Amazing Spiderman Annual #2

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Amazing Spiderman Annual #2 was created by lfan
Minor Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spiderman Annual #2, featuring Star......

As part of this week's releases, I was very excited to see a guest (and cover) appearance with one of my new favorite characters, Star, in the Amazing Spiderman Annual #2.  For those of you unfamiliar, Ryan Ripley, was a nerdy reporter that appeared in Captain Marvel #1 that eventually became an experiment for Minerva to try to give normal humans superpowers.  It worked, eventually (kinda) and she went on to fight Capt Marvel and eventually lose.  In prison, she became the weilder of the Reality Stone and has been trying to figure out things and her powers ever since, including with a stint on the Thunderbolts and even a 5 issue mini-series of her own.  Other than that, she's been lying pretty low.

But with AS Annual #2, she's in the spotlight, causing mischief and mayhem in a way that the readers here, at least some would appreciate.  Almost feel like calling out Karla Pacheco (writer) out for stealing the plot straight outta our library.  Of course, the "high-school revenge" trope isn't trademarked by us, but the story coulda easily been added to our library EXCEPT for the fact there is little/no super strength being displayed by Star --  this time.  It's still a fun little story and places the spotlight on Ripley and her past with little interaction with Spiderman at all.  I'd recommend getting it on Comixology and supporting the character who, I believe, is set to throw down with Black Cat this summer as part of the Infinite Destinies arc.

It begs the question though if producers/writers troll our boards for concepts or story ideas. I believe the Supergirl staff (TV Show) perused our site at one time in the past, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend was definitely something we've written about before.  I personally don't mind them lifting ideas, I just wish they'd do it more! :P

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