07 Mar 2016 18:06 #46704 by Woodclaw
Meteoroids was created by Woodclaw
Before starting let me say that I'm really happy to see a new piece from AuGoose after all this months. I was really afraid we had lost him :)

Okay, on with the story.
Meteoroids is a pretty nice short, single scene story. I like the fact that the main character is decently fleshed out -- within the limits of such a short piece -- and while the whole 'Armageddon' scenario pushed me a bit off, I really appreciated the fact that the main character is portrayed as competent and not adversarial to her superhuman girlfriend.
One thing makes the story kind of imbalanced for me: the whole 'space makes me woobly' thing. I understand it's needed for the story and I'm very willingly to write it off under the suspension of disbelief, but it feels a bit weak of an excuse to jumpstart the events, considering the cost of a single space mission, bringing along a specialist without full zero-G training. I think that this particular detail could have benefited from a bit more tweaking and exploring.

Overall it's still an enjoyable story, not a memorable one. It fills the bill of my "comfort food" stories: those who might not be ground-breaking and memorable, but give the reader some fun and some kinky without asking much in return.

Welcome back, Au :)

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08 Mar 2016 13:14 #46716 by lfan
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So great to see Au Goose back in action! A fun ubergirl romp with more like it hopefully to come!


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14 Mar 2016 14:42 - 14 Mar 2016 14:45 #46776 by koopa
Replied by koopa on topic Meteoroids
Great story as always coming from Au Goose ,
I found the plot funny, sexy and entertaining.

I personnally find the female characters of Au Goose really appealing because they are embracing / welcoming the uber tranformation. The added sensuality and orgasmic hints are really hitting the jackpot in this one.

On a side note, I found an old post from Cowprobe on amaz0ns talking about some of the older stories of Au Goose :

Augoose also wrote some of these tales that he kindly shared on the now crashed ZZZ forums.

Imposer - A magical Poser program's effects go undiscovered. Story unfinished with a buildup for some very cool transformations later.

Yinside Out - When some teeny booper magazine article and mystical kegel exercises combine lasses grow into their wildest dreams. First arc finished with seeds for later tales with the knowledge of the exercise being overheard.

Double Dare - A high school teacher's necromancy and succubus syrup tap gets found by and is responsible for the enhancement of the student body. Unfinished with the alpha bitch cheerleader getting her hands on the elixir.

A continuation of Lingster's "Will's Power" - Adds some nice self awareness to the lasses being enhanced by a boy's brush with a cosmic PLOT device. First and second arc completed but ended on a cliffhanger.

I know Codename Avatar is being published over at the Breast Expansion Story Archive if memory serves. Augoose is credited so I hope he doesn't edit down the nanite shenanigans and the story gets the hinted at apocalyptic ending it deserves.

I would really like to see him post those stories here.
If you read this man, I hope you'd share those with us.
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16 Mar 2016 13:49 #46797 by AuGoose
Replied by AuGoose on topic Meteoroids
Sadly, Meteoroids isn't new - I wrote it in a single sitting back when I first de-lurked on the boards, but put it into a forum post that's since been sinking down to the bottom of the fish tank. I thought it would be good to get it into the Library before it vanished forever into the stygian depths. I've actually be really struggling to write lately and hoped it would give me a little more motivation. Its certainly on my mind to do more stuff for SWM, but I'm just not there yet.

Koopa, I can maybe find the aforementioned stories (that's about 6 computers ago now) but some are not exactly topical for this site. As to my female characters, yeah, I do tend to prefer a certain amount of enthusiasm or semi-willing participation. Just one of my quirks. I think it's funny how well Zoe was received, as doing a "bad girl" story is completely out of character for me. I was trying to wrap my head around the style. Lioness is a lot more my native speed.
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