, the queen of the frost, is known for her passionate desire towards other spandex-clad heroines. How will she fare in a rematch
against the sneaky super-thief Sintilla? Especially when Sintilla's tight and shiny costume is


Super-strong ex-henchwoman Dyna is out for revenge against the sonic-powered Muslim heroine Darbouka, who put her in jail for months.
But can Darbouka 'clap back' hard enough to defeat her foe?


Hellfyra, the heavy-metal Satanist heroine, sets ablaze the gloves of the mischievious Mesmera, mistress of hypnotism. Ouch, ouch!


Jinniyya, the Lebanese mistress of the wind, stuns Devorra the Queen Bee with a gale-force blast. But will it be enough to stop the stinger?


Savanna, the feline fury, faces off against her evil Amazonian sister, Panthyra, who would like nothing better than to pound her into the floor!


Pagliaccia, the clown princess of fear, attacks Vendetta, the Italian spirit of vengeance, with her phobic waves.


Cybrina, the queen of cyberspace, tries to paralyze Dysphoria, the dominatrix of decay, with 10,000 volts of raw electric shock!


Finally more super-breath! Poderosa, the Puerto Rican ultrawoman, blows down the solar-powered mercenary, Stellara.


Meanwhile, the former heads of the Black Faction - Drake the corrupt detective and his wife Vaporia (mistress of mist and vapor) - 
plan the strategy for their comeback. They're like Gomez and Morticia; they just can't keep their hands off each other!


Hearing about the chaos at League headquarters, the superheroine team of Gardenia, mistress of the plant world, and her eager sidekick
Zinnia (brand-new tight lime-green costume) transform into their outfits and leap into action!



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