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I saw a few bits of this film on Sunday, one of the characters is a 6 year old girl with super strength. Quite a few good strength scenes, and at the end one of the other characters (who has telekinetic powers) uses them to form an upside down cheerleader pyramid (which looks quite good).

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14 Jul 2009 23:45 #16148 by Gargamel6
Replied by Gargamel6 on topic Re: Zoom
Please use the search-function next time
the movie is well known ;)
Yes, there are a few strenght scenes with a young girl - but the girl is, as u said, just six years old; so none of my taste and that is why I can`t upload you the clips (`cause i do not have them anymore...)
But there is one clip, in which the older girl uses her telekinese power to "lift" an entire cheerleader-squat. It looks like she is doing that with her strenght (at least you can imagine that). If I find it on my HD, I i will post it for you, if wished

but till then as said: please: 1. searchengine, 2. open a new thread
cheers :)

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