First, Hulk and now.....

26 May 2009 19:38 #15807 by lfan
First, Hulk and now..... was created by lfan
Daredevil? Is Marvel Films really thinking of rebooting the Daredevil concept again for the silver screen?

Well, apparently Katie Sackhoff is hording up all the Typhoid Mary comics she can get her hands on over at Golden Apple ( You can read about it on their blog here:

Personally, I didn't think Daredevil was THAT bad, but I would have a few more properties at the top of my list to make into a movie before going back to the drawing board with Matt Murdock.

For the record, I think the movie treatment (based on what I've heard) of Thor is gonna be a colossal blunder and is gonna set Marvel back a few steps. If I were them I'd be doing the following movies (some of which are on the drawing board supposedly):

Captain America
Ms Marvel (selfish uber-girl thoughts at work there)

Sadly, I think the she-hulk would flop like its male predecessor. Again because of Hulk, I don't think there's ANY chance of seeing Jennifer Walters soon


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27 May 2009 20:42 #15816 by AJF
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I think that whole story of Sackhoff shopping ar Golden Apple is nothing to get excited about. Has Fox publicly stated that they are making an all new DD? No. Has a producer been named? A screenwriter ? A directer? The male lead? No. No. No. And no.

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28 May 2009 14:14 #15818 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Re: First, Hulk and now.....
A couple of points:

You're right LFan that there are other Marvel heroes that need to be rebooted before Daredevil (Ms. Marvel would be awesome). Also, I'm with you about the first one. I liked it. I don't care what anyone says.

Second, from the comments in that blog, the actress never says what movie she is getting the "Mary" comics for. People were just speculating that it could be for a Daredevil relaunch or a possible Deadpool movie (Wasn't he the guy with no mouth and swords in the "X-Men origins: Wolverine" movie? Great movie, by the way! Even my wife liked it. Of course, I think she liked it only because Hugh Jackman spent 3/4 of it with his shirt off.).

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