Supergirl bombshell

17 May 2021 21:28 #71192 by primario12
Supergirl bombshell was created by primario12
Someone has the comic or the part of the kryptonite I'm looking for it and I can't find it 

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18 May 2021 06:20 #71200 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Supergirl bombshell
No eBay APP ID and/or Cert ID defined in Kunena configurationIf you're serious, it's readily available on ebay:

There are many other auctions, and looks like < $10 you can get it NM w/o problems. If you aren't in the US... shipping might be horrible.

There's also Comixology or DC Universe Infinite (where you can pay and read 10's of thousands of DC comics online, it's their version of Marvel Unlimited.

This also happens to be one of the things on my list.  I'm on an insane quest to get every comic Supergirl is in, and I'll never complete it. ;-). I limit it to American comics, else I'd go crazy.  OTH, If I find something unique/special from the UK (and not a reprint of an American comic)  I generally get it.  As a first attainable Subquest, I have every comic that has "Supergirl" in the title (not on the cover, in the actual title so "Action Comics starring Supergirl" isn't included as it's "Action Comics".

I do have a lot of the strange things, and I just did a big push to clear up some things. I have the Canadian cereal insert, the Warner Educational things (waiting for the last one to arrive), 2 things Honda put out, etc.  Though I recently found I was missing a Supergirl #0 (there are two from different volumes) and I had to order it immediately from eBay.  I'm. not sure how I missed it.   *sigh* there is always more.  I have a lot of things outside "comic books" (if it's a book with more picture than words I try to get it.)

I generally don't count Trades or collections ... if I have all the comics.  OTH sometimes it's an original graphic novel and I have to get that. OTH, I do buy a lot of Omnibuses as I like the format.  I also do NOT have to get a comic simply because a character is on the cover, but.. .probably will.  nor do I have to get all the variants of a comic -- that would kill anyone who isn't a billionaire.  I only care about getting an original version of the issue.

OTH, though I'll have to reconfirm that I'm not missing recent things. I've only manually spot checked w/ Grand Comic Database, and I like to download the database and load it locally and output the list in a format I want.  Long term, I'm going to make a link table to the ids of my inventory program so I can automatically mark off comics when I'm chasing appearances. (If it's a strong female character I'm probably at least half heartedly trying to get them all.  Except Wonder Woman, just .. I'll never finish Supergirl and WW is even more impossible.)

Power Girl -- 11 comics left
Barda - 20 but I REALLY need to check recent stuff, since went down, I've not updated Barda's list. I do have MM #4 though. ;-) 
She-Hulk -  38. I have all the She-Hulk titles.  Hell I bought Savage She-Hulk off the rack. ;-) 

Some minor characters I'm pretty much done: Ultra Girl, Thundra, Red She-Hulk (3 issue and one might be German).

And thanks to the wonderful Supergirl Chronology hosted here (which is AMAZING) I can say this:

Supergirl (Classic Kara Zor-El / Pre-Crisis): 58% I have everything after Jan 1980, in a year or so I'll have the 10-12 comics I need to have all the 70's.  After that... well it'll be a long long effort to do any dents beyond that.  I need 100's of comics from the 50's and 60's including Action Comics 252 -- it ain't ever gonna happen.
Supergirl (Matrix & Cir-El): 94.3%  I'm missing 17 comics.  Annoyingly I can't find my copy of Superman Gen-13 #2 and I'm pretty sure I have it.  Grr. ;-). (No, not the Campbell cover the other one. )
I also have Superman 123 ;-)

I also have all but one of the comics listed as extra in the FAQ.  Did I mention those lists are excellent?

I've stood up a local copy of the Grand Comics Database so I can check the more modern things, I did have a list but .. not really looked at it in awhile. I just did a bit and I found that there are easily 100 modern Supergirl stories I'm missing. *sigh*. I'll never finish but I'm going to keep trying!

I'll probably finish out Power Girl, She-Hulk, and Matrix Supergirl in a few months.  Just ordered a bunch of things and still have 20+ boxes coming from ebay. ;-)

Sorry, this has been my hobby focus for the last month... it's a long ongoing thing that I'll done a lot of cleaning up in the last month.

Anyway, if you really need that issue, you can find it. ;-)


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