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Hello fans!

I’m happy to say that I have some classic TMG stories lined up for release, including the “when the hell is this story going to come out” story ... "The Necklace".

For those that don’t know about this old TMG story I never released, “The Necklace" is a one-off story and an alternate timeline for my series The Witch Next Door. In TWND, Alexis is an ‘outcast’ high schooler who finds a book of magic spells and decides to abuse them to become the most beautiful, most popular girl in school for her senior year. In TWND, Alexis is naive about her new powers, but still not afraid to abuse them to make her life better. She would hate for anyone to find out about her magic book and her new superpowers, but would love for everyone to find out about her sexy new body.

However, in The Necklace, Alexis is going to find a necklace in the forest that grants her ‘practical omnipotence’ (not true omnipotence, but basically all the cool powers one would want to be considered omnipotent). The Necklace also encourages her to use her new powers in a slightly more aggressive manner. Being that she has not learned her magic like she does in my original timeline, Alexis is ‘too powerful too fast’, and quickly becomes vengeful, angry, and cruel. This is in every since of the phrase a “Carrie” story, but where all Carrie got was telekinesis to kill her schoolmates with, Alexis will instantly be able to teleport, fly, walk through walls, control fire, control every aspect of her appearance (including turning into metal, water, or even air), read minds, and do ... as mentioned ... basically anything she wants. She will be invulnerable. She will be invincible. She will be free to kill and destroy anyone who has ever wronged her, and will soon turn her small town into a war zone.

I did start this story a while ago, so it is underway, but I will be venturing into new territories as a writer as I plan on upping the “violence” and “horror” in this story. Being that this is my big “Carrie” story or “Chronicle” story, I plan on going all out with all sorts of superpowers and venture into the darker side of being a superhuman.

ALSO ...

Check out the complete lists of stories I am remastering and reworking into “one off” stories!

- Power Couple - Hannah and Celeste fall in love. Mostly erotica, but Power Couple 2 will be full of action and combat, so read this to get Part 1.
- Game On - Reworking of the original story from TMG.
- Killer Mistake - Fan favorite is back with Jasmine instead of Nika. Otherwise it will be the same.
- Pool Haul - New story about two sexy goddesses playing Strip Billiards. All erotica.
- Night Club Nymphs - Reworking of the original TMG story “Purple and Pink” now staring Rebecca and Celeste
- A New Sidekick - Reworking of the fan favorite Magentress And Jade with Amy instead of Jade (hence, the new name)
- The Necklace - As mentioned above.

Supernautral women with superpowered sex-drives:
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Oh wow you're writing The Necklace again? I can hardly wait!
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