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She was cold. Not freezing to death cold. but cold. the kind that you notice and you want to go inside you want to sit with a warm coca near a big fire with fluffy blankets.

She was thirsty. Again not going to die, but the slight parch of the lips, the slight desire for water, liquid, something.

She was hungry- it had been what 12 hours since she got on the bus, had some bread and some jam she stole-well stole was a hard word- from a restaurant tray. it was a cold bread, strawberry jelly. that if one where slightly charitable what one might call a sandwich.

She ached. She had gotten what would be probable be classified a sprained ankle last week from a hard fall onto concrete. Again not serious, but in the cold it hurt-she had bruises on her leg, a little on her arms. she was a bit of a mess.

cold, thirsty, hungry....

All of this was good.

All of this meant she was alive.

As the old grey hound bus left her in the ever so slight drizzle of Cape hope, as she walked threw the bus station she for the first time in a while felt happy for it. it was in the name right?

All of these problems could be dealt with. She could use her mind to find food drink, solice warmth. Maybe get a real hamburger, or at least dumpster dive for something resembling one. There was a drinking fountion in the bus station-that was simple enough.

She heard in the south town there was some industrial buildings no one much cared about that they had made a nice shelter. A good place at least to stay out of the rain. With her heavy jacket and a little scrunching she knew in a little bit she would be warm. Not much work there, but hopefully she could find a blanket.

Tired was not on the list. after 12 hours of lying down with only an old issue of entertainment weekly for company if anything she wanted to get up and go around, deal with her problems-think about her basic needs instead of her problems, use brain for this...

Not the other stuff

Plans formed in her head. Walk south-how far was it? the irony that this was a cape, that she was walking down from where the bus had taken her crept into her brain. No good. She went to a drinking fountion and took a long sip, of water sweetest of the beverages.

She looked at the station. it was actually quite good. Like a number of Grey hound stations it looked like it had been built when someone had actually cared about buses, travel like this. A vaugely Art Decco interior, faded crappy seats. It looked...well like something. She was something of a consourer of finding spots to leave

She had the right to be there. no one not the guards, no one could object. she had a place. a sign really an old mural was over the entrance :Welcome to Cape hope. it had faded landmarks, twisting on plaster

Then she left and walked out into the street, and lost the right to be anywhere.

But then that was her life now.

She looked out. It was a pretty city. Some nice tall building. it looked like a monorail, or something like a ski cart in the sky? that was neat. she looked.

And walked into the light.
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The street was mostly pretty quiet. No one was really about. That was the thing about downtowns-they where either packed or empty on the sidewalk, unless you where an expert you didn't know which you would get.

Plenty of people in cars though.

She was no expert. She really had no idea of anything, or anyone. She did know she had to head...east, she guessed. down the pensilla, but in the tall buildings that was a tad confusing. I Maybe she should find the waterfront and follow that-she at least had the vauge idea that whould take hersomewhere.

She kept walking. This was kind of the walk a bus was meant for. But she didn't have money for it. She had been told that in most cities bus drivers really don't care if you pay or not, not going to hastle you to much for walking in, that if you put 2 cents in a bus they can get in trouble for it...but well she made it a policy not to steal anything. Not so much out of moral honesty, as in she didn't want to get in trouble for something pissant like that. after all this time to get arrested for stealing a ride in a bus was stupidity.

So she kept walking. She didn't like it, but well...

She prushed her brown hair out her eyes. felt her backpack.

Eventualy after about half an hour...she reached.... something that looked like victoria bay. Thats what she had heard it had been described as.

When a car ran by her and covered her in mud.

She looked at it..and felt...

More then she really should. .for half a second she felt it inside of her. Felt it behind her eyes wanting to get out, as a kind of throbbing sensation. it wasn't quite pain, pleasure or anything. but she could feel it as almost a seperate thing.

But it wasn't. She didn't have a pyschic twin, or the incredible hulk, or anything. it was only her.. and when she thought about it frightened her.

A Soda bottle in the street flew up into the sky and tossed a 100 feet away.

a guy walking down the saw it and did a double take. but the wind. That must be it right?

But she did it. Not something out of control-just her. just to release the stress. just to..

this wasn't starting out well was it

and when a person gets mud on there clothes, normally they go home change and go back to the world.

She couldn't really well do that could she.

She found a small park near the river front. She thought about going into the bathroom, and did so to wash her hands and knees-but her clothing..well it was cold out and..

this was starting out well was it?

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Replied by castor on topic RP:Greyhound Station: Welcome
She stood in the bathroom of the park for a momment, only wearing her bra. It felt tight. Not amazing going to break this second tight but tight.She never had been gigantic but well... slightly bigger. Which was odd becuse over the last year she had lost close to 12 pounds. some of it was made up with muscle-she was walking a lot more after all.. but she was smaller and bigger...and well this was hrting her close. Getting a new bra was on the list of items she should get-and it wasn't an impossible thing by any strech...but sigh

she closed her eyes

maybe she should just stop wearing a bra and use her super powers for support. She took off her bra for a second and tried it. her breasts agged-then rose. she was getting pretty good at controling it reliably. she used tekekensis to bounce them ever so slightly, but stoped when she realized how much it hurt. she let them stand there

There was a small part of her for a second that thought it might be a good test. a good way of learning to control her powers.

by constantly thinking of her boobs.

Well that was how the mind went wasn't it.

Her shirt was still wet. could she use her super powers to dry it.

she used the little hot air thing instead.

She was learning a lot recently. as she put it back on and walked into the park. She knew at some point most likely she would use it. That it would be let out, and she whould....Well do something. She knew that there was an end to her story somewhere, somehow. Not really an end more like the end of the first act. That as she sat on a bench in a park overlooking the pacific ocean, that this wasn't really the end step that vaugely something was bigger then all of this, that she was bigger then all of this.

Funny how didn't change much.

She had about three hours or so until sundown her goal was t

a ) find someplace warm to sleep tonight-cause it could get cold.
b)Find something to eat or perhaps buy something to eat ideally something warm .
c)find a perment place to sleep tonight, as she wasn't likely to find to find anything tonight
d) find a way to make money, even if was just picking up cans
e) find out a way to master her incredible pyshcic powers
f) Change the world as its new savior.
g) Wait until she was 18then maybe try to get a permenent job as like a waitress or something.

She sighed. Well that was life. Focs on the simple things.

She went up to a guy "Is there like a 99 cents store anywhere nearby?"

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