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lfan wrote:

five_red wrote: Best Scenes?

Similarly, I Loved the last scene with her and Alex bonding as well. I think one of the strengths of the show is the dynamic between them which I look forward to them exploring and leveraging more and more as the season progresses. It has been written in the press that Melissa and Chyler are like sisters on the set and the chemistry really shines forth on the screen. Love the special shoutout to watching "Homeland" when she flies out (for those not familiar, Homeland starred David Harewood as the Director of the CIA in the first well as guest starred a topless and brunette Melissa Benoist as a harem/escort candidate )

To the cast and crew of Supergirl, keep them coming!!


Thanks ElF - I was lucky enough to catch eps 2and 3 on YT before it was closed down (waiting on the new broadband to kick in). Loved that scene with the cushion! Watched it a few times - She could have taken her head off!

BIB2 I didn't know that about the background of the Homeland quip - nice touch.... building nicely :)

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