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06 Jan 2020 20:45 #66273 by anonxyzus
Janelle on deviantart was created by anonxyzus
I wrote a story, Janelle, about an Arion character. The intention was to run two series, Kiraling and Janelle, more or less in parallel. I started with a back story to explain Janelle's origins. The story depicts Arions as cruel and sadistic, and the sadism can be extreme, more extreme, I think, than is appropriate for this site. So I posted the story to deviantart. It is marked as 'mature content', and you will need a deviantart id to access it. The story can be found at

I will give bonus credit to anyone who can tell me what hasp125 refers to. Googling will not be enough. To earn the bonus points you have to display an understanding of what hasp125 means, and the context in which you would run across it.
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