Super Mega Topia

08 Jun 2006 03:13 #5734 by happiest_in_shadows
Super Mega Topia was created by happiest_in_shadows

This is a fairly humerous web comic, now I'll go ahead and warn everyone that all the characters are furries. So if that bothers you don't go any further.

They have some very strong female characters I'll list a few.

Buxom Gal: Effectively super girl with a few major difference. Buxom Gal stores energy in her breast the larger her boobs the more power she has. As she weakens her cup size goes down.

Delilah: Delilah is the wife of Weasel boy and a Valkyrie. One of my favorite quotes from her is. "I can't promise I won't pop anything out of place but I will pop it back in if I do."

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