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I'm a reporter in a small town in eastern Kentucky working on a story involving the local Sheriff's department and a teenage juvenile delinquent. They have been unable to apprehend this suspect and, I thought about posting on this forum in case anyone can offer any advice on how to deal with the situation. This is a small, rural county with an underfunded Sheriff's department.

The Sheriff's department first became aware of this individual on February 28 when they were called to the scene of a fight at a local biker hangout which sent 13 people to the regional hospital. Officers arrived to find a scene of utter devastation with bodies strewn about the rubble of broken furniture. Upon further investigation, the officers were shocked to learn that this chaos wasn't the aftermath of a fight between two biker gangs but, of one sole individual. Even more shocking were witness accounts that it was one small female who had inflicted the damage. Witnesses described a small female approximately 15 or 16-years-old, about 5 feet tall and weighing about 100 pounds. Officers that I spoke with at the time casted doubts on the story and thought that there had been too much alcohol consumption.

There was no denying that there were 13 people sent to the hospital including all four of the bar's bouncers. One of the bouncers was an off-duty police officer standing 6'5" who looked like Brock Lesnar and is an amateur MMA fighter. Although it seemed hard to believe that the perpetuator was a 100 pound girl, a witness that I spoke to insisted that the girl took him down with one punch and that he went down, "like sack of potatoes". He described her like a mini Terminator sending bodies flying in all directions. One of the injured had been tossed through a sheetrock wall. Whoever it was, they certainly had to be one bad-ass individual.

Even more bewildering to the officers was the sight out in the parking lot of a Harley Davdison motorcycle laying atop a car. There were no witnesses as to how the motorcycle ended up on top of the car.

On February 29 the suspect appeared to strike again. Two officers patrolling an industrial area reported that they had spotted an individual who appeared to match the suspect's description. When the officers failed to report back, a back up unit was sent. The two officers were found beaten unconscious. They had been left with their ankles handcuffed to the the roof top light bar, dangling off each side of the patrol car as if they were hunting trophies. The Sheriff's department was tight-lipped when it came to identifying any suspect. I asked the Sheriff if he thought there was a connection with the bar fight and he grew visibly flustered while not answering my question.

Whoever the suspect was, showed absolutely no fear of authority. In fact, in the following days, it appeared that the suspect was taunting law enforcement. On March 2, officers responding to a burglar alarm failed to report back. Once again, two officers were attacked and unceremoniously tossed unconscious into a garbage dumpster. This time, the suspect made off with the patrol car which was found a few hours later on a dirt road, flipped onto its roof and set on fire.

In fact, it seems that it is the authorities who are being intimidated. I get the impression from talking to local law enforcement officials that they are embarrassed by this whole situation and are at a loss as to how to proceed. The Sheriff acts like he wants nothing to do with the suspect.

Anyways, since this forum seems to specialize in dealing with extremely strong women, I was wondering if there are any tips from a law enforcement point of view on how the Shefiff should proceed?
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There is nothing you can do. You can but hope that a de-shermanizer ray-gun is invented to reverse her superhuman empowerment process - and even then she will probably destroy that as well before the ray can be used on her.
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05 May 2020 18:41 #67931 by Rjjt456
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If they absolutely have to, I can only give 2 suggestions: Diplomacy or ignore anything with the suspect.
  1. If choosing diplomacy, find a young and/or handsome voluntier. The superwoman is powerful and will likely do what she wants at this point. If the officer meets her taste, she might just ‘only’ toy with him instead of humiliating him and the police force. Remember, she holds all the cards so you can hardly demand anything but you can at least try to reach some kind of understanding between the force and her.
  2. I know that ignoring her seems counterintuitive but as mentioned before, she can already practically do what she wants. Unless you have your own super humans then you don’t truly stands a chance against her. If she is more powerful than it seems then this is more of a state or federal problem.
Mind you that depending on how powerful she is, that these suggestions might not be especially effective.
Good luck...

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