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Here is an excerpt I read on the wires regarding Wes Craven's latest, Cursed. Thought it might be applicable in terms of subject matter (see red bolding):

Christina Ricci, star of Wes Craven's upcoming werewolf movie Cursed, revealed to SCI FI Wire that the decision to reshoot the film in mid-production resulted from a dissatisfaction with the footage being shot. "We weren't seeing dailies," Ricci said in an interview, referring to the actors. "I think it was everyone who was watching the dailies, that they were the ones who could see that it wasn't really working. When you're not seeing what's actually on camera, sometimes it's hard to know that."

At the time of the shutdown, the filmmakers said the production was stalled so that screenwriter Kevin Williamson (Scream) could refocus the story and rewrite the script. Ricci's comments are the first indication that filmmakers were unhappy with the film's actual footage.

Cursed stars Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg (Roger Dodger) as a brother and sister who develop superhuman powers after being bitten by a werewolf. As an actor, Ricci said she and her castmates were not aware of problems during the initial shoot. She added that finished films typically differ from what actors and filmmakers initially imagine, so it came as little surprise that Craven decided to rework it. "The final product of any movie usually feels like a totally alien thing than what you've been shooting anyway," Ricci said. "So we wouldn't really be able to have that perspective or the objectivity to know that it wasn't really going quite right."

Ricci added that Craven provided them with original footage for any scenes that would be linked to new scenes shot in the second phase of production. "If the case was you were going to exit the door in a scene that we shot five months ago, and now it's the scene that happens right after you come through the door, then I would watch," Ricci said. "[Craven] would show us what we were following so we could kind of get back into that." Cursed opens Feb. 25.


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17 Feb 2005 17:58 #151 by steelknight3000
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I was wondering about this movie myself.

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17 Feb 2005 20:46 #152 by ck
Replied by ck on topic Re: Cursed
Based on the trailer, stock werewolf type powers (brutally fast, enhanced senses)

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